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Nickname. What was remembered by

to my daughter 1 years and 3 months Now. During this time a lot of things occurred interesting, a lot of things were remembered. I will write about some cases.

of 9 months 29 days

of the Nickname came for me to a bathroom with a romper suit, I wash hands. I look back, she opened the washing machine and folds a romper suit in it, to erase.

of 10 months

Learned to tell p “where?“. Threw specially a cap from a doll into space between a bed and a wall. Turned to me, parted hands in the parties and asks: “Where?“.

of 11 months 15 days

I Wash the floors, Nika is behind my back therefore I do not see it. I hear, she shouts:“ Ý - e“, I look back, and it turned a box from - under toys upside down, climbed on it. And to draw my attention supposedly “look how I could“, began to make these sounds, having a little sat down and having extended the head forward. When I saw, she became straight, delighted and began to dance.

I Cost

of 11 months 18 days to

on a stool, I hang up linen. Part of linen at Niki in hands. I speak to it: “Give me, mother will hang up“, she began to give me a hand with linen, gave.

Bears the washed socks to the battery, hangs up.

1 year 2 days

the Father reads to

the book on a sofa, semi-sitting - reclining. In a hand a bookmark (Orensot card). A nickname climbed to it, took a bookmark. Decided to play a hide-and-seek. Takes the father for an undershirt, pulls on itself that he rose from a pillow, puts a card. And again presses it to a pillow. After that parts hands in the parties and speaks:“ Where?“ supposedly look for. And so time 30. I am faster behind a chamber.

1 year 12 days

I cost


Ya on a stool, I hang up linen, it gives me. At some moment stretches the next romper suit and speaks:“ On“.

1 year 14 days

Helps to lay a bed, and ours. Bears a sheet, tries to spread. Then follows a blanket.

1 year 22 days

Fed Nika with mashed potatoes from banks, phone rang out. I left to bank with a spoon on a stool and went to pick up the phone. I stand, I talk, Nika with this can comes, puts it on a stool near me, takes a spoon and eats.

1 year 1 month 7 days

Spilled water on a chair, ran behind a rag. Brought, wiped.

1 year 1 month 13 days

Ya in the room, Nika escaped on kitchen. I looked out to look what it does there. It near a stool costs on knees and washes the floor a rag.

1 year 1 month 28 days

Were going to walk with Nika. Dressed it, then itself put on on - fast (usually I put on forward, and this time on the contrary solved something). We went outside, near an entrance 2 cats ran. A nickname, having seen them, as usual began to squeal and reached for them. I put it on the earth and I speak:“ Well, go, catch up“. And it costs. I will not understand that it costs, always catches up with cats. Again told it that it went. It was trampled on the place, but did not go. I sat down near it and I see what to the child the footwear forgot to put on! Costs in one tights! Quicker home, but to ours 5 - go the floor laughed, could not stop.

1 year 1 month 29 days

Ya noticed

that when I ask Niki whether there will be it so and so, she nods in reply, and sometimes and speaks “yes“. However it not always does what agrees with. Learned to nod and “yes“ in reply to speak, it was pleasant, it is visible, to it this process, here and misleads me.

1 year 2 months 1 day


a carriage for a doll. Houses, rolled a doll, will put it, will pull out. Having put, will correct, will look whether conveniently that sits. And who so taught it? And nearby the empty bottle from - under shampoo lay. So it took it and let`s a lyalk feed. Here since what small years preparation for motherhood begins! Imitation began. However, still I do not know where she saw that it is possible to punish a doll, to stand in the corner?

1 year 2 months 13 days

Poured water in a basin, I clean up. A nickname began to wet palms in water and to wash. Then began to wet to itself hair as if washed them. Will wet palms and claps, splashes extensively! Asked whether she wants to bathe, she began to nod. Gathered waters in a small tray, put it in a big bathtub. Scoops water a bucket, waters on itself. Washes a tummy with a bast.

Sat down on a pot in pants, wrote.

Sat down on a pot, wrote, took off pants, sitting on a pot and thrust into a pot.

1 year 2 months 16 days

Put to bed in 21 - 30. I in a bathroom, a door am slightly opened. I hear “a top - a top“, I look, goes, shaking half asleep, and the most important - in hands the cell phone. For the first time it came itself to me after a dream. Before it somehow it turned out that at me woke up.

1 year 2 months 25 days


sweet cherry and apricots, does not eat. It is turned with sweet cherry, holding for a branch, laughs. Will begin to spin strongly, will fall, and it is all the same ridiculous it!

A were at the dacha recently.


the daughter Nika
In a garden the other day Gathered strawberry.
a bucket gave All
I was not tired at all.
I though all to it year,
A there all - in a kitchen garden!

Gave it a bucket from - under mayonnaise. Who will call her, to that and will go, and he to her will put cheesecakes. She saw that from small buckets we pour into a big bucket when are filled. Went with the bucket to a big bucket, tried to repeat after adults. But by. Looks at the scattered berries, points a finger that were supposedly scattered. Brows at the same time a lodge, handles in the parties parts and something speaks in own way, looking at me, ridiculous! If could, would tell: “I will not understand how so left, it seems correctly did everything“.

Here such daughter at us, assistant!