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Impressions about hotels ``Turan Prinze`` ``, Sanrayz`` and ``Ali Bey`` (Cyd, Turkey)

Two years in a row, from May 20 to June 10, I with two children of 6,5 and 10,9 years went to have a rest in Cyd. In this place and at this time for us the most “correct“ weather - our Siberian summer. Therefore acclimatization at us took place in Turkey easily, no more than two days. It seems that the organism just considered that the summer came for ten days earlier, and relaxed, without having managed to strain.

For two trips we were in three hotels - “Turan Prinze“ (which not Residence), “Ali Bae“ and “Sanrayz“. At the same time in “Turan Prinze“ twice - too he was pleasant to children. As I went for children, and considered all rest through a prism of their rest. Also I can precisely tell - rest depends on a spirit. If the spirit is positive, then trifles about which you, undoubtedly, will stumble in hotels of Turkey will not spoil mood. Proceeding from it I also want to share impressions about hotels, about their minuses and pluses.

Hotels I chose

, proceeding from the fact that children flew to have a rest at the sea for the first time, and, respectively, they have nothing was to compare. Well and, of course, from a ratio “the price - quality“. Of course, it would be possible to go in the Baby seal, to more fancy hotels, means allowed, but I decided that for this period of their development it will be better and more correct to children to have a rest nevertheless in hotels of more democratic, but at the same time with the acceptable quality.

So, “Turan Prinze“. It was our the first and therefore it made indelible impression on children. “Ali Bey“ was unambiguously best of all on all aspects, but he was the second, and children perceived him not so enthusiastically, all the time remembering “Turan“.“ Turan“ became their first love, and even intestinal infection with the subsequent treatment by droppers could not shake their opinion that “Turan“ - the best. The first love - she also is the first, even understanding that she fell in love - that with a goat of J, all the same it - very best.

Unlike this year, last year in “Turana Range“. This year children`s animation is, quite good too, but the commercial vein is too obviously allocated in it - when in pass clubs children paint t-shirts for 25 dollars or drawings color sand for 13 dollars, and then hand them to children before show. Other children, looking at all this, begin to beg too. By the way, the disks sold by animators with songs from pass - discos for 20 dollars, are on sale at Factory of sweets in which all are delivered on the way back in the airport for 6 - 7 dollars. But, anyway - in “Turan Prinze“ children`s animation, as well as the nursery pass - a disco, obviously better, than in “Ali Bae“ and “Sanrayz“. Perhaps because there Russians work with children.

Adult animation “Turana Range“ is not persuasive

, but at the same time is rather active. All animators walk in a uniform, and in the first day allocate them at once and distinguish from crowd of vacationers. While in “Sanrayz“ and “Ali Bae“ of animators we distinguished only on their marked-out activity or existence of the microphone in hands. Evening shows - the best in “Ali Bae“, bright, qualitative and professional, sanrayzovsky and turanovsky - almost identical, average quality, many miniatures repeat, such impression that the same person puts them in these hotels. Here only in Sanrayz dances at animators are not rehearsed - inharmoniously. Probably, by August to dance to learn everything, and not just those who are put in the first row. It were impressions on animation.

On food. Undoubtedly - “Ali Bey“. Impressed the range of expensive cheeses, expensive meat and fish cuttings. Fruit for the end of May were - sweet cherry, a cherry plum, strawberry, apricots, a quince and standard: water-melons, melon, oranges, apples. What it was never noticed in other hotels - a salmon, shrimps, squids and octopuses. Then on quality of food there is “Turan Prinze“. Food there rather decent. Only with fruit a crunch: standard set.

“Sanrayz“ on food it is rather weak for the five. If not to know how feed in “Ali Bae“ and “Turana Range“ when there is nothing to compare, then and in “Sanrayz“ it seems that of food it is full. But when you know that give in other hotels, feeling such what in “Sanrayz“ is there is nothing. The biggest minus of “Sanrayz“ are crowds of the people at restaurant and TURN. Barbecues do and give out only in one place, there - that also costs line of at least 15 - 20 people. Though it moves quickly, but all the same strains. We somehow exactly breathe to meat therefore we did not stand there, and this minus which terribly irritates the people, we did not notice. Turns stand behind water-melons and the Turkish pizza. But small, and we treated them rather quietly. The spirit of us was just such - not to strain on trifles.

Across the territory the best, besides, “Ali Bey“. Well-groomed, licked and blossoming. But - too it was for us big. Campaigns from the sea to an aquapark took a lot of time taking into account that younger not the fan to go even so-so - a fast pace. This loss of time and forces at circulation under the sun strained. It was necessary to build the schedule of rest so to minimize movements. In “Ali Bae“ I was afraid to release children of one. And here in “Turana Range“, with its rather small territory in comparison with “Ali Bae“ and “Sanrayz“ released easily, only stipulating ways of their movement that, having passed on this way, it was possible to catch them at some stage.

“Sanrayz“ across the territory big, but there it is the most convenient to live in the main case - everything (in “Turana Range“ we lived in the main case too) will precisely be near, bungalows did not take only because probability of the settlement where - nibud on the suburb it was too big that in principle was unacceptable for us. For us big minus of “Ali Bae“ was that a floor in number was laid out by a tile, it was constantly cold, and it was necessary to send children that they on it did not go barefoot. Process of a hardening of legs on a cold tile was not included into our program.

in “Ali Bae“ we were

A witnesses of how employees killed with a shovel the snake creeping about a bungalow. I managed even to photograph this process of times, but at the sight of my camera of employees panic captured, and they began to wave strenuously a hand, forbidding to remove. Waved so convincingly that in order to avoid breakage of the camera I had to retire. But one shot everything is remained. Mosquitoes were in all hotels. Fumitoks rescued - without it we would be eaten.

the Beach everywhere identical - bulk coarse sand where plank beds and small pebble at an entrance to the sea. Wandered about all coast - everywhere equally. An entrance to the sea everywhere not small - through three, at most four meters already up to a neck (growth 171).

That was pleasant in “Sanrayz“ - it is daily free water sports. Till a lunch skiing, here even the turn did not strain - went same, and such party from ““ on the bridge was created. After a lunch - driving on banana and a catamaran. In parallel - the theory and practice on surfing. The senior child forgot about pools, hills and an aquapark at all what very much pleased me, and rushed on banana at any opportunity. Its personal record - in three hours swept fourteen times - at landing 6 - ti places of group were gathered on four - five people.

Well, and the most important, for those who are going to Turkey with children: surely buy an insurance and track that in it there was no franchize. I wrote last year as all of us got sick with intestinal infection. Three days went to clinic on droppers, and then week lived on the most strict diet and drugs. The benefit, we left almost for a month and practically did not notice the deleted week of rest. This year history repeated. Only I, being already scientific, did not begin to self-medicate a diarrhea and nausea the itself brought with themselves, and at the first complaint to an indisposition and belly-ache at once demanded to carry children to clinic - as a result of children put on droppers in very decent chamber, with two (for each child) TVs and the conditioner, and next day children already practically recovered, the only thing, was necessary to monitor three days food.

Therefore recommendation: as soon as the child feels nausea, the liquid chair will begin - do not self-medicate, do not think that he will pass itself - does not pass, urgently go to the doctor. You will tighten - you will get out more difficultly and longer. At the same time, if the doctor in hotel writes out drugs, and they will not help in a day - demand that the child was brought to clinic and there made, at least, analyses as a maximum, a dropper. Intestinal infection wanders about hotels of Turkey in large quantities. Also she wanders in pools. Absolutely there is no chance to pick up only it that who does not swim in pools. More precisely - does not swallow (incidentally) of water in them.

the Greatest stream got poisoned was from “Turan Prinze“. In it the worst cleaning systems. As explained to me in clinic, “children go to a toilet, wipe a bottom badly, then run to the pool, and some go to a toilet is direct in water, and you incidentally took a sip, here and grabbed“. We two times were ill and caught in pools “Turan Prinze“ twice. The first time was counted - it could occur everywhere, simply it was not lucky, with us lay and from other hotels and as “Turan“ very much was pleasant to children - went to the second time. And again met an infection “on the same place, in the same hour“.

the next year we will go in “Sanrayz“ - the price - quality very much is even acceptable, to food we are not exacting - if only was fresher, daily skiing and banana bribe. And crowds of the people come from number 28 there - go May, and we from it will move down at this time in “Saylens“ - hotel about which I did not hear any negative response. Or I went not there and listened not to those?