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History of “Caesar“

It entered our life somehow imperceptibly, on the quiet, sidewise. Still quite recently all were sure that the best of the best salads on broad lands of Russia - house “Russian salad“. Now, perhaps, only the Chinese restaurants do not serve the salad called in honor of mysterious Caesar.

Hundreds of appearances

Having become

popular, it is once mysterious - the inaccessible symbol of beautiful foreign life repeated destiny of “Russian salad“ and can quite be compared to it in number of variations. Funny, but almost each of them carries a proud rank “classical salad“. The vast majority of fans of “Caesar“ are sure that at the order the waiter will bring them a dish from lettuce leaves, chicken, toasts, cheese and a mayonnaise type of gas station. Experts insist on obligatory existence of anchovies. However the imagination of cooks stepped over borders of these representations long ago. Under the name of “Caesar“ in capital institutions it is possible to receive something which part are bacon, ham, a turkey, language, shrimps, herring and even claws of the Kamchatka crab. All this can be accompanied: sheep cheese or sheep cheese, walnut or pine nuts, boiled hard-boiled chicken and quail eggs, tomatoes, sweet pepper, corn, champignons, raisin, pineapples etc. In the choice of salad there is no unity too - offer Chinese and an iceberg, radichcho and lolo - rosso and even mysterious “lettuce leaves Caesar“.

the Most radical version of Caesar does not contain any salad greens at all, the most budgetary is made of a can sprat or a sprat, and the most new Russian consists of tiger shrimps, squids, mussels, a bavaru from crabs and avocado and moves with red caviar and greens sauce. Fill it with sour cream, the vinaigrette sauce, mayonnaise, the aioli sauce, cream, soy sauce and different other mysterious sauces: French, “cocktail“, “Caesar“. Also ideas of an origin of Caesar salad are various.


It is clear that many, having become puzzled of emergence on a table of such luxury, are sure that Caesar of it was called Yuli. Actually dish history to the Roman Empire has no relation.

Given rise by an impromptu

After World War I Italian Caesar Kardini emigrated to America. In 20 - x years of the last century it contained small hotel and restaurant which name is possible in the Mexican town of Tijuana is free to translate into Russian as “At Caesar“. Kardini lived on other side of border - in San - Diego, but the Prohibition forced to have business outside the USA. Somehow time on the Independence Day of the USA its institution was overflowed by the Hollywood cinema-men who were going to celebrate a holiday plentiful binge, and Caesar faced a problem. There was enough binge, but here with food there was a total failure: all stocks came to an end, and the next shops were closed. Kardini needed only to be thought up that it is possible to make of not numerous ingredients which remained in the storeroom: salad, olive oil, bread, eggs, cheese, lemons and vorchestersky sauce. And here Kardini remembered how his mother - the Italian learned: the egg lowered in boiled water exactly for 60 seconds gets a special consistence and as good gas station, covers greens. Kardini rubbed a salad bowl with garlic, put in it lettuce leaves, broke the eggs which are taken out from boiled water there added the grated cheese, lemon juice, seasonings and croutons made on olive oil and garlic.

Subsequently as a part of salad other ingredients, among them and anchovies in gas station appeared. Them as the legend says, Alex Kardini, the former Italian military pilot who joined business of the brother added to the recipe. He called this variation “The pilot`s salad“ in honor of the pilots serving in San - Diego. Salad gained popularity and over time was renamed into “Caesar“. Kardini was against presence of anchovies, considering that vorchestersky sauce gives enough piquancy.

Anyway, for several years salad became a dish for the sake of which specially came to Tijuana. Among frequenters there were both Hollywood stars of that time, and even the wife of prince Edvarad VIII Uelsky (the former English king) by whose efforts salad debuted also in Europe.

Popularity of salad illustrates the amusing fact. When in 1948 Caesar decided to adjust broad sale of the company gas station, it turned out that he cannot register the name “Caesar salad - by this moment it already became public property. Kardini was necessary to be limited to the Original Caesar brand.

the Worthy company

What is necessary to make good Caesar salad?

the Recipe is simple

, but its secret - in perfect components. to us it is required by

For 2 - 3 portions to p:

  1. About 400 g of romaine salad (ideally - only the internal extended leaves of two kochanchik, them 20 - 25 pieces have to turn out). Lettuce leaves should be washed accurately, to dry carefully a paper towel and to put in the refrigerator until giving. The colder and is fresher leaves, the they crackling, and the less water on them will remain, the gas station will be better to cover them.
  2. Cup of croutons. For their preparation it is necessary to cut the dried-up white loaf without crust, the baguette, cubes with the party about 1 cm is the best of all and to dry to an easy zarumyanivaniye in the oven warmed to 180 degrees approximately within 10 minutes. Few times croutons will need to be turned on a baking sheet.
  3. One cleared large garlic glove.
  4. About 50 ml of the best olive oil of the first cold extraction (extra virgin) what you will be able to buy. You do not stint - bad oil will spoil everything.
  5. 1 large crude egg which should be pinned from a blunt end and to lower
  6. for 1 minute in a saucepan with hardly boiling water. You watch closely that water did not boil.
  7. Juice of 1 lemon.
  8. Vorchestersky sauce (vorchestershirskiya, it is Worcester). In our corner of the world it is possible to buy either Heinz, or Worcester of production “Li and Perrins“.
  9. Two tablespoons of polished real parmesan, it parmidzhano ridzhano. The budgetary replacement by soft and pale Baltic parmesan is inadmissible. Ideally cheese has to be grated just before preparation of salad.
  10. Salt and freshly ground black pepper.

What to do:

At first we will make by

garlick croutons. We press garlic, small we chop it with a knife, and then, having added a little salt, we pound in mashed potatoes. We add a tablespoon of oil and it is carefully mixed. We put in a frying pan, we add still a tablespoon of oil and on weak fire we warm up mix. We add croutons and, mixing, we hold on fire minute - another. If you not too love garlic, let`s garlick oil stand a little and filter it before pouring out on a frying pan. Now we pass to seasoning of salad, but we do it just before giving (the legend says that Kardini filled the salad already on a table, directly before guests).


It is spread in a salad bowl greens if you want, the bowl can previously be rubbed with a garlic glove. We sprinkle oil - couple of tablespoons and accurately from below up we mix leaves. Generously we season with salt and pepper, once again we mix, we add lemon juice and several drops of Worcester, again we mix and we try on salt, pepper, a lemon. We break from above into leaves egg, we mix that it covered salad, we strew with cheese, again we mix, we add croutons, we mix last time and we give. It is possible to spread out salad to individual plates at once and to decorate it with croutons. That`s all - any mayonnaise, chicken meat and other. It is possible what juice of the whole lemon can appear a bit too much so begin with a half - it is always possible to add.

A now when you are rather grounded theoretically, you can be engaged in improvisations and adjustment of “Caesar“ under the taste. Let`s tell, to replace expensive parmesan with more available boiled sausage, or to add pickles lovely to heart and to dress all this with habitual mayonnaise. Only, for God`s sake, do not call it “Caesar“.