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What is necessary for the real man? Toys for boys of

What toys are necessary to the boy? This question often does not raise any doubts at many parents because they perfectly know what is necessary and especially that is not necessary for their kid at all. To future man, to grow clever, strong, active - generally, the “real“ man, are necessary: machines and any equipment, guns, sabers and other weapon, well and, of course, designers. For the smallest bears and hares are sometimes allowed. But - dolls?! It not for men! Whether so it actually?

the Boy - too the person!

- in all this traditional stereotypic division on man`s and female is visible to

In behavior, occupations, interests and even thinking. However any stereotypes lead to rigid and nonflexible behavior. And lack of flexibility in the world demanding various response to not less various situations is a big shortcoming and just prevents to live. The man - the defender - certainly necessary and useful, but not only male role. Besides there is a peculiar identification of force and courage only to external attributes: muscles and weapon. But the man can possess, on an equal basis with purely male qualities to women (emotionality, a thin chuvstvovaniye of other people etc.) which are, also, traditionally attributed only and at the same time it is unambiguous to consider himself as the man and to be estimated by other people as the man. Besides in many professions - the doctor, the teacher, the actor - these so-called female qualities are absolutely necessary. The person, the man or the woman, - a being complete therefore it does not make sense to oppose each other, for example, intelligence and emotions. The different toys united by the general game just also give the chance of complete development. At the choice of a toy it is necessary to be guided not so much by a floor how many on age of the child.

of the Toy different are important

Emergence of a doll in hands at the boy often meets negative reaction and even frightens parents. Children from the earliest age arrange the behavior according to requirements and expectations of adults. Therefore boys cease to be interested in dolls, and concentrate only on the technician and designers. However the doll cannot turn the boy into the girl or make him too soft and womanly. If the child has these or those problems with development of a floor, then bans on games with dolls them not to solve.

to boys, as well as girls, various dolls are necessary for

Since of infantile age. In the beginning it can be dolls - tumbler toys and nested dolls. Closer by a year it is possible to offer a traditional plastic or soft stuffed baby doll for whom it is necessary to care: to feed, sing lullabies, bathe etc. Of course, the doll - to the baby needs at least the minimum set of clothes, it is better with a fastener - a flypaper, and other most necessary accessories. It is easy to make a bed or some “berth“ of improvised materials, for example of the designer. It is better to buy a carriage. Boys, seeing on the street of girls with toy carriages, often demand to themselves the same toy. Someone with pleasure rolls then in it a baby doll, and the carriage interests someone as a peculiar vehicle more.


With of 2 - 3 years to the kid of small from 5 to 18 - 20 cm of dolls for playing of various plots. At first let it will be boy and the girl or the whole family, simple with hardly planned faces. Such rather open characters as necessary in game can have a wide range of roles. It is good if at such figures handles and legs move. Years with of 4 - 5 years can be added to a set of dolls with certain roles: tell-tales, doctors, firefighters, etc.

to Boys at this age also dolls - boys are necessary for

that, however, does not mean that at a doll sexual characters have to be obviously expressed. General impression which is made by the person and clothes suffices. Such doll from 25 to 40 - 50 cm, on appearance close to the child on age - both the friend, and the defender, and a peculiar mirror through which the kid learns to communicate, understand himself and other people that promotes development of consciousness.

It is unconditional, game with dolls requires also doll utensils. However it is not obligatory to buy big sets, for example, for game in kitchen or shop. There is quite enough minimum set of ware, scales, etc. For all the rest it is possible to use objects - deputies: details of designers, natural material etc.

Despite obviously negative attitude to dolls in hands of boys, many parents, nevertheless, buy to the sons of various characters of modern nurseries and not really children`s movies and animated cartoons: batmen, chelovekopauk and to them similar, which, in fact, no other than dolls. However need of such characters just raises big doubts. Any doll - an image of the person. It is free or involuntarily the kid identifies himself with it, and also absorbs idea of what in general has to be the person: good or bad, kind or angry as he acts in different situations, etc. Dolls - werewolves (not a spider, but also not the person) in this sense are not the best examples for imitation. In games to them often there is an emasculation 1 a plot since children do not catch difficult peripetias not always of children`s movies. They “take“ only actions - and it is power fight. And who bad who good - it is unclear and it is not important.

to Emasculate

1 - to deprive of live contents

the Boy also needs soft toys. The small size of a bear, a doggie etc. can be heroes both favourite fantastic, and household plots. Besides such toy will help the kid with situations, difficult for it. The visit of policlinic, accustoming to kindergarten will be less painful with a favourite bear or a puppy. For the child in this case it is a certain support in an unfamiliar situation, a tangible support and protection. As any expansion of manned space is a stress, such toys are equally necessary both for boys, and girls. Boys, as well as girls, have the right for experience and, the main thing, expression of feelings, for example, of pain or fear. Do not forbid kids to cry and you do not shame them for it at all.

Krom of dolls and soft toys to boys, as well as girls, also all other toys are necessary for

: mosaics, puzzles, sets for creativity, board games, balls etc. There is a separate wish to tell about sets with sewing and knitting. This traditionally “not man`s“ occupation is very useful for boys of 5 - 7 years. In - the first, the real man always needs ability to sew a button, and in - the second, these occupations promote development of small motility which owing to certain reasons at men is developed worse, than at women.

“Man`s“ toys

of More detailed consideration deserve

traditional “man`s“ toys.

First that usually occurs in connection with men, is a various equipment. The quantity it in shops is just huge: ready or collected from details, with radio control and without, any machines, trains, construction, swimming and aircraft.

Simple wooden machines with a cut for a hand and the turning wheels, small floating boats can appear at the kid already in of 7 - 8 months . At early age machines with a body in which it is possible to put, and then to transport everything that it is necessary for man`s soul are good. The same small dolls and animals which for a start it is possible to transport where - nibud will help to enrich and diversify game with machines or just to roll. Therefore, buying the car and characters for game, it is necessary to correlate their sizes among themselves.

Dream of many adult men - the operating railroads and race circuits, and also radio-controlled machines, helicopters and similar to them toys, “leading the special life“, the preschool child should not buy. Such toys do not demand work of imagination and leave to the child only a role of the observer. They will suit rather younger school students who can already cope with assembly of difficult models, will collect them with skill and to arrange competitions.

disputes around the weapon Still do not abate. Completely it will not be possible to protect from it the child, most likely, and it and is not necessary. Game - a way of knowledge of the existing reality, through it children master sense of human relationship including in such reality as war. Now to war were added to traditional game or completely replaced its new games: in militia, in bandits, etc. The question in that is what the child plays with as plays and whether there is in general opportunity to play with it. Now there is more and more toy weapon with any effects: from inclusion of a small lamp and sounds when firing to the let-out toy bullets, arrows, etc. For example, the sword which at blow rings (makes sounds as in a computer game), and on its tip lights up a bulb. Soon, apparently, the child should not and wave such sword as there is no need independently any more to represent or represent fight sounds.


observes also a tendency to more and more detailed reproduction of the real weapon. Often you will not call action with such toys game any more: and it is possible to be wounded with such weapon! Game turns into exercise in firing. In such occupations the imagination of the child does not work, socially - the emotional sphere does not develop. Similar to trifles on real, such weapon focuses the child on process of firing and does not give the chance to develop any plot. In this sense it is better externally not such effective, simple plastic or wooden sabers and guns. In this case convention of the weapon - the necessary condition of existence of game when the child can concentrate on the main thing - the human relations, but is not senseless to run and shoot. Therefore children should not buy the toy weapon till 4 - 5 years: to this age it will hardly be able to be attribute of game, and will be, rather independent value.

of Darling and quite approved activity for boys is designing. The soft designers who recently appeared in shops from a carpet will suit kids of 2 years . Such designing - analog of application: on a basis by means of a flypaper separate details fasten. It is good if from the offered details it is possible to collect something live: cats, birdies, mice, etc., then there is an opportunity to compose the fairy tale with the turned-out character. Small children also like to play such images as toys.

Simple cubes from plastic, fabric or a tree can offer

to the kid still of about one year , and to to one and a half years to get a construction set of details of a various form: cones, pyramids, whetstones, etc. Such set with a large number of details will be interesting to the child throughout all preschool period. At the same age also the plastic block designer with fastened quite large (6 - 8 cm) details, for example Lego will approach. Children of three years will suit such designers with smaller (3 - 4 cm) details. Various designers it is also good to p to add

with figures of people and animals, small, convenient for the child`s handle. It is possible to find a ready set in shop, but it is easy to create it most of any designer and dolls. In the beginning it can be the same the boy and the girl (family) and some neutral sets with animals: zoo, farm. Construct a lodge or the whole city, lodge somebody there. Show to the kid as people and animals “talk“ that they can do: to walk, visit to each other, to work etc. Everything depends on your imagination and interest. You will see soon with what pleasure your kid will play.

For boys of 5 - 7 years in shops are offered by thematic sets with traditional male roles: police patrol, fire brigade, rescuers, etc. They contain buildings, the corresponding equipment and figures of people in uniform for playing of plots on the offered subject. There are same sets with Vikings, pirates, heroes of animated films and movies.

can buy

toy sets of various tools Now: children`s workbenches with electric screw-drivers, sets of construction and automotive vehicles. Such analogs of real objects, in fact, are not toys: game is not training of skills, but comprehension of meanings of the human relations. In game if necessary any stick can become the necessary tool: both saw, and screw-driver, and drill. It is better to fulfill skills in work with the real tools. Besides it does not make sense to buy such big sets as some designers, for example with bolted connection, contain tools, the screw-driver and a wrench of which it is quite enough for the kid.

in conclusion wants to be repeated: buying a toy, do not base the choice on their rigid division only for boys or for girls. It is difficult to fight against own stereotypes, it is even more difficult with strangers. Especially as around there are a lot of “well-wishers“, always ready to make the remark, to give only right advice or just to blurt out something it seems: “And you what, the child, with a doll? You are a boy!“. However, rigidly limiting the kid, you narrow opportunities for his normal development. It, by the way, concerns also to girls.