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Tall tale of our friendship

So it turned out that a good few of my pregnancy fell on the period of financial difficulties in our family. I almost any was not able to afford to buy clothes. Altered two trousers, having made inserts under the tummy and pair of stretching jackets.

But very much I liked a jumper in our department for pregnant women, I constantly represented how we buy it, the scale of my mood reads off scale on plus, and I go in it, all such of myself (nearly model on a podium). And took place in dreams week after a week. And there were I gradually the frequenter of shops for pregnant women and kids, so far only the viewer and the detached onlooker.

At last there came the spring, and with it and there is a lot of all good and fine, were found at last - funds and for the jumper chosen by me. I planned this campaign all evening, dreams dreamed at night (now even ridiculously to remember :)).

I there came the next day, we with the husband woke up a bit earlier (closer to a lunch - day off) and full of enthusiasm gathered behind purchases. We come into this shop, the first that I hear from the seller: “And you when managed to be recoloured again?“ I do not pay special attention, something answered supposedly what there it was recoloured, and forward to the planned purpose... But what I saw at that moment? Jumpers, all sizes, except mine lie on a show-window. As it became clear

by p later, no more than 10 - ti minutes couple came back, and the girl - with same about for pregnancies, very similar to me, here only hair of other color (red), even growth such, long chose a jumper to herself. The seller asks the girl, thinking that it I that a pier, it decided to be recoloured? And that so looked at it strange, having answered that by nature such. All of them wanted other model, but, unfortunately, there was not enough money (was one and a half times more expensive).

the Seller reported

that they still for certain in shop (a big supermarket) and that we will take away from the person? Of course, I was upset, practically nothing so strongly was pleasant, neither is more expensive, nor is cheaper, here as happens, “there is nothing, there is nothing“.

In shop it the small cafe settled down, the husband bought me cocktail and asked it to wait. Later minutes 15 it joined me with the eyes sparkling with happiness, and told that it wants to present me a gift that I so was not upset. Got from a package the box which is beautifully wrapped up in brightly golden paper with the inscription “The Darling, I Very Much Love You!“ And so dumbfounded by such gesture, I also did not decide to think that there that jumper lay!

So far I sipped the kokteylchik from a tubule, the husband with the shop assistant ran on shop, looked for this couple. Having explained current situation, the husband offered, to buy them the pleasant jumper (that is he paid in addition), in exchange on ours.

On it acquaintance of our families did not end with

. In delivery room (we have in the city one maternity hospital and that not maternity hospital, but a rodotdeleniye) on second day as soon as departed after an anesthesia, saw that all bed in balloons. And when brought me the baby - she was all such sweet and beautiful, the little angel, all in pink that very much differed from a hospital interior.

When I fed with

the baby, and put to bed, asked the nurse from where such clothes who managed to bring, she advised to glance in the next chamber. In chamber among four women in labor, there was one red, so similar to me, among the same spheres, with the little angel in blue clothes, on hands. So we also got acquainted to be on friendly terms and to leave.

to our children almost on a year, they will see off time in our general company, and the company of each other, just like the brother with the sister much. And we prepare for the second.

Though I did not tell the names in the history, but I know that this girl will surely read and will understand about whom the speech. These words for you! Happy birthday!


We as two sisters
From a whole.
We, as two chanterelles -
Red and white.

do not mourn, the darling,
Life so far in the child.
Will grow happy
our two chickens.

(our children were born in a year of a cockerel)

Let with you we will remain
the Most favourite, over the years we will become
A only
the Most beautiful.