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The family established on the Internet of

In May, 2003 I left the guy whom I met 2 years. It turned out that we have different interests, and we do not suit one another. In June of the same year I handed over state examination and defended the thesis at institute of tourism. Decided to have a rest in the summer, and to look for work in the fall.

Somehow time I got to talking with the girlfriend, and she told that she sometimes comes into a chat, and advised me to glance too there. As houses I had a computer and the modem, I, without deliberating, went to shop for the Internet - the card. And came into a chat in the same evening. Looked round as it works where and how to write and answer, and decided to begin to get acquainted. Time flew by at the computer instantly. Very much it was pleasant to me in a chat. So there passed week. I communicated on different subjects, to me also suggested to take a walk and invited at cinema etc.

Somehow time I thought, me 23 years, and I did not meet the soulmate yet. And I decided to act. Once again came into a chat and began to look for diligent in a chat of the serious relations. Next day I dared to agree with the guy about a meeting on Pure ponds, there it was possible to take a walk, talk and to the people much. Gathered for appointment even 2 hours, all suffered prolonged anxiety. Long ago, however, did not go out on dates.

Occurred at a monument to Griboyedov. In appearance the normal, quiet guy, but after made a circle on Pure ponds, I understood that it needed intim, and about the serious relations and the speech did not go. So there took place my first not really successful meeting. Of course, I told it “so far“. And same in the evening I came into a chat to look for further the serious relations.

there Passed month. For this month I still met four guys, but nothing acceptable. I already lowered hands. Decided that in a chat there are no children who would like to construct the serious relations.

July Went. And somehow in the next evening in privat the guy under a nickname wrote me “Adrenaline“. We began to communicate with it. After a while I asked to give its phone number, and already in a couple of minutes we spoke with it by phone. Its voice was very pleasant to me, so we talked an hour and a half. It seemed to me that I this person know all the life. It became clear that he left the girlfriend in May too, and he lived with her 3 years. Too it turned out that they are different people.

Next day we agreed to occur at a monument to Griboyedov. When I for the first time saw it, I understood: here it, my second half. It stood with three red roses.“ I am Natasha“, - “And I am Pasha“. Our conversation began with these words. As it became clear later, I was pleasant to it at first sight too.

We with it walked 3 hours, and towards evening sat on a shop about ponds and cooed as pigeons. Next day we already walked in Not dull garden, rode the motor ship across the Moskva River. So to our novel the foundation was laid. I was in the seventh heaven. About the Internet I already forgot. So I found that looked for.

. And 2 months of our meetings later he made me the proposal. I, of course, agreed. On November 22, 2003 we celebrated a wedding. All our friends and parents were the shocked by speed developing relations.

We are happy

still. In October, 2005 we gave birth to the son Andryusha. Now I have two beloveds!