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Your volunteer assistants. 8 advice to young mother of

to Whom are not familiar complaints of young mothers which most treasured desire within many months it is necessary - to sleep much one? Having started turning like a squirrel in a cage, the woman often forgets that she lives not on the desert island. And meanwhile near it there are people - the family, relatives and friends who, maybe, not against would be to help. But do not know how it is better to make it, or just do not guess that it needs the help. How to use these quite solid reserves, to organize them and to send to the necessary course? Let`s give several advice.

Council 1. Before resorting to someone`s help, be defined in advance that you can entrust others and what would like to be engaged only in.

I for your tranquility, and for tranquility of your relatives it will be good if you do constantly not distract to check performance of affairs by them for which you especially worry. Let`s say if you can entrust nobody clothing of the kid, agree with the husband that until you prepare for walk of the child, preparation of a carriage will belong to his duties. If you do not love when someone, except you, potters in your kitchen, ask the come to the rescue mother-in-law to sit with the child until you make a lunch, etc.

Council 2. With gratitude use any help, in whatever volume it was offered you.

Of course, the chief assistants to young parents, by tradition, grandfathers and grandmothers. If someone from them is torn to retire and devote the life to education of grandsons, having released their parents for study and work, then, perhaps, and councils will not be required to you. But so happens not always: usually grandfathers and grandmothers by the time of the birth of grandsons are at career peak. But also in this case they can give feasible help.

For example, it is possible to agree with the working mother or the mother-in-law that it came time or two in a week during week-end to help you to make clear-out, to make a lunch for all family for several days or to take a walk with the kid: even this “won“ watch will give you the chance to more have a rest and restore forces.

Council 3. Unite with other young parents - your friends or neighbors.

we Will tell

, the young mother living on your landing, as well as you, goes to dairy kitchen behind food for the kid. It will be more convenient to both you, and her to do it in turn. By the way, thus it is possible to cooperate with several young parents living near you with which it is possible to get acquainted in the same dairy kitchen.

When kids will a little grow up, it is possible to arrange something like kindergarten at home and serially till several hours to sit with two or three children. It is convenient to unite also on walk: let the girlfriend will sit with the and with your kid, sleeping in carriages while you run to shop.

Having agreed with friends, it is possible to buy wholesale baby food or disposable diapers and to go in turn behind them. Thus, you will save not only time, but also money.

Council 4. Use not only the disinterested, but also “compensated“ help.

Of course, here it is necessary to show a step, some of your relatives can take offense. But it is possible, at you it will turn out to agree with mother or the mother-in-law that it passed to work for part-time and sat with the kid, and you would compensate it the lost part of a salary. It is possible to offer, for example, to younger sister or the niece till several hours a day to nurse the kid for a certain remuneration.

Council 5. do not neglect financial support of the closest to you people.

If, let us assume, working and up to a throat busy grandmothers and grandfathers of the kid cannot often be to the grandson or the granddaughter, then offer them, instead of purchase to the child of expensive gifts, to partially pay services of the nurse or the housemaid.

Council 6. Accurately distribute who and what will help you with, make the schedule and detailed instructions.


besides needs It also for your tranquility, and for tranquility of your assistants.

For a start stipulate his constant duties with each family member, otherwise their most part, most likely, again will lay down on your shoulders. Let`s assume, cleaning of the apartment and purchase of products belongs to daily duties of your husband. In this case make the detailed list of purchases and shops where they can be made, - only then you will be sure that it will buy all necessary and at the same time will not consult on you by phone each five minutes, distracting you from feeding of the kid. If you go to fitness - the center, and for walk with the child there is your girlfriend, in detail write where the kidswear and other accessories how many approximately walk has to last lies and where it is possible to sit quietly with a carriage.

If you agreed that you will be helped in some concrete day, be not ashamed to call your assistant the day before and to learn whether your arrangement remains in force and whether plans changed at it.

Council 7. Making the plan for day for members of household, do not neglect the technical innovations facilitating to us life.

About those things which you as the person who is most interested, you carry out in time almost automatically, your assistants can forget. That it did not occur, use, for example, function of a reminder which is in the majority of mobile phones. Put in memory of phone or computer the most important issues which should be executed in certain time (to give medicine to the kid, to put to cook soup, etc.) - and you will avoid a set of offenses and misunderstanding.

Council 8 - most important. Do not forget to thank the family for the help.

it is always pleasant to p to Receive an official message of thanks - even if it is only about simple daily affairs. And then your family and friends will have a desire to help you again and again!