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Stresses at work of

Strangely enough, work and a stress - things incompatible and inseparable at the same time. Recently it is more and more told about the stressogenny factors accompanying the most different types of the activity which is especially connected with communication of any level: teachers with pupils, the manager with clients, the seller with buyers, the doctor with patients, the chief with subordinates - and vice versa.

the Term “stress at work“ can be determined by

as the harmful physical and emotional response arising in case requirements imposed at work do not coincide with opportunities, abilities and needs of workers. Such stresses do considerable harm to health: a headache, sleep disorders and attention, emotional instability, diarrhea, a dissatisfaction with work, the suppressed mood - all this strong indications of a stress. What is the stress dangerous to future mother, except the general to all psychological and physiological consequences by? The matter is that during pregnancy the situation is aggravated with the increased emotional excitability of future mother when her reaction to surrounding reality becomes sharper. The fact of pregnancy is, in fact, a stress for a female organism. And if it is still aggravated with constant external stressogenny factors at work? In response to external influences reaction of alarm develops. A large amount of hormones is thrown out blood, the organism seeks to reflect danger by activization of all reserves: heart rate increases, arterial pressure increases, the tone of vessels of heart and muscles decreases, disintegration of fat in an organism is activated, there is an emotional pressure. Generally, all resources of an organism will be mobilized. And when such emergency mobilization turns into a constant way of life, there comes exhaustion of an organism of mother, and respectively and a fruit.

But life life is: the chief shouted at you, the colleague threw on you the work, you were unfairly accused by the client... You are ready to tear and throw, shout in reply, to leave in a huff and to make the mass of the similar gushing forth acts. What to do to be saved from such shocks?

Health and a stress
the stress Problem at work is so big
that became object of attention of the World Health Organization (WHO) within conversation on a problem of a mental health care and work.
On statistical data, in a number of the countries of the European region of WHO a stress serves as the main reason for absence from work. Sharply the damage from payments of sick pays and loss of the working days increased. Results of researches show that 50 - 60% of all losses of working hours in these countries are connected with stress consequences.
According to results of recent research, stresses are subject to 28% from 160 million working in the EU. At the same time more than a half of them complain of a large number of work and need to carry out it in a short time.“ Production“ the stress promotes development of a number of indispositions: 13% of workers in EU countries complain of headaches, 17% - of muscular pains, and 30% - of back pains.
the Stress becomes the reason:
  • of head and muscular pains, back pains;
  • of a myocardial infarction;
  • of cardiac arrhythmia;
  • of an exacerbation of a hypertensive illness;
  • of stomach ulcer;
  • of a syndrome of the angry intestines;
  • of an exacerbation of bronchial asthma;
  • of a depression.

Short-term plans

  • Right after an unpleasant event or conversation cannot even be understood, fairly or unfairly treated you: these seconds ability to the objective analysis will atrophy, the rage boils. Therefore it is necessary to take a time - a miss: tell colleagues that you have an urgent call, the appointment etc. is made. Recover the breath and remember that it is not a doomsday yet that life goes on especially as you have a real occasion to rejoice to it more, than to someone to another.
  • Think of how you look now: possibly, not in the best way. Make efforts externally to neutralize stress consequences - straighten a back, raise the head. It is possible to make it both sitting, and standing - in that pose in what found you a stress. It, as a rule, bends down at once the person, worsens a bearing, forces to become soft.
  • Sit minute blindly. Stop thinking about the happened conversation with the chief, about unpleasant discussion with colleagues, about terrible phone call and bad news. Think of something absolutely foreign - recently seen movie, the read book etc.
  • If there is an opportunity to retire, use it even if it is a cabin in a toilet.
That CAN not be done if you were brought “to white heat“:
  • to Shout in reply even if criticism or remarks were provocatively unfair.
  • to Reduce production stress sweet cakes or strong coffee, and especially a cigarette. It is possible to use only chewing gum, tablets with mint or a small segment of chocolate, and not to chew it, and to rassasyvat. It is possible to drink a cup of hot sweet tea.
Long-term plans
  • Note

    that causes discomfort and fast fatigue at work and that helps to be restored, and whenever possible avoid the first.

  • do not overload yourself with work and avoid the unnecessary competition to colleagues: you have other priorities now.
  • do not agree to the offer to make for somebody its work, than it was based.
  • Meet psychohygienic working conditions: a shower after work, walk in a break, emphasis on healthy food.
  • Determine by
  • short-term objectives per day, two, week, you aspire to them, but not to absolutely not concrete improvement of level of work.
  • Devote more time to yourself and the future child: you have the right for private life, especially now!
  • Perceive external stressogenny factors which you cannot affect as weather: on snow or a rain to be irritated silly.
That SHOULD be made if you were tired or are angry:
  • If the head became heavy, and you feel exhaustion, sit down directly, reject the head to a limit back and hold it in this situation 8 - 10 seconds, then drop on a breast. You sit so 10 - 15 seconds. Then repeat everything at first. If you are strongly excited or excited, breathe deeply.
  • Having felt
  • what you drives in a dream, sit down directly, imperceptibly take away shoulders back, raise a chin, lower hands along a trunk, put palms parallel to a chair seat. Strain muscles of a back, hands, necks and be late in this situation 10 - 12 seconds. Relax for 10 - 15 seconds and again repeat everything.
  • If at you eyes were tired of tension, close them for 5 seconds, open and look at a nose bridge. Do it 3 - 5 more times. And if at you legs flowed and grew dumb, straighten them under a table, try to delay socks, then get up and 10 times rise on toes. Then sit down and relax legs.