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The phenomenal choice of

the Hairdress - one of the most important components of image of the woman. Alas, not all from us are by nature awarded by the thick brilliant hair which is not demanding almost any leaving except, certainly, regular washing. But, fortunately, hair are one of those few things which we, having made some efforts, can improve or change in ourselves.


in shops and drugstores presented Today the broadest choice of the medical and restoring cosmetics for hair - various masks, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, etc. The main thing - to choose those means which correspond to your type of hair.

So if your hair - thin, rather thin, fragile and dim, the correct leaving including accurate daily combing, medical procedures with use of “hair“ cosmetics, the regular washing corresponding to a condition of hair, the correct drying and good laying is simply necessary for them - and it is possible in the presence in a house arsenal of household appliances of such device as the hair dryer . About the hair dryer the speech in today`s article will also go.

About hair - for inquisitive
the Number of hair on the head of the person fluctuates from 50 to 140 thousand. The thickest and small - red hair. Hair of blondes the thinnest - their number reaches 140 thousand. Dark head hair about 100 thousand. One hair can grow to 108 cm and live 7 years before drops out, but the term of “life“ of an average hair fluctuates from 2 - x to 5 - ti years. After this term of hair drops out, and in several months on the same place the new hair grows. In day of people loses from 40 to 60 hair. Each hair consists of a root and a core. The root represents live part of a hair in which there is a process of reproduction of cages promoting growth of a hair. The bulb which is on the end of a root absorbs oxygen and nutrients from blood that is necessary for growth stimulation. The core of a hair is that its part of a hair which is affected in the course of laying. The core of a hair consists of three layers:
  • a cuticle - an external layer - consists of the microscopic scales which are imposed at each other like a tile roof;
  • korteks - the second layer of a hair making from 80 to 85 percent of its volume and consisting of a keratin (is responsible for durability, elasticity and a shape of a hair), melanin (is responsible for color of a hair), air (is responsible for absent-mindedness of a pigment that leads to various lightness of hair, and also is the main part of a gray-haired hair);
  • of a medull - an inside layer, which main objective - thermal control.
1913 the Russian “General company of electricity“ released

B the “Electricity in House Use“ catalog in which “electric volososushilka“ were mentioned. According to publishers, they gained wide popularity in house use and were applied not only on the direct appointment, but also, for example, to warming of a bed, drying of footwear and linen, and also to simplification of pains at the people having rheumatism. “Volososushilka“ - about 15 rubles imperial cost expensive - for the same money it was at that time possible to buy, for example, a cow, and the living wage in 1913 made 21 rubles in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Today the hair dryer became our constant satellite. Practically in any shop of household appliances will offer you at choice hair dryers worth from 200 to 2500 rubles. What caused similar dispersion of the prices of this device?

of “Torment“ of the choice

As a rule, each hair dryer has two - three steps of power of the fan and as much air heating levels.

On power hair dryers can be divided into 3 groups conditionally:

the Majority of hair dryers of the second and third group are equipped with the “cold air“ or “cold having blown“ function - on their handle there is a Cool or Cold shot button, etc. when pressing which the heating element of the hair dryer is disconnected and the hairdress (ringlet) is fixed by a stream of cold air.

of the Possibility of the hair dryer acquired by you depend on quantity of nozzles which are applied to it. Practically the slot-hole nozzle - the concentrator , creating the concentrated stream of air which can be directed to a certain site of the head is applied to each hair dryer.


the narrowest concentrators (6 - 8 mm), as a rule, equip professional hair dryers.

Setting hair by means of the concentrator, do not use the maximum heating as high concentration of a hot air stream dehydrates your hair, they become dim and fragile, dandruff develops.

the Basic purpose of a nozzle - the diffuser - to give to a hairdress volume and to dry up hair at the roots therefore it surely is required to owners of not too dense heads of hear and a fine hair. The diffuser is useful also to those who want that a curly hair after drying did not turn into “dandelion“, and lay accurate waves.

this nozzle resembles a saucer with the so-called “fingers“ located on a circle of this “saucer“ Superficially.

Diffusers can be “passive“ and “active“. The first it is possible without everyones fear to use even on long hair, with the second long-haired beauties need to be more careful - at careless use there is a risk to doom itself to tiresome disentangling of hair. Mobile “fingers“ of the diffuser at turning on of the hair dryer begin to vibrate, creating effect of massage and imitating the movements of hands of the hairdresser who shakes up hair at the roots for giving of splendor of a hairdress.

Experts of Siemens supplied the hair dryer of the MH82311 model with a so-called variodiffuzor which “fingers“ move forward at rotation of a special castor thanks to what it is possible to make magnificent laying for hair of any length.

Braun hair dryers have a two-sided diffuser (a nozzle of “Soft Tip“): having established it by “fingers“ outside, it is possible to make volume laying, and “fingers“ inside - softly to dry hair.

By the way, experts do not recommend to buy the hair dryer with a mark “professional“ for house use. At such devices of the handle have a special bend in relation to the case, and buttons are located in a different way as these hair dryers are adapted for the hairdressers conjuring with your hairdress. Household hair dryers are calculated that the buyer with own hand holds the device therefore both position of buttons and a bend of the handle differs from “professional“ placement and a bend.

Krom of the above described nozzles the hair dryer can be completed also with others:

the Romenta Lissima PH 570 hair dryer has a nozzle of Lissima by means of which it is possible to straighten even the most stubborn curls. Having washed up hair and having dried them a towel, dry them, using a nozzle - the concentrator then it is possible to start straightening of hair. The hair dryer with a nozzle of Lissima needs to be brought to the roots of hair. Several rows of hairbrushes of a nozzle take and pull hair, sending them to special heated plates between which hair are clamped. Slowly lower a nozzle down all lock. The Ultra system - Liss influences a keratin which is in hair, promoting their effective straightening.

By the way, the lion`s share of hair dryers, on sale in the Russian market, is collected in China since. for major companies, them letting out - Siemens, Moulinex, Krups, Bosch, Rowenta, etc. - devices for care of hair are of secondary importance in scale of all production.


Ergonomics and not only it

Choosing the hair dryer, pay attention to presence at the model of the removable filter chosen by you which is behind the case. Why it is necessary? On it settle dust and hair which are sucked in in the hair dryer by an air stream, as in the vacuum cleaner. If there is no such filter, then dust or hair accumulate on TENE, and it causes an unpleasant smell and can cause breakage of the hair dryer. It is periodically necessary to remove the filter and to clean it from dust.

the Valera Airsana 1800 Hair dryer is equipped with

, according to the statements of the producer, essentially new, which do not have analogs, the filter. Externally similar to the paper filter of minivacuum cleaners, it has a constant electrostatic charge thanks to which attracts and detains dust particles in the fibers. Thus, the air which is coming out the hair dryer becomes almost ideally pure that promotes the improved hygiene and health of hair. On an external lattice of an air inlet there is a mechanical calendar by means of which it is possible to monitor the number of procedures of drying and to precisely establish when the filter needs to be changed.

At the choice of the hair dryer pay attention and to an arrangement of buttons - it is convenient when all of them are located near at hand: for example, one finger it is possible to change the speed of an air stream, and another - to adjust heating temperature.

the Hair dryer should not be too heavy, sometimes we should hold it suspended quite long time - the hand can be tired or “become numb“.

do not forget

that the hair dryer has to be ergonomic - conveniently, “on a hand“ it is made.

the Ring for suspension will allow to store the device in the available place, for example, in a bathroom; the long wire will give you a freedom of movement during drying of hair. Special rubber slips on the case of the hair dryer will not allow it to slide and fall from a smooth surface of a table or the washing machine. Some producers complete the hair dryers with a special support for fixing in working situation on vertical or horizontal surfaces.

“Clever“ hair dryers

In spite of the fact that modern hair dryers a little in what differs from the ancestor of centenary prescription, producers continue them to improve in every possible way.

One of the inventions which found application in modern hair dryers is ionization . The atmosphere surrounding us contains a huge number of ions of positive polarity - charged particles of a soot accumulate on our hair and destroy their structure. Hair dryers with technology of ionization create a stream of the negative ions neutralizing negative impact of positive. Negative ions reduce the level of static electricity, smoothing hair scales and doing hair brilliant and soft. How it occurs? At first negative ions enter interaction with the smallest droplets of water which are in moist hair, then hair absorb the ionized water owing to what the structure of hair improves, they become less fragile and easier comb hair. Besides, the ionic technology strengthens effect of surfactants (useful active agents) which contain in means on care of hair.

In the Hydraprotect Salon 2000 hair dryer from Philips uses by touch technology of drying of hair is an active system of tracking for control of level of humidity of hair. The hair dryer independently distinguishes that hair are dried already rather up. It occurs thanks to the infrared sensor which constantly watches moisture content in hair and as soon as hair begin to dry, it automatically switches to more sparing temperature condition (to 50 °C). It allows to avoid risk of a peresushivaniye of hair. When hair dried, the red bulb is lit.

In Rowenta hair dryers of the Pro Vital series the switch ( the Vital mode ), one click the translating hair dryer in an optimum combination of temperature - 59 degrees - and air supply speeds - 15 m/s guaranteeing favorable impact on hair and fast effective drying is. The same function which main principle of action - is more than air at smaller heating without increase in time which is usually spent for drying of hair is also in hair dryers of other producers (for example, in the HP 4877/00 model from Philips).

the Hair dryer - the instruction for application

the Hair dryer needs to be protected from a direct hit of moisture.

do not reel up on it a network cord after completion of work.

you Watch that in hair dryer operating time its entrance and output lattices were not blocked - it can entail its automatic shutdown. However, in a few minutes, when the heating element will be cooled, you will be able to start drying of hair or their laying again.

Regularly you clean the hair dryer filter, without allowing clogging of an entrance opening dust and hair.

the Correct golovosushka and a volosoukladka

Certainly, daily hair dressing by the hair dryer is not really useful to health of hair, but if to do it by not too hot air, then even daily drying will not be damaged to your head of hear.

If you prefer to

magnificent hairdresses, when drying it is necessary to incline the head down. If your hairdress demands a certain smoothness, it is necessary to dry hair on growth of hair. Before drying and laying hair need to be combed.

Easy hairdresses can be created by means of the diffuser. After hair will dry, but at the same time will keep some humidity, remove the diffuser and set hair the hair dryer.

If you want to create volume laying, use a skin or mousse for laying. Means for laying is applied on roots of moist hair, and then the hairdress keeps within the hair dryer.

Styling gels can be divided into three categories:

Krom of mousses and styling gels liquid laying means which do hair by more rigid exist. They will give to your hairdress volume, will make hair more obedient, and in difference, for example, from gel, they do not do hair fat.

Wax - very strong means for laying, and it is used when “prilizannost“ is necessary for hair.

Hair are set by means of the hair dryer and a round brush which it is possible both to twist and to extend hair.

For modeling of a hairdress and fixing of laying use a varnish. Lucky happen several extents of fixing - superstrong (or extra strong), strong, average and weak. As varnishes give to a hairdress static character, you should not abuse them in daily “sock“.:-)

of Successful purchases, beautiful hairdresses and healthy hair!