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Work after a maternity leave of

the Family at us big: we with the husband, two children - pellets and a cat. When I stayed at home in a child care leave (more precisely, for children), it was difficult to live everything for one salary. The husband worked at two works, “bungled“ much and very strongly was tired. Therefore I had exit only one: to return to work as soon as the younger daughter is three years old. To come to work before this term seemed to me blasphemy: my continuous presence of the house was vital to children.

to Look for new work there was no sense as I came back to the old place. In spite of the fact that all grandmothers - grandfathers live near us, to sit with two kids while I earn a living, to them was problematic. But, eventually, it is my children, and grandmothers are not obliged to nurse them in my absence at all. To employ the us nurse it was unattainable luxury. And therefore by itself it turned out that it was necessary to send children to kindergarten.

As I chose by

a day nursery - the garden is a separate subject and I wrote already about it. I will tell only that I began children to drive there in advance that they managed to get used and adapt in a garden before I come to work. And I was “on secure at this time“. Besides I needed time to be prepared for appearance at work: though to update a little the clothes, to be chosen, at last, in a hairdressing salon. And at the same time to refresh the knowledge: in total - spent 4 and a half years of the house, managed to forget everything.

Children got used to a garden quickly. However, it was necessary to write down them in one group. The matter is that the younger daughter (The twin, by the way, on a horoscope) to elder sister treated as the twin and transferred any separation extremely painfully. In all the rest problems special were not. First, however, children were ill much (fie - fie - fie, in most cases it were usual colds, and we got off light), and the sick-list was necessary to take me often. The chief at work treated my sick-lists quietly. And in half a year children ceased to be ill and returned to the usual norm: 1 - 2 colds in a year.

Due to the garden one difficulty appeared. My working day came to an end in 18 - 00, and in a garden it was accepted to take away children to 18 - 00 too. If I or at the husband had an opportunity to leave work a bit earlier, then we and did, but it did not solve a problem. Got out in two ways: or asked grandmothers to take away granddaughters from a garden and to sit / walk with them until I return from work. Or, if grandmothers could / wanted, then agreed with tutors in a private order and paid extra to them for processing (as a result cost even cheaper, than to employ the nurse from outside).

to fill a lack of communication with me at children, the small quantity the greatest possible quality was necessary to compensate

. For example, evenings after work and after a joint dinner I took care only of children, up to laying to sleep. And all Sundays at us were devoted only to family communication. If there was good weather, we for the whole day went to walk to park or on a playground. At bad weather went to children`s theater or played houses. Generally, included all the imagination. By the way, the opinion of children was considered too.

the Last, and, probably, the most serious difficulty which I met is when and how to manage to conduct economy. I remade current affairs in the evenings when children already slept (well still that the husband late came home from work and I had time before its arrival to be engaged in economy or is elementary to be washed!) . And I redid larger affairs on Saturdays when the husband was at home.

For example, since morning I go with children for a walk, and it vacuums the apartment and is overstocked with goods by products for a week. So far children sleep in the afternoon, and the husband potters with the pieces of iron, I cook food for a week (more precisely, preparations - semi-finished products - that later it is less time to spend works for preparation of a dinner). And after an afternoon snack the husband walks with children and/or reads them the book, and I iron and I complete other affairs. Or, for example, the husband with children for the whole day goes to visit the grandmother with the grandfather (it is heavy to grandfather to go, it was simpler to us to arrive to it, and at the same time to it to bring products). I at the same time for the whole day was in time everything that needs to be made on economy.


Of course, me it was very lucky with the husband. At it, as they say, both the head and hands on the place. That is, when it was at home, actively helped me literally with everything: both on economy, and with children. We even joked that it can do everything, only cannot nurse children. Without it I precisely would not cope with anything!!! Though I to myself all - tore a back while in the decree sat - then it was necessary to be treated specially. Though it is already separate subject as well as why our younger such uneasy child appeared...

in conclusion I want to tell

that now it became much simpler to conduct economy, than earlier. When my senior daughter was born - and there was it nearly 15 years ago - pampers were not yet, the advanced electrical equipment, like the automatic washing machines washing vacuum cleaners, the microwave oven - furnaces or dishwashers, or was not in general, or they were remote. And elementary products in shops were not too (you remember grocery cards? And I remember...). Somehow we got out at the same time. Were tired, did not get enough sleep, but got out. Or, maybe, it is also life?