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To attach most expensive

of Reminiscence and a reasoning of young mother

“To send to

the daughter to a garden or not?“ In our family there was this question, and over time peacefully laid down because we with the husband in detail answered it together.

Ya I remember the kindergarten very well. It seems that it was not quarter of the century back, and quite recently. Young and as then it seemed to me, very beautiful teacher Irina Olegovna during walks put us in a small cave and told literally terribly - interesting fairy tales. She read much, loudly, with intonation therefore all loved it and obeyed.

I when one boy secretly sat down on an electric train and went home, we strongly worried. No, not for the boy, and for it. She cried, and we as could, felt sorry for her. I remember how I pulled a braid harmful Ramona from the group, she did not forget too - though there passed 25 years, the forgiveness does not shine me.

Near a garden. Small - from the point of view of the adult, and then he seemed to us just huge, and a pond in which Igorek, fell down too. There was a lot of noise from incident - ducks loudly grunted, we laughed, and tutors collected the strength to bawl the got wet rascal out.

Children were on friendly terms with me, especially during food because I ate everything, for all and is absolutely gratuitous. To me it was tasty, honest. Whether cooks well prepared, whether products did not steal, or perhaps all together. I was the master in taming of milk with a skin, different all of hated porridges. I do not know why I was such glutton, but since then changed little.

In a garden I had two things which are of interest to people around - a plate for teeth which was tried on by all group, and points - them I carried only for parents therefore they are more often were whole. With Lenka Penkina, my classmate, nobody was on friendly terms because she was a relative - the favourite at teachers and skillfully used it.

some of our teachers had the same foolish habit. In park there was a cafe which was famous for fresh pastries. It is clear, that they did not refuse to themselves it, giving lectures with the fragrant roll which is sticking out of a mouth. It is not difficult to guess of whom sometimes came the way a delicacy. Correctly, Penkina. These minutes I awfully wanted to reconcile and ask with it a small piece.

I remember

Ya how we were taken out on the summer dacha. Our nurse Nina Grigoryevna knitted socks in the afternoon, and before going to bed in a basin with soapsuds in turn to everyone rubbed patches a soft sponge. It was very shchekotno, but it is pleasant.

Is not present

, my childhood was not such cloudless at all, but my memory as if the obedient schoolgirl, skillfully disposed of information and deleted all bad.

Children`s memoirs cover with

me in process of a growing of the daughter and as necessary. “To send the daughter to a garden or not?“ In our family there was this question, and over time peacefully laid down because we with the husband in detail answered it together.


the intellectual itch Began p. Hands glanced over mountains of magazines, legs did not doze too. I went and communicated with all who have children. We specially walked about gardens, watched - as they there what tone the teacher talks to them in what are dressed. The question “you go to a garden?“ for a while became the most important.


Means so, I solved, it is necessary to call Maria urgently. She is a young lady clever and at the same time glamourous - communicates with whom it is necessary and knows that where how much. Phone we tormented long. It was succeeded to learn that the daughter (3. 5 g) at first she drove in “good“ (in sense the road) a garden, the truth not for long. In few months, during the insignificant conflict, the daughter hid in a corner and told:“ Mother, only do not beat“. Mashka never and it therefore she understood at once from where legs grow could come to mind. Now they go to a simple garden and, it seems, everything is normal.


Irina raises Angelina (2. 8 g), in sense, without husband. (By the way, thanks to it, I got experience of the nurse - sat with the and with her daughter several days). The situation at it heavy therefore it sent the daughter to a garden, and itself was arranged the nurse there. Garden simple.

“You know

, Ania, I would not send the daughter to a garden, I just had no other exit“. (Further I had to hear this phrase often in private conversations with those who worked or work in this sphere.) “Why, Ir?“ - “It became aggressive, and then... Well, I cannot explain, I just like that feel“.

Yes, an opportunity to observe Angelina at me was... Little “hostess“ selected all toys upon which my daughter attempted. Shout “MINE“ stood constantly. At any possibility of Angelin tried to award Alice (2. 3 g) punches to pinch, in every possible way showed aggression.

I Remember

how taught them to play together.“ At a carriage two handles, you, Angelina, undertake this, and Alice will take that. Not to push if the toy was taken - take another or wait. You want to ache - please“. At heart I perfectly understood Angelina - it is her territory and ITS toys...

Alice - as the child who is not visiting a garden differed in

In this plan from it. If to carry out comparison on key parameters - both used a pot, were able to eat from a plate (to use a fork and a spoon), both followed the rule is only at a table - not to be dragged with food and drink on rooms. Unlike Angelina, Alice was not able to put on independently.

All skills which were owned by Alice at that time she received

in the game room which she visited from 9 months with frequency of times, 2 times a week are rare. There we spend on average 3 - 4 hours. Plus my desire (and the embodiment) to be engaged in it. As is able draws as can molds. Usually she is engaged in a molding in the subway when we where - nibud go, very much it is pleasant to her.

Ya I give it as much as possible freedom. I accustom her to independence. But I always nearby, always insure dangerous maneuvers. Our motto: “Not“ I cannot“, and “At me surely it will turn out, it is necessary to try““. You want to ride the boy`s bike - go also itself ask, you want....

the manager`s Call

I Think, give - I will call a garden, I will remind of our existence. I receive particulars. Almost right after the birth I wrote down the daughter in pleasant to me at that time a garden (then frightened that supposedly at once it is necessary, problems, turns). I remember how with astonishment the manager looked at me then - yes we have no problems that you. Wrote down my phone and - wait for all.

is shorter than

, I call: “Day is kind when to us to come?“ - “Well, you come in the fall“. - “Tell, and you in the charter have a provision on inoculations?“ - “What charter?“ Came.... All right, accurately so I say that there is a law under which in a garden we have the rights to go without inoculations, say, what does she think of such turn of events. It let`s everything bring down on policlinic supposedly there do the card, they without inoculations in any way if agree with the manager, then for God`s sake. “And why you do not want? Yes as so? And if you refuse inoculations, so with your child something not so...“ Carried Ostap not for long.

Red and white

Polls revealed

that, in general, parents are divided into two brightly - the expressed categories: the first, as a rule, already given to this institution, argue furiously that a garden - business absolutely necessary. The second are not so optimistic. Softly or rigidly, they are opponents of gardens. Remained, not adjoined yet neither to those, nor to others, stand as the hero at the crossroads - they in the account.

It is quite natural to acts to find

explanations. Especially if the destiny of the child, more precisely, intervention in it is decided. Anyway, arguments for that and others are available, and anyway have the right for existence. It is clear, that emotion - “I want“, “I do not want“ - here are secondary.

It is given:

my basic conditions look as follows - I have one “bezrezhimny“ child (2,4 g) . The husband works, grandmothers far, to leave there is nobody. - Jure I do not work, - the fact - I at business.

my position was created by

as follows:

  • U me an opportunity to stay at home with the child is, and it suits me. Moreover, motherhood - not the only interest in my life, but I successfully combine the child and the affairs. Me it is pleasant to
  • of li that the daughter grows at me in the eyes.
  • Ya in general I control a situation, I have an opportunity to control a circle of contacts of the daughter - if I do not like a situation, I can always replace it. But I am not a chicken - a brood hen (according to people around), I give freedoms to the child much. Many consider that even too.
  • me has enough
  • U energy and patience to be engaged with the child.
  • to
  • For the child till 3,5 years quite has that loading which we give it - the game room of times a week + a zoo, exhibitions + occupations - games of the house. Garden in the past - the only type of establishments. Today there were mass of options for development of the kid, except gardens.
  • I realize
  • Ya that preparation for school is necessary more serious, than I can give, but this question will rise by 4, 5 years. For preparation for school 2 years - the sufficient period, and I do not want to take away the childhood from the child and I will not be. All training to 4 - x years only in unostentatiously - a game form.
  • Ya I know many examples when the people who passed a garden had big problems with communication with people at adult age.
  • the Garden - the compelled need.
  • All recognize that in a garden the child will be ill much (more often). Diseases - too high price for development. At all not the fact that the child who is not visiting a garden will get sick with these diseases then. Arguments - “will be ill less at school because will have now“, “children all the same are ill“ - does not arrange me. Garden - the raised risk zone, equally well it is possible to place the child specially in infectious diseases hospital - let will have... Yes, the child out of a garden is ill, but it is less (I mean rather healthy child without pathologies and chronic diseases).
  • If to speak language of psychologists - I have “a sadovsky child“, and at any time if I consider it necessary, I will be able to change a situation.
  • Arguments - “What to do houses?“, “He stays at home...“ “The child needs to communicate with children, there he will receive many useful skills“ - houses there will always be an occupation. Who told that the “house“ child stays at home? In my case the child stays at home only in bad weather, in other cases on air he spends a lot of time, at least, much more, than kindergarten children.
    Besides a playground is puppet theater, a zoo, opening of river navigation, months April and May when there take place final concerts in many children`s collectives (very interesting show, I will tell you on own experience). The main thing to monitor the poster - where that it will be, to want and not to be lazy.
  • Argument “In a garden the mode“ - I agree that the child has to sleep in the afternoon. In my opinion, the mode ties hands. I know many mothers who do not go with children because in twelve at them a lunch, and from two to four at them a dream. I intentionally did not create to the child the mode because I knew that I with a mobile way of life will not be able to observe it.
  • I understand
  • Ya that with the charter do not go to others monastery, but hardly the excessive care of tutors of the child will arrange to dress me more warmly, to force to eat all squash...
  • to Look for a garden in advance - almost useless occupation. Tutors and the administration of a garden from which, you understand a lot of things depends, can change, and opinions of mothers on the same garden can be polarly opposite.
  • the Most important, but not very comforting conclusion was formed by
  • by itself - everything entirely depends on fate whoever that told.
It is absolutely unimportant

what status at a garden - state or private. Everything entirely depends on a notorious human factor. Normal gardens, normal tutors - alas - them much less, than children - so there is a wish to insert Chukovsky here: “And what mother to agree to give the dear child....“. The garden can be completely packed by grants and other gadgets, but I pound from them if they are in hands of dull stale teachers...

I the last. When my daughter, passing by a garden, speaks: “Mother, I want in a garden“, I for some reason remember an old joke: “Do not confuse tourism and emigration“.