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Laughter for the sake of. And advantage for

Speaking about trainings and seminars, we, as a rule, mean popular trainings of sales, oratory or a manipulation. And very few people think that figured cutting of vegetables, features of communication with the tax inspector or standards of cleaning of hotel rooms can become a subject of the short-term program. By the way, not only the professionals but also who are “just interested“ and also those who do not know can attend similar classes, than to take free evening.

the Theatre begins

with a hanger?

people come To creative professions, as a rule, on a need of the heart. And it is good if it “orders“ in 20 - 25 years. And if later? In the majority of creative higher education institutions there is an age qualification. And what to do if you do not fall under it any more? Newly appeared actors and singers were lucky - there is a set of amateur theaters and studios where you will be taught elements of acting and vocal art. To find them, it is enough “to hammer“ the necessary inquiry into one of search engines.

For future make-up artists the seminar “A make-up, postizherny products and headdresses in theater“ on which discuss not only the theory of scenography and the place of a suit and a make-up in it is, but also carry out the master - classes on features of a make-up and hairdresses in the opera and the ballet, in a drama performance, cinema, on a platform. However, can ask to take with themselves hairbrushes, brushes, sponges, peignoirs, soap. And it is necessary to lay out for such pleasure about 13 thousand rubles.

to Artists on a suit offer

occupation “A suit in performance scenography“. Take place in the St. Petersburg TsNTI “Progress“ the master - classes of the technical director of Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theater, experts of Russian Museum of Ethnography, the Artillery museum, teachers of Sankt - the St. Petersburg state academy of theater (16 thousand rubles in five days).


by That who knows about segmentation of the theatrical market and market of the potential audience, advertizing strategy, image policy, sponsors, promotion, slogans firsthand intended a seminar “The organization of effective work with the viewer in practice of modern theater“ (about 15 thousand rubles).

Repulse to enemies

In your office employees of tax and fire inspection appeared suddenly with check? To be prepared and learn morally about how to behave in a similar situation, it is possible on training “Sudden check at you at office. Tactics of behavior“ (about 11 thousand rubles). Here you will be told about procedure of carrying out checks, their types, and the most important - you learn who, whom and on what bases can check.

Welcome, or mine - to - holes

In the next years in Moscow is planned to open tens of hotels, and new restaurants and cafe appear every day. All of them need good competent experts, and not only managers and managing directors, but also linear employees, for example, maids. At a six-day seminar “the Maid. Successful work as the maid - the key to success of the enterprise“ you will be taught not only to standards of cleaning of rooms, rules of etiquette of employees of hotel economy (psychology of service of service, service the VIP), but also will tell about features of service of foreign guests (traditions and religion), and also in practice shown as as. It will cost almost 20 thousand rubles. Much cheaper (1350 - 5990 rubles) 12 - an hour course of training of maids and housemaids of the Moscow Academy of professional management. However, it is worth remembering: here train personnel for work in a family and learn modern methods of cleaning (including general) apartments and houses, to “preservation of ecological purity in the space surrounding us“, care of pets and flowers, operation of modern household appliances.

Check your money...

the Problem of counterfeit money and documents exists from time immemorial. And though methods of protection are constantly improved, counterfeiters do not sit in place too. Seminar “Determination of authenticity of documents and securities: forms and ways of fakes and methods of their recognition in operating conditions of credit institution“ it will be useful not only to professionals. In the program - demonstration of restoration of the press on a print, production of a cliche of the seals on photopolymeric technology, fakes of prints by means of a set of the self-type-setting seals, practical class in comparison of prints of the original seals with the received duplicates, protective requisites of documents, ways of a forgery of the signature and signs on which fakes come to light. Training cost - $379.

the House manager - the friend of the person!

After residents acquired the right to operate independently the house, there were many disputes on expediency and viability of such decision.

On courses on management of apartment houses and training of managing directors of the State academy of construction and zhilishchno - a municipal complex of Russia can get a practical advice, to understand financial streams in housing and communal services, to learn about ways of successful collecting debts etc.

there is also a separate course “Association of Homeowners“ which will help to understand legal subtleties of a question.

the Separate problem - garbage near the house. The course “The Organization of the Address with Waste in Subjects of the Russian Federation“ is devoted to legal bases of this process, the monitoring system, accounting policies in the field, to the state inventory of waste.

And if you decided to be engaged in cleaning of Earth seriously, it is worth visiting an educational seminar “Topical issues of professional activity on the address with waste“. Here you will be told about activity licensing, production environmental control, certification, dangerous properties and neutralization of waste, about what of them belong to ecotoxic what - to explosive (about 13 thousand rubles in six days).

Is to live

All of us like to eat well

. Whether but many know how to cook something more difficult fried eggs? If restaurants bothered, “The book about tasty and healthy food“ causes yawning, and lessons of making sushi seem yesterday, go on the master - the class “Chef Beer Cuisine“ where dishes for beer restaurants will teach to train you, will tell how to choose ingredients and to select sauces (about 2 thousand rubles). One more curious training - “Figured cutting of vegetables“ - is intended for persons interested to learn to do scenery of gifts of the nature.

Go to a bath!

For those who want “to lodge“ in a kingdom of gangs and birch brooms, and also for those who decided to arrange “big washing“, - a seminar “Baths and laundries. Organizational, economic and legal issues“. In five days and a little more than 15 thousand rubles you will be told about prospects of development of modern bath-and-laundry economy, requirements of bodies of Gossanepidnadzor, business activity and ways of improvement of a financial condition of Bann - the laundry enterprises, advertizing efficiency, pricing, legal aspects and many other.