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The hope dies... though last

My name is Ekaterina. I am 20 years old. I write it not for the sake of myself, and for the sake of the younger sister. She is 13 years old.

In our family nothing superspecial occurred. It in many families occurs. About a year ago the father left us to other woman. Mother, naturally, was in panic: cried, suffered, waited for long time that it will return, and it was ready to accept it back. I will not write how it was heavy, I think, it also is so clear. All who pass through similar, know how, sometimes, it is difficult to master, not to give in with itself to a temptation to leave life which beats you with a butt the head.

it was not so painful to me with

how to the sister. I got used that the father periodically refused me (well that only in words, but it is all the same unpleasant to hear to the child it from own father whom you consider by an ideal, and you watch how he tramples down your love and throws at itself mud on your eyes).

For the sister it. Long time she did not want to see it, then over time began to meet it in the neutral territory. Few times visited it. And after each meeting it was closed in the room, cried and consoled itself. As the sister at me very proud, she seldom shares the experiences. But by it it is very noticeable that something oppresses it.

as a result the rupture of a family influenced her negatively. She became closed, is interested in nothing (at least, does not speak about anything it), aggressive (often quarrels with mother, with girlfriends), at school the three began to appear. Seldom leaves the house. All of us threw forces on its “reanimation“. We want that she became the carefree and cheerful, cheerful girl again. As to it still early to think of pressing problems. It still child...

it I write

Ya not for children whose parents get divorced. And for parents who get divorced and do not think at this moment whether the child with whom he wants to remain wants it and whom to leave and whether wants in general. Think also of what changes can result from it with a mental condition of your child. The child as a sponge, absorbs all negative. And if not to take care of it now, then will be late.