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Playground of

your child filled up army of godovastik - means, it is a high time to get acquainted with rules of the game at a playground.

the Playground - the place of game for children, but not a restroom for adults. Even do not hope - you will manage to esteem, eat, chat by phone hardly if of course your child not the yarkovyrazhenny phlegmatic person. Except the first small victories, parents need to prepare also for unpleasant surprises which, however, can be avoided.

Lesson 1. I Walk with the daughter, the little girl runs nearby. Suddenly she runs to strongly shaken swing. Rises near them, I exhaust with cotton on a bottom it under a swing - otherwise their blow would fit to the child directly on the head. Having avoided the tragedy, I abuse children who strongly shook a swing. Mother stands up for six-year-old children with shout. That you shout at my children, look for the child. So, for the first time in life, to me got for foreign girl. After explanations in quieter tones the conflict was exhausted, I apologized. Because it was of the right . All conflicts, disputable situations needs to be solved not with children, and with their parents.


It is interesting that mother of that girl did not even notice an event, she took care of two other children. The words “thanks“, I from it did not hear. And she had to look for the child.

Krom of a swing, the greatest danger proceeds at a playground from roundabouts and hills. You are not lazy, check all swing on yourself. You will better fall from them, than your kid. Wooden steps - they can decay and give way under your child. Work to check sandbox contents - in it there can be beaten glasses, syringes and other dangerous rubbish. If at a playground everything suspiciously shines and shines purity - most likely the stock was painted recently. What at best will cause big washing.

Lesson 2. we Sit in a sandbox. Except us in sand the baby whose grandmother with enthusiasm stirs with the girlfriend on a bench digs. I see in hands at the girl a beaten bottle. The fast movement I snatch out “baddy“ at it from hands. Of course, the baby was frightened and long cried, but was not wounded. As they say, chose smaller from two evils. At the grandmother even breath intercepted when she saw this “rosette“ and presented what could occur. It seems that the grandmother removed to take a walk not the granddaughter, and herself. All attention has to be concentrated only on the child, all the rest is minor.

the Playground is deceptive

the carelessness. It is worth relaxing and be chattered - as the kid appears in trouble. Even if the kid hundred thousand times got on a hill - stand nearby, the insurance is necessary always. You bypass driving roundabouts and a swing at decent distance. You should not relax if with the child the family in full strength went for a walk. Quite often incidents happen during a photo and video filming - ah, look how our boy highly got... And will support the boy who? Aha, Sklifosovsky... Yes, houses all will see “falling of a meteorite on the planet Earth“. The more carefully you will watch the child, the better. You remember, a lot of attention does not happen to children.


, mine...

Be ready

to what your toys, as well as contents of your vehicle (whether it be a carriage or the bicycle), can interest children. Do not leave on a type of a small bottle, open packs with juice and napkins. You do not bring expensive toys on the platform. Only you know how many this machine or a doll costs. For children it is a toy with which it is possible to play. And unintentionally to break.

can Often see such picture - the grandmother with the granddaughter and with a baby carriage comes. The granddaughter does not play with a carriage, but the toy is interesting to other children, but the grandmother asks children not to touch a carriage... What here you will tell and, it is others carriage, but it so invitingly costs, and nobody plays with it...

the Second widespread situation - with the child comes to walk the father. Leaving, he unsuccessfully plays the game “find our good“, but that he remembered still where toys of his son and where strangers. Of course, the one-and-a-half-year-old child cannot help the father and toys often identical. The father takes a standard set - a bucket, a scoop, a rake, what, in his opinion, belongs to the son. Mother will come, she will understand where whose. In principle nothing terrible if you go always to the same platform and you communicate with the same children. In the morning mother will return everything on the into place. As a last resort, someone should buy new sovochek that, probably, is easy. But there is one “but“. The father embarrassed people around. We want to teach children to protect that we have.

the best way - to mark molds, shovels, for example, is delicious to write to

In such situation a letter “C“ - at once clearly, Sasha`s toys. Besides if you go with the child for a while, the toy can be not taken. As a rule, in a sandbox of toys it is much more, than children. It is supposed that all can play and everything that lies there.

the Classical picture - the child comes with kilograms of the toys, but on the platform completely ignores them, preferring to play others. Here also “Battles of Kulikovo“ begin. Warring parties will try to obtain the to the last. Usually arguments of the parties are consolidated by blows a shovel on the head, a posypaniye a sand, is more rare pinches and stings.

If the situation turns

into the open conflict, parents interfere. “Mashenka, give a bucket to Grisha, he is small...“ But does not include in Masha`s plans to share with the boy. Yes from what it has to give someone the bucket - the most expensive, the most valuable that it has at present. Masha with entreaty looks at mother: “You, mother, will not give the lipstick to other aunt, and the father will not give the machine to other uncle even to drive for a while...“

But how to destroy the base of greed how to teach the child to politeness elements? On this question each mother has to look for the answer independently. We have with the daughter such rule: you can play that toy which is pleasant to you, but, chur not to take away from others, Mischa will play enough - then take. So we study patience. In turn I leave the right to defend a toy which it plays for the daughter (if, of course, it belongs to the daughter).

Me was bitten by a shark

When my daughter was bitten by the girl, I tried to talk her mother as Julie`s act was not that it is punished, to the child mother did not make even the remark. “Yes that it“, - mother Julie was surprised, - “all children bite. Too Sveta bit Yulya...“ To admit, that minute to me it was deep all the same who and when bit Yulya. Children should not bite. It is my hard line. Especially till it bleeds, taking into account any semi-studied and incurable diseases.

What to do in such situation? All parents have to unite - to bite the child inadmissibly. Kusak needs to bring up, all need to fight against this habit together, up to the ultimatum. If the child bites - means, he a doggie, and to him the place not at a playground, and on the platform for dogs. As, however, and to dogs whom some walk at playgrounds.

At a playground do not cost



At a playground it is welcomed...

  • to Greet and smile to strong.
  • Mutual assistance - do not hesitate of
  • if you see that there was trouble, offer the help to mother, or child. Often mothers just hesitate to ask about it. Most often on the street pampers, unboiled water (for washing of hands), boiled water in a small bottle (to cast to drink), an adhesive plaster can be necessary.