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Our childbirth in June, 2005 of

on June 16, evening. Reasonings on the subject “date of birth of the child“. Long discussed number and precisely solved - it is not pleasant to 17 us. After 20 - go any number is pleasant, and to - in any way. On that also fell asleep.

on June 17, 2 o`clock in the morning. I woke up because that I want, sorry, in a toilet. Also I see that something not that dripped from me, something other color. Well, I think, the main thing not to panic, it can be also the wrong phenomenon. Decided to go to have a sleep still if that, process will wake me.

4 o`clock in the morning. I woke up from the fact that I want in a toilet again, and I see that this business progressed, and process wants to begin already. I decide to awake the husband: “Darling to us should go, apparently, something begins!“ It jumped, and we began to gather and put on. I go on the apartment and I think what else should be taken with itself, it seems, collected everything, suddenly still that forgot, I go and I look at all things in the house.

the Husband began to tell

that I was not nervous and did not worry, it will bring everything. Here on me something found: “Do not talk to me!“ I go and roar. Only I will calm down, he will tell something again, I pay again. I do not know why, but I pay. I do not want to leave the house, it is better than the house, but the head nevertheless on the place, and I gather further. The husband wanted to photograph me in a corridor with bags, I turned away and started howling even more. Already I think, here the cool photo would be, several hours prior to childbirth, eh, bad!

we Got into the machine and went to Dolgoprudny, to maternity hospital. (There we went in advance to look how all this looks. Hardly - hardly found then this maternity hospital, visited all city, and it near by was. There is a territory: hospital, maternity hospital, I apologize, a morgue etc., well, the whole complex. Let us on this territory, and around silence. The girlfriend and the husband go ahead, and I with a paunch behind, and so there was a wish to be developed and tick from there... By miracle I was caught at this moment. Approached maternity hospital, all doors are closed, silence death as if not maternity hospital, but hospital for mad. Knocked, knocked, reached. Talked to the chief physician - confidence increased, but I sat as a mouse, at the corner of a couch as if I am not there. Wanted to ask much, as a result everything was asked by the husband and the girlfriend.)

Well and so, about childbirth. The road in 4. The 30th morning empty, cars it is not enough, roll - I do not want, and I home want. We arrived to maternity hospital in 5. 20. Hardly reached, but reached. I felt sorry for nurses, the 5th morning nevertheless. Called the aunt of the doctor, she looked at me and told that “the head still dangles“. What told? How to understand what dangles? Well, the child still swims, and its process did not begin yet.

Me was accepted as native: “Peredevaysya in ours, things street to the husband, a bag also went to hands!“ Having said goodbye to the husband (“a kiss - a kiss“) I splashed on the 2nd floor, in patrimonial office. There left bags in a corridor, I was led to the room where there were 3 beds, and one was already busy, Lena arrived for an hour before me. I felt still well, we stirred with all the heart who that where and as. At us from Lenkaya on the little girl. Stirred, stirred, the doctor did not come yet and did not make by it a dropper of glucose and stimulation - promedol and oxytocin. And just looked at me. The difference was that at Lenka waters at 3 o`clock in the morning already departed, and I - do not have that.

Here of course talk ended with

, real fights at Lenka went, and I considered the “small“ fights which reduced an interval among themselves: 30, 30, 30, 20, 20, 15, 15, 10, 10, 5, 5, 5 - I fall asleep... I wake up - 10, 10, 15, 10, 5, 5. The doctor, and time - that comes 13 hours. Having looked at me, he came to a conclusion:“ The bubble overstrained, and process began, but it does not break and so will be long, it is necessary to pierce it“. 13. 30 - pierced a bubble, stuck a glucose dropper, in popen promedol, and here then I understood what is fights, those were just a hogwash.

Lenka began to shout already in 13. 00 when to me pierced a bubble, and its process “went“, as they say. Well, in 14. 50 it took away on a chair, I forgot about fights and with a sinking heart expected crying a baby, even without having heard as she makes an effort. Here it, long-awaited shout, even enviably, at it everything came to an end, and I here still when also we...

Gave one more - Svetka, at it in 14. 00 waters departed.“ What is is at all waters depart, and to me pierced“, - I thought. And in general, there is already so much time, and I still here. Long, painfully, forces where to take. Here, I thought, well went to pregnancy time, went bananas, nothing with you was, here and pay for all this now.

the manager Came and told that my sounds will take away from me forces, it is necessary to breathe - a nose inhale, a mouth slowly exhale. And if there is opportunity, to have a sleep between fights. What to have a sleep there.... Yes I slept, but before punctured a bubble, and the most interesting, I did not open eyes any more, all disturbed me, people, light, beds, all. I heard all, spoke, but did not open eyes, only when doctors came.

B 18. 00 change of one doctor - Alexander Nikolaevich Sheldyaev, and his wife, the manager Tatyana Mikhaylovna Sheldyaeva comes to an end. Also the doctor who delivered as a result at me - Afanasy Afanasiyevich comes, I long could not remember his name, in the head turned - Aphrodites of Afroditych. The cool man, whether you know. Having looked, with how many I suffer, accepted me as native.

Coming every time, spoke: “Lenusik, I came to watch you, do not sleep, turn on a back“. I have a fight, I cannot turn, to open eyes too, I raise a finger: “Wait, fight will take place, I will turn, will look“. “Lenusik, it is necessary to me during fight, give, give, I have to see process“. Process of opening went very long. It was remembered that opening in 6. 5 cm lasted hour two. “Yes eshkin a cat, at all quickly, and I all on 6. 5 how to be how many it is possible“.

to the Neigbour Svetka stuck promedol and a dropper, then anesthesia. I envied it. The midwife Kraynova Sasha, became more native than mother.“ Sasha, stick to me anesthesia, I cannot any more,“ - I began to ask in 19. 00. “Already it is impossible, the child can fall asleep“. “Then accelerate process by stimulation.“ “It is already impossible!“. “Why it is possible for Svetka, and to me is not present? Then cut me, I cannot any more. When it comes to an end? Long to me still?“ “Process at all is individual, at you everything is normal, just the child not so implanted the head, here to it to turn, and everything will be accelerated, understand, he brakes himself. And forget to cut, bad, perhaps, everything will turn out, breathe.“ What horror that there could be inserted not so, the head goes - and it is good how not so - could not understand. Afanasy Afanasiyevich came and, having looked at me, assumed that he, perhaps, still can stir obvity umbilical cords. But on one ultrasonography ever nobody told it to me. Perhaps, the doctor told, it occurred recently.

A in the head only one turned - till 9 in the evening I suffer and I cannot any more why this figure did not go out of the mind - I do not know. But it turned at me long and persistently, and I waited when there is 21. 00. Here 19. 30 - still slightly. Fights continued, already through how many, I do not know, I had just a rest between them, to consider and look at the watch of forces was not any more. Fight - I breathe. Inhaled so that then found in herself on a throat two small “callosities“, to swallow even it was sick. In a mouth everything dried up from where in my hand there was a handkerchief - I do not remember, probably, did not let out it from the moment of an exit from the house. Periodically I asked Sasha to wet to me a scarf water. It rescued, it was simple to wipe a mouth a wet scarf pleasure, and as there was a wish to exhaust from it all remained moisture, not to describe, but during fight I so squeezed it in a hand that it quickly became dry.

Approximately at this time the husband kept ringing to

each 30 minutes. As yes what. Once the call was taken by the doctor. “And you Lenochka`s husband as to call you - Vitaly, and me Afanasy Afanasiyevich (the husband nearly laughed in a tube, thought, it is a trick). Yes, it at you the good fellow, keeps, everything will be good, call in 21. 30 approximately... yes, of course, we will meet you, but later, now I your Lenochka. You call, do not worry.“

Already 20. 00 - remained not for long, I thought, and in 20. 30, approximately, I wanted to make an effort. Having heard my moaning at the end of fight, Sasha came running and told that early still to make an effort - prodykhivay, prodykhivay, and that will tear to yourself everything there inside. But I could not constrain myself, as if I wanted it. I breathed, breathed very much, but so there were a wish to make an effort that I could not stop myself at this moment. But I already understood that the end is close to tortures, time attempts went. After several attempts, I called the midwife Sasha:“ Perhaps already everything revealed, look“.

Time nearly nine. Sasha, having looked at me, called Afanasy Afanasiyevich and led me in an office opposite, there was a chair and a lot of different equipment. Scrambling on a chair, I thought what would be quite good if the bed itself was transformed to this chair and it is not necessary to go anywhere. And it is such strange, this chair, legs should be rested, handles stick out, as on the plane as they were not torn off yet. Having climbed up a chair, I, as before, closed eyes. I began to be bothered that I responded, and I responded, but did not open an eye till the end.

For fight should make an effort 3 times, to gather to air, to close a mouth and went... I had only 2 times. As Sasha about the third calling asked, fight came to an end, and forces, probably, too. Afanasy Afanasiyevich podbrodryal me. I was wet as a mouse. He departed and told:“ Now there will be holy water“. Where it took water, I do not know, probably, from the crane. Poured to me over the person, and it became so good, it is direct forces increased.

during attempts I growled, so it took and closed to me a nose. Many give birth on the 3rd fight, I gave rise, likely, on 6 - 7. When the child left, SO FELT BETTER, there are no words, not to describe it. Then the doctor began to press on a stomach, probably, that there was everything that remained and so painfully pressed from where forces undertook, but I seized him a hand and tore off from myself as could, here we fought with it. Then to me put the daughter on a breast, it was wrapped already up in a diaper, but slid in it as soap. The nurse having put me the child, told: “Hold“. Having looked at it, I answered:“ You hold too“. Forces was not, and I was not sure that I will hold it.

the Daughter was volosatenky, hair were such long, centimeter three, and dark, I did not even expect. I knew that it at the birth will have hair, on ultrasonography the doctor spoke, but that there is so much... Then it was put to a breast which she did not want to take, and carried away on procedures. Of course, she shouted, but did not shout any more. It was put under a bulb, and she lay and stared at all silently. “And you saw, you have a daughter,“ - the doctor told, the nurse lifted the child from a table up and turned facing me. I knew that the daughter, the umbilical cord which only was hanging down closed everything, and I did not see “it“, I just knew.


us together: doctor and I. He told that it cut me and will sew up now. “When you managed to make it?“ “Was in time!“ So far it sewed up, we stirred. About everything. “Where you work?“ - “In nasty firm!“ - “In security?“ - “In nasty.“ - “And what it is such nasty?“ - “And they wanted to dismiss me, I struggled with them, won the maternity leave, money and so on.“ - “Yes, you are a good fellow, you in general stubborn, penetrative as I already understood. Told lies to your husband, deceived him for 20 minutes, told in 21. 30 to call, and you see, it turned out earlier, you its itself will please now, I will only sew up.“ - “Yes, the husband spoke if that, tell the doctor that he sewed up, as for“. We laughed with it it is necessary to all. He told that he in general here does not work, earns additionally, bungles on Fridays. I laughed:“ Never the world profession in spite of the fact that it is hack-work on Fridays saw such hack-work, and at all at you“.


After I “was shifted“ to a wheelchair (for the first time went by such transport, felt a corpse for some reason). I was left in a corridor, brought and left by a row the daughter. She lay and looked at me, and I at her. Sasha gave me my phone. Having taken the husband, I told him that we were born, we weigh 3080 g, height of 50 cm, and she is the copy of the father. The husband told that he shakes hands what I answered:“ And I have legs“. He asked everything how we that we. Yes everything is already good, I was simply tired.

So far I was in a corridor, Svetka was taken away on a chair, I lay and waited for crying of the kid. Here and shout, exactly in an hour after us. The doctor left and told that for us there is a groom. I was brought to chamber where I was already waited by Lenka. To them already even the pampers were fastened, and we only arrived. Brought also Svetka later. We stirred all night long. At little girls of the child shouted, and washing slept sluggishly and immoderately all night long. I looked all the time at it what all shout, and washing is not present, even bothered it to be convinced that it is a zhivekhonka. All were fed, written, and washing slept sluggishly and immoderately.

in the Morning the nurse came and showed how to swaddle children. It seems simply, but when it left, it appeared, hardly it is not so simple to twirl a diaper. Twisted, twirled, it turned out eventually. During the lunchtime we from Lenkaya were transferred to paid chamber (1000 r in day): TV, phone, refrigerator + visit of the husband, mother-in-law, or mother-in-law. In 17. 00 to me there arrived the husband. Having seen the daughter who the copy of the father, said so quietly and sladenko: “Mine“.

So we also lived: ate, crapped, wrote and practically did not cry. The folder came every day, brought yogurts, bananas and apples. Filmed the daughter with the camera, photographed for memory. For the 4th day to us it is malicious tore off an umbilical cord (not a sight for the faint of heart). Did vaccination.

Only, there was a strong wish to sleep. There was a moment when the neigbour in chamber awoke me at night: “Flax, yours shouts“, and heard in reply from me:“ Without washing it, leave alone“. There all shout and sometimes just do not react, especially at night.

the Child ate

often and Pomala. Also incorrectly took a breast, and mother suffered, even cried. Milk went with blood, it was bad to both. The pediatrician - the kindest aunt, gave me a slip and taught to feed the child from a spoon with the mother`s decanted milk - perfectly eats as big. I understood one when problems begin, any, even insignificant - mother becomes hysterical, is nervous, does not know that to do - the depression begins. The main thing not to give in to panic, and it will not be. To think of one:“ Everything will turn out“. As a result at an extract on June 23 (for the 6th day) we already correctly ate, and at mother everything passed (tell it very quickly, it was lucky).

During the lunchtime on June 23 for us there arrived the father Thani, Thani`s woman, the grandfather Thani, the uncle Thani and the cousin Thani. A big caravan we went home. We were filmed with the camera. Houses us were met by Muska who attentively considered all, sniffed and, nashipev, offended escaped under a table. I did not see a cat week, and it seemed to me, this is the whole monster - such thick bun. And the house was others, all went and watched where that it lies, all in a different way. In total in a new way.

our everyday life also began

C of it. The husband took vacation for two weeks, we got used to the daughter, she to us. To rise also hard at night, as well as in maternity hospital, so there is a wish to fall asleep and oversleep in the evening till the morning - without waking up, eh... Gradually we adjusted all the actions, adapted the friend to the friend, and it became easier. Bathing of the child for us simply flour. As ill luck would have it, disconnected water. There is no hot water, in a bathroom is cold, the flowing heater, of course, heats to 37 degrees, but is all the same cold. Shouted as cut. Only when gave water, and to us 3 weeks, bathed silently. Mother with the father exhaled, well really... Rejoiced more, than the baby.

Here the papashka comes to work, and I began the present everyday life, one with the child. And you know, nothing... However, the first dinner for the husband burned slightly, and everything was so normal. And in general, daughter our angel!