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Ah, Antalya!

Ya I will begin the story from the first person as if I wrote it as the letter to the best friend.

Hi! Here to you the story about my best travel, and also its not less remarkable final. So, I, my husband Oleg and my mother went on the vacation in places of confinement, but also not so approximate, to be exact, on the Turkish coast of the Mediterranean Sea, to be exact, to Antalya.

the Way to us was coming

remote: at first we went 3,5 hours to our regional city of Kemerovo by father`s car. Flour it was terrible, my father had on it an accident under the tram, and in connection with these a case, so unpleasant for all of us, the back door was not densely closed, on us wind blew, we constantly were afraid to drop out of the car. To all this we with mother needed to sit in the right corner of a back seat as it is possible more densely having nestled to each other and on the right door as the car was scraped by the left back part, I do not know what, about the route on which we went. Though, of course, all these inconveniences did not prevent us, though the last, but to reach to Kemerovo city airport.

Having arrived to the airport, Oleg first of all bought beer on all our small company, and we with mother got acquainted with mother`s future neigbour in number - the girl Lena from our city, 25 - ti years old. Then we passed pasportno - visa control, customs, sat down aboard the plane and flew to Antalya 6, 5 hours. This process was allocated with nothing remarkable.

Small retreat.
So, welcome to the amazing country - a cradle of three great civilizations: Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman. Thanks to the geographical position, Turkey became the bridge which connected Europe, Asia Minor and North Africa, the Christian and Islamic world. The country represents a unique cultural and ethnic mosaic. The whole assembly of gods and heroes, prophets and philosophers is entered in its history. The most part of Turkey is washed by the seas - Black, Marble, Aegean and Mediterranean. Turkey - the ideal country for tourism. The sandy and pebble beaches, picturesque bays, majestic mountains covered with the dense pine wood crystal-clear water of a peculiar turquoise shade, fantastic richness of a classical antiquity will satisfy the most exacting tastes.

On an arrival to Antalya, to be exact, at disembarkation from the plane at city airport of Antalya to me remembered at once words of one Russian group which I with girlfriends loved years so five back:

“We will arrive in Alma - Atu,
by the TU system Plane.
Hot air will rush into us,
the Sun will begin to shine a copper basin!“

generally, it I to the fact that the heat stood intolerable there, and at us a day before our flying away weather stood rainy and cool. All right, further everything repeated according to the usual scenario - we were brought by bus to the airport, there we passed pasportno - visa control, customs and appeared in the main hall of the airport. In comparison with the antaliysky airport our building of the airport - a small poor shed. And there everything shone, everything was big and beautiful, a ladder circle, ekskalator, a heap of Duty Free shops and in general everything is very healthy. Then we four were put in the small minibus and carried to our hotel under the name Belkoy.

the hotel Territory, to be exact club, very much was pleasant to us. It represented a set of the cottages scattered across the territory, the ocean of greens, various and very beautiful flowers, bushes, trees. There were two big pools, two waterslides, the street theater similar to the Colosseum, three restaurants, two bars, billiards, the Internet - the room, a hairdressing salon, the doctor, a photographer`s studio, a tattoo - salon, a heap of shops.

even pass - a zoo, to be exact, two cages: in one there lived rabbits, and in the second chicken, roosters and one peacock without tail. What it did there, I did not manage to find out. And, above all, there was a sea - beautiful, salty (very salty, much a pickles of the Black Sea) and very pure. However, the beach was not really rather the beach there was sand, and a sea bottom stony. Numbers too at first very much were not pleasant to us, however there was all necessary, and we quickly got used to them especially as we came there only to sleep.

As I also wanted

, we first of all descended, ordered excursions which there was a set, but I went only on 8 excursions, from them one 2 - x day, and Oleg with mother on 6 if I, of course, am not mistaken. Well, if you want - count then.

First and the most unforgettable excursion is a rafting, that is descent on kayaks on the mountain river, excursion for thrill-seekers. Though I do not carry myself to those, too it was pleasant to me, but I was afraid very strongly that before descent that during it. Actually it was just healthy, it was terrible, took the breath away, but also it was interesting that for a new threshold will be ahead whether we will turn over. Before excursion explained to us what needs to be done if the boat turns over as then to climb on it, and from it it became even more terrible. Then we were asked who will go by small boats - kayaks and who on big rafts. I told at once that I not for the world on small will not go, and I will go on big, and it is desirable that me where - nibud in the middle of the boat on a bottom put and still something from above pressed down, so I was afraid. However, after descent, having grown bolder at once, I told that now, at this moment I want and I will be able to pass on a kayachka, but today this desire got to somewhere. I am not a coward, but I am afraid.:-)

we Went down three hours, about about 14 kilometers. We were removed by photographers and video operators, rescuers floated nearby. There were about 10 thresholds, the level of complexity of the river makes 3 points. Generally, COOL! you will not express it In words. On base we returned excited, had a rest and tired at once, showed us the cartridge on which the most critical moments of our descent were photographed and we shouted, remembered descent, laughed, and rejoiced as small children.

Next day I and Lena (the mother`s neigbour in number) went to the following excursion if it is possible to call it so - in the Turkish baths (“boors“). We bought the special basts made of material. Our group was divided into men and women and moved in locker rooms. Well, everything I will not tell a detail to you if you want - itself represent.:-)

We undressed and took away us in women`s office of a bath which represented completely marble round room similar something on the temple in the middle of which there was a marble eminence, like a scene. All women of our group laid down on this “scene“ ranks (a picture, I will tell you, very interesting, especially for men, it is interesting how there was in men`s office:-)) also lay so minutes 40. And then banshchitsa came and washed us from finger-tips of legs to the head, and we at their request turned over with a side sideways when it was necessary. I was washed by very powerful banshchitsa, I specially to her went that it for long time washed me forward (when I in the Turkish bath appear), but it turned out that Lenka was washed better as suddenly the man - the bathhouse attendant who began to wash Lenka came into the room.

At first us by basts (“kese“) about which I spoke above were done by a peeling of a body, then foamy massage, then we were poured cold water and put to the pool like a jacuzzi with ice water. Then rolled up us towels as small kids, and took away in a restroom where we drank hot Turkish tea and went to oil massage. They say that in the Turkish bath wash not only a body that in it also the soul is cleared. We also tested something similar after an exit from it. Generally, too it was very good.

Then I, Oleg and mother went to excursion “Picnic and fishing“ which took place on the picturesque lake highly in mountains. And besides did not regret, however, I caught only one, but rather big small fish, and Oleg caught an eel more than a meter. On this lake still nobody caught eels, and it caught. Here. We caught on a special raft, in the same place bathed and drank beer, and then carried us for lunch to special small restaurant in the open air on the bank of the same lake where we were fed with shish kebabs, edges of a lamb, and also our catch which was very tasty, however the eel was best of all.

Still we from Lenkaya went by Pamukalla - a unique miracle of the nature. It is the mountain with which top calcareous sources flow, and from - for it all mountain white and, it seems as if snow-covered. The source forms stalactites and snow-white terraces like trays which are called travertines. Water in sources very useful and, speak, treats many diseases.

Landscape super. Above the mountain there are ruins of the ancient city of the Hierapolis and the biggest necropolis in Anatoly, and also a so-called thermal source of Cleopatra in which water, probably, even more useful, than in travertines as contains all table of Mendeleyev. Source this very ancient, once there was the strongest earthquake and therefore in a source ancient ruins still lie. It is a hot spring, its temperature reaches 35?, its depth to 5 - ti meters, and on taste it as mineral water. About it did not speak to us, and we from Lenkaya found out it when the persons dipped into this healing water. And Turks, probably, still also do not know that they in mineral water bathe.

Still we visited the antique cities of the World and Kekov, but as I am not a fan of history, not really it was pleasant to me. Nevertheless, I will a little tell. The city of the World was hollowed in the rock in the 5th century B.C., rocky tombs and huge Greco - the Roman theater remained there. Then we went to a remarkable monument of the same time - Saint Nicholas`s church (The flatterer, the Russian Saint) who is considered the first Father Frost. Saint Nicholas was the bishop of the city the Worlds and lived in it for the rest of the natural.

Further we on the yacht went to coast of the island of Kekov. On the one hand there were ruins of the ancient city which was built on the mountain, but as a result of the strongest earthquake was flooded with the sea, but which - that could be made out. And on the other hand there was less ancient city where the fortress and still some buildings remained.

A still I at last visited an aquapark. There was a heap of various hills, water entertainments and pools with waves. It was healthy, however, if I appeared there about 10 years ago - there it would be pleasant to me even more.

A still we had an immersion with aqualungs. Lenka with my mother did not begin to plunge, and we with Oleg made up the mind to so serious step. However, when we were trained in immersion bases, we dressed all necessary regimentals, and began to plunge - I could not. The matter is that in the childhood, having seen as my grandmother cleans to herself ears, I pierced with a spoke to myself an eardrum. In principle, now it does not affect me in any way, that I badly transfer pressure upon ears. And under water pressure it was very strong, and stuffed up ears much stronger, than on the plane. Therefore it was necessary to float to me in all regimentals on top and to observe what is done there by others including Oleg who was delighted simply. Though from above it was visible to me even better therefore I was not in smaller delight too.

the Last excursion on which I went is called “The Turkish night“. It is a dinner at restaurant where all eat much, drink much and watch entertainment program: listen to the Turkish music, watch national Turkish dances, belly dance, both female, and man`s. For the first time I watched man`s belly dance, but I liked it is ready more female especially as it was danced by such charming and handsome guy, however, the gay.

Here so we have a rest in Antalya. Everything was healthy, cheerful, beautiful and tasty. And now I will tell you about not less remarkable final of my rest in Antalya.

After fine rest on coast of the magnificent Mediterranean Sea, Oleg who had a rest and made the serious decision made to me a proposal of marriage and including an astounding bouquet (from 21 huge and fine roses) and ear rings with diamonds. So that`s that.:-) And if it is serious, it was very lovely, romantic, and Oleg in spite of the fact that we with him live nearly 9 years, was very confused, however when he all - said: “Marry me!“ and I agreed, he calmed down at once and declared: “Well, could and break longer“:-). It was right as in 3 minutes I had a rush anew to repeat this scene. Generally, I wait for congratulations and kisses.:-)