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Ouch yes our fingers! Games for development of small motility of

About need to develop small motility of the tiny little man is told and written much. Perhaps, any mother of the peanut knows that harmonious and skillful work of fingers of the kid helps to develop to the speech and intelligence, makes positive impact on all organism in general, prepares the disobedient handle for the letter. Realizing all importance of finger-type games and exercises, mothers buy various lacings, large mosaics and other “clever“ toys and begin to develop motility of the kid. Really, lacings and mosaics - piece useful. And not only for motility. But not all kids treat them favourably. And many and at all categorically do not wish to sew apples to an apple-tree, and prefer “to sow“ detalk from a mosaic on a floor instead of for hours without a break to insert them into holes on pleasure to mother with the father. Perhaps, yours the baby is still too small to become interested in similar games. Or perhaps they are simply uninteresting to it owing to specific features. How to be? All the matter is that we often lose sight of very simple and obvious truth: daily the baby makes handles and fingers a set of the various actions aimed just at the development of that thin motility. Among usual games and simple household actions there is a great lot of rather invaluable exercises which besides also it is much more attractive to the kid, than purchased toys. Our task - to help the baby, to prompt, teach, in time to palm off these or those useful materials. The main thing that game was rather fascinating and brought joy to both the kid, and mother. So, fingers, let`s get down to work!


in the 2nd century B.C. in China knew to

To sources of popular wisdom of influence of actions by hands on development of a brain of the person. Ancient Chinese claimed that exercises with participation of hands and fingers harmonize a body and reason, positively influence activity of a brain. The Japanese acupuncture - to one more volume confirmation. On hands the set of reflex points from which there are impulses to the central nervous system is located. Massing certain points, it is possible to influence internals which are tied with these points. So, massage of a thumb increases activity of a brain. The forefinger is tied with a stomach, average - with intestines. Massage of a ring finger positively affects work of a liver and kidneys, and a little finger - at work of heart. But not only east wise men, and and domestic physiologists confirm connection of development of hands with development of a brain. V. M. Bekhterev 1 in the works proved that the simple movements of hands help to take off intellectual fatigue, improve a pronunciation of many sounds, develop the speech of the child. And famous teacher V. And Sukhomlinsky claimed that “mind of the child is on a finger-tip“. And our ancestors for certain guessed something like that. Well familiar to us “Forty - a crow“, “Pat-a-cake“ and to them similar national games - no other than the revitalizing and toning massage on the basis of acupuncture. Only reflect: such simple manipulations with fingers, and how many advantage! Positive impact on internals, the toning, immunostimulating effect is time. Stimulation of cogitative functions and the speech are two. Cheerful communication of the kid and mother, a charge of positive emotions are three. I think, it is quite enough that games and exercises with fingers and palms surely were proved in an arsenal of entertainments, your with the kid.

When to begin?

can Develop handles of the kid since the birth. To tell more precisely, it and perfectly does it, squeezing tiny fingers our strong fingers, taking and holding rattles or trying to catch own legs. Our task - to help the baby and to make games with handles more effective. Kids about one year cannot carry out many finger-type exercises independently yet. Here you have to help them, bending fingers and telling rhymes. That influence was more effective, it is worth not just bending fingers, and slightly to mass them, since a little finger and finishing with a thumb.“ We cook“ porridge on a palm too rather intensively, roundabouts kneading a palm. Do not forget to play serially with right, with the left handle. Rhymes and poteshka which accompany finger-type exercises, sing through or pronounce rhythmically, doing exercises in a step to words. You remember also emotional coloring of what you tell. Change a timbre and speed of the speech, do pauses, emphasize separate words, tell cheerfully and expressively. Simple national games as well as possible are suitable for the smallest. These are well-known to you “Pat-a-cake“, “Forty - a crow“, “A horned goat“ and other game poteshka for kids. But any children`s rhyme can become a basis for finger-type massage also. The main thing that it caused an emotional response both from mother, and from the kid.

we Bathe and develop

But here the kid gradually grows up. And in response to your “pat-a-cake“ laughs loudly, pulls out tiny hands and claps itself, showing that here he what big, here is how learned! And it means that it is time to pass from passive impact on fingers to the most active - various exercises which the baby will learn to carry out independently. The set of such remarkably useful games can be thought up during bathing! For example, to clap a palm on a water surface, creating around itself a set of splashes. And it not only fun, but also water massage of palms. Start various capacities in a bathtub: plastic glasses, pans, small bottles, spoons. Show to the kid how to pour water from one glass in another how to pour liquid from a small small bottle. It does not matter, if the water stream gets to destination not at once. In everything training is necessary. Slightly grown up kid will already be able to fill a small bowl, scooping water a spoon. Teach the baby to gather water in the disposable syringe and to water with it ducks, frogs and other rubber friends. Give to the child a toothbrush, and let him drive a finger on a bristle. Help it to massage each finger in turn.

Useful exercise in M. Montessori`s style - game with a porolonovy sponge. Choose small, rather soft bast for the baby and show how to gather it water and to wring out in a bowl. This occupation so is frequent carries away kids that they are ready to devote it all the time of bathing. Collect several empty bottles from - under shampoos and give to the little bather. Untwisting and twisting of traffic jams, deleting of lids, filling of bottles water - excellent training of motility.

Throw the small sinking objects on a bathtub bottom: pebbles, buttons. Ask the baby to get them from there. You watch that the kid took objects differently. It is possible to take them and a cam and to get all fingers. But it is the most useful to fulfill so-called “pintsetny capture“ when only two fingers participate in work: big and index. The caught treasures can be put in a glass, and then to pour out in a bathroom again. I think, you should not remind that it is necessary to watch the kid during similar games especially attentively. If to start in water small things from the kinder - surprises, it is possible “to rescue“ it, catching a spoon or a small strainer. For kids is more senior add ten plastic not hard clothespegs and a plastic disposable plateau to this gentlemen`s set. Sitting in a bathroom, it is possible to make the improvised sun, having fastened clothespegs to a plate in the form of rays. Well and, of course, an excellent toy for a bathroom - a set of figures of the made foam rubber. The more small they will be, the better will be suitable for our task. They can be molded selflessly on a wet wall and to enthusiastically tear off an infinite number of times, in parallel studying marine animals, geometrical figures and even letters with figures.

Plasticine and the company

Often mothers consider that from plasticine it is necessary to mold something by all means. And therefore it is suitable as creative material only for the grown-up peanuts. But it not absolutely so. For the grown-up kid a molding really very useful occupation stimulating the imagination, creativity and, of course, training fingers. But all this will be then. For now yours the baby still absolutely small, let`s watch at plasticine, as at the remarkable means developing not so much creativity, how many small motility. Especially as he copes with this task on “perfectly“. For 1 - 1,5 - one-year-old kids it is better to use instead of plasticine special weight for modeling. It is intended for young scientists, has a soft, plastic consistence and is safe if the baby decides to taste it. If such weight did not manage to be found, use salty dough for games. It becomes in a few minutes, it can long be stored in the refrigerator in a plastic bag and it is absolutely harmless. The recipe of the test is simple: mix 1 glass of Extra salt and 1 glass of flour in a bowl, add a tablespoon of vegetable oil and a half-glass of water. Properly knead dough and take a couple of hours in the refrigerator. After that it is ready to work.

What the one-year-old kid can do with the test? First of all, to knead it in handles. Pinch off a piece of plastic weight of the size of a walnut and show to the baby as it can be shifted from the handle in the handle, to press and knead. It is possible to give to the kid and a piece of the test more. Let it will start both hands in a bowl, potycht it fingers in the pleasure. It will promote not only to strengthening of fingers, but also development of tactile sensitivity. The baby will get acquainted with properties of material, new to it, and, of course, will be glad to cheerful game.

A try to hide in the face of the kid in dough couple of small toys, for example from the kinder now - surprises. It is a lot of skill, ingenuity and stubborn puffing it is required to find the lost “treasure“ in the test. If similar game was pleasant to the kid, hide objects more small. For example, big buttons. Only you watch that your young archeologist did not try to eat the values extracted as a result of excavation.

Teach the kid to do to

“pancakes“ and “fritters“: show how to flatten a palm or a cam a test piece. Let it will clap the handle is weaker, stronger or will try to stick together “pie“, and you with enthusiasm extol abilities of the little baker. Suggest the baby to treat dolls with “berries“ or “candies“. For this purpose show how two fingers to pinch off small pieces from the test and to put them in a plateau. When the kid accustoms with the test, try to roll together Koloboks and sausages. Sausages can be broken on pieces, to flatten out a finger, to turn a roll. And let they will be clumsy and uneven. Remember that all of you do it not for the sake of the end result. Process is important.

of Game in kitchen

in kitchen remarkable, available and all the well-known product for development of thin motility of the baby is. Of course, it is grain. And if you are not frightened by prospect to collect millet or peas on all kitchen, offer the kid simple and effective exercises which for certain will be to the taste to him. For a start fill any small grain on a tray an even layer and show to the baby as it is possible to draw on this “canvas“ a finger. Let the kid will represent sticks, tochechka and other “scribbles“. It is possible to draw not only a forefinger, but also other fingers in turn (at first help the kid), and even all palm. Let the baby touch grains handles, clamps them in a cam. In the dry grain filled in a high saucepan it is possible to hide small toys as well as in the test. And still try such cunning. Fill in grain in a saucepan with water. An opportunity to thrust handles into this mix will give to the kid huge pleasure. The main thing in similar games - not to miss that moment when from creative activity the baby passes to destructive, “rassypatelny“ and “razbrosatelny“. Usually it comes in a few minutes from the beginning of game. But even these will bring several minutes undoubted benefit to tiny fingers of the peanut.

to Children is slightly more senior than

it is possible to suggest to play “Cinderella“. For this purpose mix in a pan slightly - slightly peas and haricot and suggest the baby to sort them on different plates. It is possible to take fasolinka differently too. To take them shchepotyyu, big and index fingers, big and average etc. It is possible to sort also macaroni of several types. And it is possible also to make a beads of tolstenky “rozhek“, having strung them on a lace and having painted. It is heavy to remains to pass a disobedient lace throughout a small hole. The thin elastic wire will be suitable for them better. In the same way it is useful to string the old felt-tip pens or cardboard figures cut on pieces with the openings done by a puncher. And the smallest suggest to string on a drying string. A remarkable “Papuan“ beads moreover and edible will turn out.

the Transparent box with toothpicks attracts kids as a magnet. Here and let under your supervision the child pours out from it on a table wooden sticks, and then collects back, pushing in a hole (for safety at toothpicks it is possible to cut off keen edges). Right there, in any kitchen, there is also one more useful adaptation - the refrigerator. On it it is possible to paste infinitely, and then to unstick various magnetic figures and reusable stickers.

If to you needs to peel the boiled eggs or potatoes in a uniform, safely entrust this work to the baby. Of course, then you should remake everything, but similar plain operation is extremely useful to children`s fingers. And still sometimes allow the kid to eat with hands. For this purpose the various berries, raisin, green peas boiled and vegetables (potatoes, carrots, beet, a vegetable marrow), apple or a pear cut in cubes pieces will approach.

of All little by little

It is no secret that kids like to tear paper. Similar occupation brings to mother a set of problems, beginning from the damaged books and finishing the paper swallowed by the kid. But too it is possible to derive a certain benefit from a similar disgrace if from time to time specially to give to the kid paper “on worry“. Of course, there will be a lot of garbage, but it is even more advantage. Exercises with paper not only develop motility, but also help the kid to be exempted from the collected irritation, to dump negative energy. Only do not give to the baby of the newspaper or magazines, let it will be white writing paper or tissues. What can be done with paper? It can be rumpled and again to straighten, smooth with a palm, to tear to strips or to pinch off small pieces. With kids of one and a half years try to make unpretentious obryvny application. Give to the kid a napkin and show how to tear off from it on a piece and to glue on the sheet of the paper greased with glue. It is possible to cut out some silhouette, for example a plateau or an animal from a cardboard and to glue paper scraps on it. The doggie can stick specks, to a tiger - strips. Teach to rumple the kid the torn-off paper in a lump. So volume snowfall or flowers on a green lawn can turn out.

Give to the kid a plastic bottle and show how to thrust pieces of the torn-off paper into a neck. Previously they can be skatyvat in balls. Scatter the matches which are smoothed out from sulfur and a button on a floor. Tell that you came to the wood to gather mushrooms and berries. Together with the kid select “trophies“ from a floor and push in a bottle. All this can be made under a cheerful song, for example “On raspberry we will go to a garden...“ Here to you at the same time both cheerful entertainment, and useful exercise.

of the Grown-up kid you learn to lead round the palm and different improvised objects: saucers, glasses, molds for cookies, molds for sand. And still small fingers can become the real theatrical actors with a make-up and bright suits. For this purpose it is necessary to draw only with felt-tip pens on small pillows of fingers faces or muzzles. It is better to take felt-tip pens on a water basis. They are easily washed away. It is so possible to play any simple fairy tale like “Kolobok“ or “Teremk“. And it is possible to play and slightly differently. For this purpose you will need to make finger-type dolls in advance. There is a lot of possible options. For example, you draw on a cardboard of a head of characters (the grandmother, the grandfather, the granddaughter, a bear, Kolobok, etc.) small size. You paint and cut out. Now it is necessary to paste to them paper rims - ringlets by means of which they also will put on on fingers. Instead of paper rims you can paste or sew to “masks“ tiny elastics for hair. Such fastening is more reliable paper, dolls it is convenient to dress on fingers, and they well keep. At desire it is possible to decorate your finger-type dolls with hair from thick woolen threads, to tie them bows, etc. If with drawing hardly (consider that masterpieces from you are not required: the more simply and more ridiculously - the better), arrive differently. Take an unpretentious inexpensive children`s book with the fairy tale (for example, all with the same Kolobok), cut out heroes from there, paste on a cardboard, and further you already know. Having a small box with an arsenal of such dolls, you should not miss at home, in long line to the doctor. Always it is possible to play the familiar fairy tale, or to think up the, having mixed characters from several stories. And it is cheerful, and it is useful.

we Develop motility of mother

If mother has time, desire and ability, she will be able to make for the favourite kid various toys and devices which will become effective exercise machines of children`s fingers almost since the birth. For example, several sacks from fabric of different invoices with different fillers (haricot, peas, salt, millet, buckwheat) suspended in a bed will become a useful entertainment for the kid. It is necessary to fill sacks not hardly, and it is good to stitch seams that they did not tear from strong breakthrough of the little athlete. By the same principle it is possible to sew a soft toy. For example, a caterpillar from balls with different fillers. Or a nice ladybug with variegated pads and rough circles on a back. Pads can be made from enough thick ropes with the small knots tied on them. At first the kid will just touch small knots fingers, then will learn to untie them, and will be able to get stuck a bit later. On a back at a bug it is possible to arrange a set of useful devices: the large buttons strung on a string, beads or bones from old the account, various shnurochka and fasteners - flypapers, lightnings, thongs and buckles. Being amused with a toy, the kid will train in parallel fingers. By the way, if specially it is impossible to sew a toy, it is possible to take a suitable purchased animal or a nice children`s small pillow and to sew all this small variety on it.


For certain curious to the baby will like a rug about a miracle - a lodge. Its sizes depend only on your desire to tinker. On a basis made of cloth sew the image of a lodge (or even several). The main thing that the teremk had many windows and doors. They will be closed on various fasteners. There can be also buttons with eyelets, both hooks, and flypapers, and lightnings, and thongs, and laces - ties, and buttons. It is quite good if inhabitants of a teremk look out of windows. Further everything depends only on your imagination. In work it is possible to use also fabrics of different invoices and to sew the same strings with small knots and small buttons - beads. You can not doubt, the made the kind and loving mother`s or grandmother`s hands, such rug will become a favourite toy of the baby.

of Cheerful games to your kid and his small fingers!