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Study in the kindergadena of

We live in Massachusetts in a gorodochka near Boston.


of my daughter executed 5 years in May. We wrote down it in kindergaden at once. In the fall she already started walking there.

In the first day there arrived all parents with children. Children were more or less elegantly dressed. Some mothers and fathers filmed children with the camera and took pictures.

All already knew

to what teacher their child will go. The package of papers came from school in a week, and there took place PTA meeting.

of the Teacher was collected the kids in groups. Parents were asked not to enter into school together with children. I very much worried about the daughter as she will go to school, almost without understanding and without speaking in English at all. But the teacher long and politely explained that everything will be good. And that parents should not be with children since other children will want to see mother too nearby. It turned out that I in vain worried. Everything passed perfectly, and Tanya long told how there took place her the first day.

a lot of things studied Tan`s

for these half a year in the kindergadena. Learned the English alphabet, wrote printing letters. At once learned to write the name. And every day Tanya brings pieces of paper with the performed tasks where in a corner her name flaunts.

of the Task were such: animals and objects are represented, the teacher says names, and children find the set letter and lead round. Tanya carried out all this. It is unknown how she understood all this, but she did tasks correctly. Gradually also its lexicon grew.

were Taught by colors, considered to 10 and back. Already began to consider to 100 tens forward and back. Every day Tanya brings pieces of paper from the teacher where the plan and lesson schedule, and also the next actions and homeworks

is written to

This time Tanya brought the announcement that will ask how to consider to 100 tens. We did not know that Tanya already passed it in school and began to worry that should be learned rather. Tanya quietly counted to us smoothly.

it Turned out p that she at school remembered everything. Now she without effort can consider also and in Russian.

Before Christmas children studied names of the American coins. The teacher made of medal paper in the form of these coins, and everyone received these medals on a string. Homework was: to learn names and to be able to find these coins. By the end of the year children will know how many one coins contains in others and what is money.

children do to

For different holidays applications and hand-made articles on a subject and bring them home. For Thanksgiving Day did a beads of the vermicelli painted in different colors. On a paper plate application in the form of a turkey was pasted. Before Christmas of mother baked gingerbread little men, and children smeared them with cream and decorated with a color dragee.

children in a class on a rug on a floor Sit. Very seldom sit down at school desks. Sit, having crossed legs, say that the bearing so does not spoil. The teacher sits on a chair before children and quietly talks to them on different subjects. Also learns as it is necessary to answer - having raised a hand. The teacher always encourages all. If behaved well or well worked, then you receive beautiful stickers and a piece of paper with congratulations. And in a weekend the class chooses from the best one person. He wins the first prize: a gold star and an opportunity to resemble in the real cowboy`s boots!

Every week the magic box with a secret travels around a class. The child takes this box home, and puts some subject there. And then asks to a class a riddle, and the class tries to guess that it lies there.

the table where children note color cards the behavior hangs On a locker. If you received all week the green card designating good behavior, then in a weekend win a prize.


very much likes to go in kindergaden and does not love days off, and always counts up days to school. In the first days Tanya was carried by the father by car. Occupations began from 8 in the morning. And there came Tanya home in 10 - 40. Then Tanya accustomed and began to go by the school bus.

the Bus stops almost near the house. It comes in the morning and then brings together children from different areas. The bus is free. After Tan`s school goes by bus. The teacher has a list for a week who will take away children and who will go by bus. I meet the school bus near the house. Very conveniently.

In the bus of adults is not started up, and children go one. The driver lets out children only to parents. Too just like that you will not go to school. For parents arrange PTA meetings. Also send a piece of paper with the notice on day of meeting. At the beginning of academic year elected parental committee and school committee. The teacher and the director told what will be necessary the help from parents.