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Acquaintance history. As our family of

arose New 1998 I decided to meet in the company with the girlfriend Sveta and her mother. Under peal of bells we made the most treasured wishes and, having drunk on a glass of champagne, decided to tell fortunes. Stopped on asking a name of the first comer and by that to learn a name of the promised.

went on a fir-tree So far, many guys tried to get acquainted with us, but we laughed the matter off and continued the way. On a fir-tree of the people there was a little, probably, people did not hurry to go outside from - for tables. Here five children approached us. Four of them were presented at once, we called by it the names too. And the fifth was silent. Nobody paid to it attention as we to a descent began to open at once champagne which children brought with themselves. For some reason “tore apart“ me to learn a name of that guy who kept silent. And I asked.“ Denis“, - he answered.

Already at home, sitting in front of the TV and remembering our walk, we decided to count the number of young people who wanted to get acquainted with us. Them there were 13. And me dawned on that:

- Light, we with you forgot the most important! Forgot to ask a name of the promised!

On what Sveta was surprised:

- So you asked.


Ya that asked his name Denis, but did not attach it special significance. The name was not pleasant to me, and I thought: who made me talk?

Soon this history was forgotten by

, there came following, 1999. On March 2 in my apartment phone call was distributed, the man`s voice asked me. It appeared, my friend Lena gave to the young man my phone number and told:“ You one and it one, maybe, at you something will also turn out“. The guy was called Denis. We agreed that on March 5 he will meet me after institute.

Denis kept the appointment to flowers. Quietly snow fell, and we decided to walk. It was interesting to us to communicate, and we did not notice how we appeared near my entrance. Came it is time to leave, but there was no strong wish! After this remarkable evening we began to meet.

B 2003 he graduated from the institute, and on October 31 we got married. Once I told it about that history in New year. I forgot about it, and remembered when we already met it more than 2 years. Denis burst out laughing and did not believe.

Here such history of our acquaintance which began 7 years ago.