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Why the French children have a good skin of

For the closest we choose the French perfume, we prefer to use the French conditioning agents behind skin. The sign “it is made in France“ costs on production on care of children`s skin of Mustela the pharmaceutical company Laboratoires Exspanscience. by

As it is correct to p to choose the means suitable your baby? For this purpose it is necessary to know, than skin of the newborn differs from adult:

should not test gentle skin of the child for durability.

of Mustela - this oldest French pediatric brand and today No. 1 in Europe - specializes in development of means on care of skin of newborns, babies and children.

If the newborn had crusts on the head, use special means for their removal. Pediatricians recommend a skin - shampoo for removal of seboreyny crusts from Mustela. It will carefully and effectively remove crusts after the first application and will prevent formation of new. Remember, seboreyny crusts on the head of the kid cannot be scratched out or cut off, it can lead to emergence of sores and leave marks on the head of the kid!

to protect the child from diaper dermatitis at each swaddling needs to process the area “under a diaper“. Such cream has to contain zinc oxide, B5 and F vitamins. At of Mustela it is called “Cream under a diaper protective“. He removes irritation, protects from bacteria, softens and restores skin. He interferes with contact of skin with urine, however does not prevent it to breathe.

Should note

that all cosmetics is made for kids at the pharmaceutical enterprise according to strict standards of the European quality.

One more undoubted plus of Mustela is the packing form (does not slip out hands and has a pomp - the batcher allowing to do all by one hand).

to Make bathing and care of skin of the kid a holiday - here the main task of mother which you carry out on “hurrah“ together with cosmetics of Mustela .

the Motto Mustela - to provide to

the best quality of life, that is - efficiency, safety and convenience in order that both the kid, and mother derived pleasure from every minute spent together whether it be game, walk or hygienic procedures.

More detailed information on “MUSTELA“ you will find

on www. mustela. ru

of Ph. of the hot line: (495) 933 45 87