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As I predicted birthdays of the children

Oh, I with the birth of children in general one hokhma had little girls! But all one after another.

that we will have a firstborn not I told

to the husband (as all this is happens usually), and, imagine, the husband told me! One morning, when both of us gathered for work, he attentively looked at me and asked: “It does not seem to you that we will have a child?“ I answer: “Well, it seems...“ And in a week I was forced to admit that the husband was right, and I am really pregnant.

is shorter than

, I to the doctor did not descend, we told nothing to parents yet, but already began to count when approximately the child has to be born. It turned out approximately in the first half of April. Well, I take also bryakn: “It happens or on the first of April, or the thirteenth!“ I explain: On April 1 - birthday at me, and 13 - go - at our good friend. Generally, told to the own harm...

as a result the daughter was born

on April 13 though she on all terms owed the seventh. She decided, apparently, that two April Fools` jokes in one family are already search.

To the second daughter approximately the same happened. We waited for it on May 27, at birthday of the city (what - guess). The night before the husband from business trip had to return - we specially did in time that he went with me to maternity hospital and was present at childbirth. But my long tongue said superfluous again...

is shorter than

. On May 25 my mother had a birthday, and 31 - go May at my parents had to be 30 - a summer wedding anniversary. 25 - go numbers (school students had the last call, by the way) we celebrated mother`s birthday in a narrow circle of a family. In the evening when we with the father cleared the table and washed the dishes (the birthday woman sent to have a rest), I bit: “Fathers, now, in time to congratulate you on mother with a wedding anniversary, I need to go to maternity hospital tomorrow early in the morning that to 31 - mu already to be written out“.

I what you think? At two o`clock in the morning I woke parents that they called an Ambulance - fights began. Generally, the second daughter was born for days before planned - on May 26, without having waited for the folder literally several hours. Here to you and magic power of the word!

in conclusion I want to tell

I that both of my daughters already absolutely big and very much are on friendly terms among themselves, despite an age difference.