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We put an inner clock of

to you long travel is necessary. What needs to be done that change of time zones was not reflected in your health?

is Advised by the doctor of medical sciences, professor of department of physiology, and also the head of the department of medical and biological physics of SGMU in Arkhangelsk Vladimir Petrovich Pashchenko.

Due to the change of the time zone the daily rhythm of our organism “changes“. At many it is shown by a sleep disorder, zheludochno - intestinal disorders, fatigue, decrease in memory, exacerbations of chronic diseases.


It is noticed that the more the crossed time zones, the more difficult. And the trip in east direction is transferred heavier, than in western. Nevertheless and it is possible to help with that and other case to itself.


At least one week prior to travel begin to change for preparation according to the new time zone time of meal, withdrawal to a dream and awakenings. It is the best of all “to put“ the inner clock daily for 15 - 30 minutes. If the trip on the East is necessary, get up and you lay down before usual. If on the West, then on the contrary - it is possible to do it later.


When plans important business trip, it is quite good to have in a stock of 1 - 2 day to a business meeting. During this time you will get used to new conditions and will be in the best form.

Should think also of transport. The long trip by car or train is more tiresome, than by plane. Interesting fact: the closed space in the train causes in passengers of feeling, similar to what is felt by astronauts onboard the ship.


of the Photo to the road with yourself in the road habitual things - the book, the photo of darling, the laptop. Native persons, habitual computer games, familiar movies will help to feel comfortably in a new situation.

Surely stock up with

with necessary medicines. Take with yourself medicine which you periodically take. Do not forget about means of first aid, the warm and calming preparations and polyvitamins.

the Last are especially recommended to

on distant travel when the use of vitamins C is limited to food. Put in the road first-aid kit also but - to a shp, maaloks and regidron - in case you will not be able to get used to new conditions of food at once.

Other time

On the plane throw a switch of the hours for the period of that country where you fly. Thereby you will psychologically prepare yourself for change of the time zone. During flight, especially long, you will glance steadily for hours.

On a trip avoid the use of kofeinsoderzhashchy drinks. If your plane plans to land in the evening or at night. Otherwise you risk to spend sleepless night in the hotel.

Needles for a dream

it is usually hard for p to Fall asleep on the new place. Fortunately, there is a lot of original and as scientists consider, effective ways to adjust a dream.

to feel at home, for a start unpack the things. Before going to bed take the weakening warm shower. You should not watch release of evening news for the night. For a quiet healthy sleep it is much better to read some boring book.

Can resort to inhalation of smells which promote relaxation and falling asleep. For example, began to smell valeryana, roses, needles. Perhaps, the positive reflex connected with withdrawal to a dream was developed at you on some spirits, toilet water, creams. All this will help to remove overfatigue and irritability.

Fruit or milk

At long trips always needs to adhere to habitual food. Especially it concerns those who have diseases of a stomach, intestines, endocrine violations.

should not use excessively fruit and vegetables if houses you preferred to vegetable food dairy. Remember that not all exotic fruit equally are easily acquired by an organism.