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Cesarean section: as I had it

during the pregnancy I did not “get out“ from personal experience other mummies, I hope that my own experience is useful too.

Should tell

that earlier, long before pregnancy, I treated the women who were giving birth by Cesarean section with some feeling of pity and superiority (mind there was a chamber). It seemed to me that all of them pretty often sickly and sick, and of course, I did not think that I am waited by the same.

Pregnancy washing

proceeded just super as it is good. Yes, I recovered above norm, I was abused in consultation, but I had iron pressure 110/70, hypostases were not, toxicosis was not, protein was not, hemoglobin was normal. Besides it was not necessary to complain of a narrow basin. On ultrasonography doctors sang the praises of me that everything is good and fine that the baby perfectly feels. I felt it on 19 - oh to week, and since that moment we already communicated with it day and night.

On 8 - ohm month I had a session, I it departed, naturally, everything handed over :), rushed on foot in consultation. By the way, the last months I went to consultation of Mikhaylovsk, it is Stavropol Krai as my institute was in Stavropol, and parents lived in this Mikhaylovsk.

Well and so, I come to the vrachikha, it measures to me pressure, I in general without attention always treated this procedure as problems were not, and it to me - 140/90 moreover hypostases moreover added as usual much (I weighed 90 kg by then). Well, lay down in maternity hospital to drive hypostases.

Went, laid down. Drove to me hypostases, but here pressure lower than 130/80 did not fall. I talked to the attending physician and asked to remain already before childbirth (was 37 - I am week).

rose Same night from the fact that the stomach hurt, give, I think, I descend in a toilet. Bent down to a bedside table … waters departed. There were the half-first nights. Went to awake the doctor. She me put in prenatal, told to try to have a sleep. By the way, I really could make it, despite fights and disorders (it is necessary, I give birth!!!) . As I cannot but not sleep at night at all.

By the morning with disclosure it was rather bad, and delivered me a dropper. With it I provalyalas 14 hours. All this time disclosure did not go though fights were impressive. By the end I even began to howl though I kept the good fellow all the time. Somewhere at 12 in the afternoon to me began to open a uterus manually. Very unpleasantly, but worked.

attempts Began

, and led me in rodzat. I was delighted as all mummies write that if sent in rodzat, so everything will end soon. Unfortunately, I could not vytuzhit the sonny. It even from a uterus did not come to centimeter. The chief physician came and asked whether I agree on Caesarian, or I will try itself, but he is not responsible for result. Well what I could tell it? While prepared the operating room, I all thought and waited that here now suddenly attempts will become strong, and I will be delivered. Alas.

to me was done Caesarian under the general anesthesia, and awakening was the last unpleasant feeling. I could not understand where I what is with me why to me it is painful and why someone smothers me (to me for some reason put a catheter in a throat, I did not ask, why, and as I regained consciousness before expected, it was not managed to be pulled out).

But! On it all bad and sad ended, and good began.

my boy weighing 3156 g, with a fashionable hairdress of a caret length to lobes of ears Was born
  1. .
  2. 9/9 across Apgar.
  3. Milk at me arrived as at all, on third day, and colostrum flew from 5th month of pregnancy so my Romka dumped in maternity hospital only hundred grams
  4. the Seam did not hurt me in general, only muscles of a press and a back after a chair hurt.
  5. my boy, only in all office, had no diathesis as except dogrose broth to me nothing is it was impossible, and I could not gorge on condensed milk :).

So now when to my peanut 8 months, I sit, I write this letter and I think, as if to me to give birth year through three to the daughter. I had no feeling that not my child, I became attached to him at once and forever. He does not lag behind in development, normally sleeps, and is the most beautiful child among all children famous to me:-).

the Only thing that disturbs me still, so this some foolish sense of guilt as though I not up to the end executed the debt and it is guilty to the boy. But I try to compensate it by the fact that now I give it all greatest possible.

Here it at me was Caesarian. On the one hand it is offensive, and on the other hand, it is unknown, he would snuffle in the cradle now if I then refused operation and decided to try to give birth.