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Pedestrian campaign across the Crimea

on May 23 - 28, 2006

the Route: The bay of Laspi - the cape Buzzard - Nikolay Cape - the settlement of Foros - the cape Chekhova - the mountain the Cat - the cape Aytodor - the city of Yalta

Idea to pass from a bay of Laspi to the city of Yalta along the sea ripened long ago. About this site of the coast to the village of Ponizovka there was no complete representation - it was necessary to happen by the sea only in certain places (a bay of Laspi, the settlement of Foros, the village Park). Besides, there was an opportunity to achieve long dream - to make initially single campaign.

the Route was passed by

in 5 days plus put more on rest and the road back. Private matters were in passing resolved. Weather indulged - water already got warm, the sun shone almost all the time, rain only once expected to fall. In this last spending the night it was also necessary to put tent - other nights were spent under the open sky. Practically always in this campaign for cooking I used a kerosene stove as the route passed in the basic in the inhabited places and the reserve. With itself did not take the camera.

on May 23, Thursday, 1 day

Having descended in Simferopol from the train Lviv - Simferopol, got on the Simferopol trolleybus - Yalta. In Yalta on bus station changed on the minibus Yalta - Sevastopol. Without having reached to the pass Laspi a little, it was unloaded on a fork.

On foot I passed

on the road to the cape Aja. Behind the last boarding houses (“Laspi“ and “Batiliman“) big stones and separate trees were seen. All nearby territory is declared by the national park in which are (certainly) forbidden kindling of fires, installation of tents etc. Along the seashore I passed on a track where in a bay in the wood there are many parking, and then on the asphalt road, meeting a set of camp sites and rest houses, almost to the cape Buzzard. Here asphalt reaches a limit, and two camp sites need to be bypassed on a track from above. Again there are an asphalt and a set of cars and lodges, by sight the rich and not really. At once behind the cape government giving is seen, in the people it call “Gorbachev“. A few years ago approaches to it were under serious protection. On the road rose by the route Sevastopol - Yalta, near the intersection there is a television tower.


On the route to the rock “Sail“ which is above the route. Down the track departs, going down on which through couple of tens meters met a fontanel and big accumulative capacity for water. Having gathered waters, passed still meters 100 - 150. Here among stones there is a mass of glades and places for a lodging for the night. Twilight therefore decided to stop till the morning came. On a kerosene stove cooked food. All day it was slightly overcast, from the sea wind blew.

on May 24, Friday, 2 day

in the Morning, having had breakfast, started on on a way. Around government sanatorium of “Tesseli“ there is a grandiose building - 2 - 3 floor lodges are under construction, around it is full of dust. Having passed by the wild beach and through sanatorium “Foros“, it appeared in the settlement of Foros. In shop bought necessary products and went further along the coast. At the end of the settlement building goes in places also (camp sites and private houses are under construction). On the cape Chekhova there are places for parking in the wood. On top of the cape the military unit, and on its East side - structures of the sanatorium Coastal complex is located. From this place on the coast nearly one behind one the children`s camp, cool government sanatorium and the settlement of Mellas, at once for which (directly under teeth of mountains through which the automobile tunnel on the route Sevastopol is driven are located - Yalta) is sanatorium “Mellas“. Further it is impossible to pass across the coast as these places are taken by government agencies of rest.

Had to come back, rise by the route, to pass through a tunnel and to go several kilometers along the route. All attempts to go down to the sea on this interval failed - government dachas followed continuously one by one. Residents of local villages the Olive and Park are forced to go for many kilometers from here to get on the beach. Nevertheless, and along the route to go not so badly, admiring a beautiful view of rocky breaks of the Aypetrinsky yayla, the benefit the sun and wind not hot - June.

around Kastropol boarding house outlets to the sea are. Further on the seashore there is a Kryvyi Rih Miner boarding house in the territory of which there is a television tower, and one more government sanatorium. Stopped on a lodging for the night in the pine wood above the route. In this place it was necessary to spend the night earlier many times. Weather for the present day significantly did not change.

on May 25, Saturday, 3 day

in the Morning, having had breakfast and having passed a little on the route, went down to the sea. On the way it was necessary to bypass the sanatoria fenced with fences and government giving. In Ponizovke rose by the lower road and through Katsiveli where in shop bought in addition products, went down on the way to the Blue gulf. The subsequent part of a route had to be passed earlier more than once by bicycle therefore it was this time interesting to see these places from a position of the pedestrian tourist. Ashore has dinner and on the road through the mountain the Cat entered into Simeiz`s center where went down to the sea. Bathing and sunbathing ashore, enjoyed a view of the rock the Maiden against the sea. Having had a rest, continued a way further. On a lodging for the night stopped by the sea in park of one of rest houses with kind permission of the supply manager.

on May 26, Sunday, the 4th day

this day I visited Vorontsov Palace and sat in park at the lake, admired from an observation deck a view of the lock the Swallow`s nest. On the way met three government sanatoria. Spent the night above the Lastochkiny nest, in 50 meters from part OMON.

on May 27, Monday, the 5th day

Went down from the place of a lodging for the night to the road, passed on it to the serpentine. A bottom it is impossible to pass here - the sanatorium of the Verkhovna Rada is strenuously protected. Climbed the serpentine to the Solar track, having bypassed thereby the mountain Krestovuyu, and on a track reached the Livadiysky palace.

On the road went down through the center of the region of Livadiya to the coast. The road, bending around sanatorium SSU (Security Service of Ukraine), brings to the beach, having passed which, I appeared on the embankment of Yalta. Having had a rest on the embankment, on the shortest way, by the Oreanda hotel, movie theater Spartak, down the street Kirov, through the Glade of fairy tales reached to the Dniprodzerzhynsk children`s camp of “Issara“ behind which stopped on a lodging for the night at a stream.

on May 28, Tuesday, the 6th day

Has to tell

that the kerosene stove broke just in time therefore I made a breakfast on a fire. In the same way, what yesterday I rose here, went down on the embankment to bathe and once again to admire the sea, the sun and a beautiful view of mountains. This day the holiday of the last call which for three days later took place also at us was spent here.

From Yalta went by trolleybus to Simferopol, and from there by train to Dnipropetrovsk.

in general, the campaign was quite successful and in the informative plan, and in respect of rest.