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Protect a breast!

In March of this year I gave birth to the son. While I got ready for childbirth, studied huge kolichesktvo literatures: articles from the Internet, books, magazines so when time of childbirth came, I thought that I know everything and as if what not to forget. I paid special attention to books about breastfeeding. By ninth month I precisely knew that nothing can be more useful than some breast milk.

When Dimusha was born

, to me allowed to put it to a breast in an hour after the delivery though I very much wanted to give it a breast at once, it is very important. When put to a breast, he refused to take it, and I very much was frightened. But when we were brought to chamber (we lay in chamber “mother - the child“), the first that I made, it began to try to feed him! What was my pleasure when he began to suck a breast!

, but I persistently did not finish feeding mix as I know that kids have very strong immunity, and they are capable to wait several days before milk arrival. In night of the second day after the delivery I sat, fed Dimochka and remembered in my opinion the brilliant phrase: “Almost each mother is capable to bring up the child!“ “And I than not worse“ - thought I and adjusted myself on the fact that we will wake up tomorrow, and there will be a milk! So it also happened - there was a little milk, but it was!

When we arrived home (in maternity hospital we spent four days), milk poured down the river. The breast was as stone all the time, Dima did not eat everything, milk flew, but I remembered all the time what should be decanted though it turned out not always: the son to rock to sleep that chores, just there are no forces. Still I hoped that if to feed according to “requirement“, it is optional to be decanted. It is necessary to admit that process of decantation awfully tired me, and I bought a milk pump. I want to warn molodokh mothers: I thought that he will solve my problems! But there was one “but“. The milk pump takes not all breast therefore it is necessary “to dotsezhivat“ milk hands.

Gradually at us everything was adjusted by

, and in three months after Dimusha`s birth I defended the thesis. It was necessary to leave and decant milk in a bottle. There was not enough time, and I decided that I will manage one milk pump. In a week I felt consolidation in a breast. To me it became awfully terrible as it was impossible to rastsedit it hands at me, temperature rose to 39. There was a day off, and all consultations did not work, in the Ambulance advised to rastsezhivatsya. In thoughts one horrific images: the most terrible of them what should stop be nursed - nothing more awful as it seems to me, no!

Which - as I waited for Monday and ran in a konsuttation. The doctor told that it is yet not mastitis but only stagnation of milk, and sent to ultrasound. I went to ultrasound three days, but I think that I was helped by complex treatment. I share national recipes: for the night I put to a breast flat cake from honey and rye flour, went serially with a cabbage leaf (previously it should be beaten that juice appeared) in the afternoon, with a compress from the crude beet grated on a grater and wrapped in a gauze. I almost constantly decanted a breast, did massage, easy strokings adjusting milk to a nipple, and more often than usually put the kid to a breast. Still did massage by water streams of a shower, directing it roundabouts. As a result stagnation passed, and I can quietly feed with both breasts again!

I Want to advise

to all: are not lazy, protect the breast! It you will help the kid, and you should not feed him with artificial mixes!