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Settle down more conveniently! Poses at the time of delivery of

Long enough among obstetricians there was an opinion that the woman at the time of delivery has to lie on a back. However, as shows life, it is not the most successful pose for the woman in labor. And a comfortable position - one of important components of a safe and low-painful course of childbirth!

to Whom it is more convenient than

childbirth “lying on a back“?

When studying poses at the time of delivery at various people it turned out h2 that there is no pose, habitual for us, on a back in traditions of any country. Such situation is very convenient for doctors and obstetricians, but does not suit the woman in labor and the baby at all.

the Horizontal pose on a back considerably slows down process of normal childbirth, preventing effective reduction of a uterus, disclosure of her neck, the correct insertion and turn of a head of the child, strengthens painful feelings of the woman. In addition, when the woman in labor lies on a back, the uterus all the weight presses on large blood vessels, often causing a sdavleniye of the lower hollow vein. It leads to violation of blood supply in vitals and in a placenta, can cause dizziness, feeling of faintness - a syndrome of the lower hollow vein.

Historical information
Long before the birth modern akushersko - gynecologic science, being at sources of povivalny art, people tried to facilitate work of the woman in labor and child in the course of childbirth.
In Russia during fights the woman usually went on a log hut, leaned on benches. Often the woman in labor was forced to creep literally on a floor, washing away log hut corners, or to unlock all locks, making bows to low chests. In such situation - “on a lap“ - the stomach drooped, pressed on large vessels less, blood supply of a uterus and a fruit improved, pain decreased. Good help was given by trailing poses: through the biggest ceiling log - a matitsa - threw a towel. The formed loop was passed through axillary hollows of the woman in labor so that the woman hung on a towel. The assistant in labor supported the giving birth woman, helping it to remain with trailing situation. In the presence in the house of high thresholds the woman in labor was forced to step through them, highly raising legs, during all first period of childbirth. At approach of attempts the woman was taken away to some secluded, darkened place where there was an appearance of the kid on light. Most often this place was the Russian bath. Our ancestors generally in situation on a lap gave birth.

Only in a number of pathological situations needs situation on a back for safety and prevention of complications from mother and the child. Indications for stay of the woman in labor in a bed are cases of premature pregnancy and premature birth, existence of signs of a pre-natal arrest of development of a fruit, prompt or fast childbirth. In these cases vertical position of the woman in labor can force patrimonial process and lead to the child`s travmatization. At pelvic prelying in vertical position danger of loss of an umbilical cord - extremely serious obstetric situation which demands urgent surgery as at the same time perhaps sdavleny umbilical cords, the termination of receipt to a blood fruit, so, oxygen and nutrients - this situation is critical for a fruit increases. At epiduralny anesthesia when anesthetic is entered into space over a firm brain cover, in connection with increase in probability of development of collateral reactions (dizziness, “weakness of legs“), often it is also recommended to lie. Horizontal position is traditional also at operation of Cesarean section. However and in the listed situations (at Cesarean section, at development of a syndrome of the lower hollow vein or when using epiduralny anesthesia) the prone position on one side, but not on a back is optimum.

we Choose by

a pose for fights

So, in the absence of contraindications to active situation in childbirth the choice of a pose in which to you it will be most comfortable becomes the main thing. It is impossible to give universal advice at the choice of a pose: each woman and each childbirth are unique. Therefore the best pose in labor - that which best of all suits you!

most of women give to

At a freedom of choice of situation in childbirth preference any of vertical poses: sitting, standing, in walking. Vertical position creates a number of advantages. In - the first, unlike a prone position, there is no sdavleniye of large vessels therefore normal blood supply of bodies, including a uterus, placentae remains. Intuitively choosing the most convenient position, the woman in labor helps the kid: so, some asymmetry of poses reached by promotion forward or small raising of a basin, one leg, promotes the correct insertion of a head of the child, implementation of its turn, i.e. the correct course of childbirth. In - the second, in a vertical pose force of terrestrial gravitation helps the child to move ahead on the patrimonial channel. In - the third, vertical position promotes some expansion of the patrimonial channel and easier passing of the child on it. The longest period of childbirth is the first during which the regular, gradually becoming frequent and amplifying fights lead to disclosure of a neck of a uterus. The active behavior can help considerably during this period, creating conditions for the most effective fights. During the period between fights the chosen pose has to allow the woman in labor to relax and have a rest.

the Beginning of childbirth most of women transfers

in walking easier. Walking, especially with a high raising of legs, promotes strengthening of blood supply and increase in delivery of oxygen to a uterus and the child.

during the fight the pose helps to reduce painful feelings standing with a support on a wall, a table, a back of a chair or a bed. All weight at the same time is transferred to hands. If at childbirth there is a husband, it is possible to lean against his back or to hang, having clasped him for a neck. Poses in which the stomach is pushed forward and droops (a pose on all fours - “a pose of a cat“ a pose, having hung on a neck at the husband; inclinations forward), help to reduce painful feelings in a back. Besides, during fight it is useful to shake a basin and hips, as if hopping. Such movements relax crotch muscles, promote disclosure of a neck of a uterus.

should consider

At the choice of a sedentary pose that the surface of a seat has to be rather soft, and it is better - elastic. For this purpose effective use in labor of big inflatable balls, children`s rubber rings. Such devices help relaxation of muscles of a crotch, promote more effective disclosure of a neck of a uterus. During fights in a sitting position it is also possible to lean on hands, a pillow, a bed back. It is necessary to watch that legs during fight were not closed as such pose prevents disclosure of a neck of a uterus. For bigger efficiency of fight it is necessary to part as much as possible knees in the parties.

the pose on cards is Very effective

, having widely parted knees in the parties. Such pose helps the correct insertion of a head and passing of the child on patrimonial ways. It is promoted by the certain tilt angle of a basin reached at squat. This pose in cases when the neck completely revealed is most effective, and the child`s head did not fall by a pelvic bottom yet. A lack of a pose on cards - instability of the woman in it. In such situation the help of the husband or other loved one who is present at childbirth which support the woman is invaluable, helping it to remain with the necessary situation. In this pose it is also possible to hold a back of a chair or a bed.

One of the most known poses of yogis - the lotus pose - is also very effective pose at the time of delivery. However trainings are necessary for long stay in it even during pregnancy. In that case in labor the pose of a lotus will not cause tension, and on the contrary, will help relaxation of muscles of a crotch, the correct insertion of a head of the kid at the beginning of the patrimonial channel. Besides, sitting “in Turkish“ unloads back muscles, killing pain and tension in lumbar area. These poses can be accepted at the beginning of childbirth when intervals between fights still rather big, fights not really painful, the uterus neck just begins to open. At vigorous patrimonial activity, big opening of a neck it is impossible to sit on a firm surface: it interferes with advance of a fruit on patrimonial ways.

Round the world
In some African tribes which kept the maximum proximity to the nature and its laws, women still give birth in a sitting position on cards or on a lap. These traditions are kept in Brazil and some other countries Latin America. In the countries of Europe: The Netherlands, France - childbirth in vertical position, childbirth in water enters tradition again. In some Dutch families the bride still dowers the special stool for childbirth helping to accept a convenient pose.
and presses

In a situation when the head of the kid fell by fabrics of a pelvic bottom, and the neck of a uterus revealed not completely, “the pose of the baby“ which imitates position of the child in a maternal womb helps. It is necessary to kneel and widely to move apart them. Under a breast for a support the big pillow is put. Hands can be put under the head. Basin at such situation is above the woman in labor head. In such pose the head of the kid does not put intensive pressure that promotes decrease in unpleasant feelings.

If to you it is necessary for

or it is convenient to lie in the course of childbirth, choose a pose lying on one side.

Often intuitively the woman chooses by

an asymmetric pose - the runner`s pose. In such situation under one of legs bent in a knee enclose a pillow. It is possible to clamp a pillow between legs. Such situation is the most sparing for the child and helps the correct insertion of a head in patrimonial ways.

the Pose during attempts in a number of maternity hospitals the woman is allowed Now to


active behavior in the first period of childbirth. However at the end of the period of disclosure of a neck of a uterus, at increase of fights and at the beginning of attempts (the second period of childbirth) the woman in labor is stacked on a back. At the same time surely connect the special device allowing to watch heart rate at a fruit or in intervals between fights listen to heartbeat of a fruit by means of an obstetric stethoscope (tubule). At the time of the head birth the midwife carries out the special receptions directed to prevention of ruptures of a crotch. These manipulations are possible only at position of the woman lying on a back. Besides, in a prone position on a back the pose promoting the greatest efficiency of attempts is also developed: the woman has to bend the head so that the chin was pressed to a breast, the woman in labor pulls special hand-rail on herself, and plants the feet against supports, at the same time it is necessary to sit down as if on a chair. Only in the few maternity hospitals there are special chairs for vertical childbirth. At the same time it is possible to monitor heartbeat of a fruit by means of the telemetric devices relieving the woman in labor of “attachment“ to a bed. Unfortunately, all these devices were not widely adopted in our maternity hospitals yet.

something is extremely difficult to Do

in an inconvenient pose: tired and tight muscles have quickly an effect. Childbirth - quite long and labor-intensive process. Therefore it is so important to choose the pose which is most suitable for you in which to you it will be comfortable, and - it is easy for kid to be born on light.