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It is not necessary to despair!

When we got acquainted with future husband, decided that we will have a big family - as is sung in a song: four sonnies and lassie daughter. But not here - that was, even we could not conceive one child. In half a year after unsuccessful attempts we decided to see doctors. There took place inspections, analyses showed normal results at both.

found out So far the reason why we cannot conceive, one more year left. For this year I managed to have flu which gave complications - in a bed lay nearly three months, - and to be hospitalized with an inflammation of ovaries. In chamber where I lay, with an inflammation there were only I, other girls were on preservation. You cannot even imagine how it was heavy to look to me at them - they carried on talk only about future children who as will call who what will have a room... But I consoled myself as soon as could, and told them that I will have not one, and not two, and there are a lot of children, at least four. They looked at me as on the madwoman - who will decide more presently, than on one - two children, and all of them planned only on one and no more.

all - happened to

In one and a half months after an extract a miracle - I became pregnant. Learned about pregnancy on the third week - I was very strongly hurt by a stomach bottom, my gynecologist advised to descend on ultrasonography, having explained that if there is a pregnancy, then it at survey can bring down it. The gynecologist who did ultrasonography confirmed pregnancy, but told that to take out the child I have no chances - too big threat of an abortion. I did not know, to rejoice to me or to cry, it seems the child is, and on hands I can him and take never.

was come to the rescue Again by my treating gynecologist Lilia Georgiyevna who calmed me and told that she listened to nobody except it, and registered vitamins, drugs. The first three and a half months of pregnancy proceeded for me very difficult, I constantly had temperature, I was torn literally from all smells, the stomach hurt. But we with the husband talked to the child, said to him about how we love it as we wait - and again there was a miracle, the child decided everything - “to remain“ with us.

Ya could not rejoice to the daughter, naturally, that decided to nurse only. We had very quiet daughter, and did not pass also month as we with the husband decided “to work“ on the second peanut. But again nothing was impossible to us for the next year (the daughter nursed).

When Daruske was executed by

year, my mother was hospitalized where she was told that it has a fibroma of a uterus and it is necessary to pass inspection.

were Directed to intrauterine ultrasonography after which I left in tears, by two doctors who looked (one did not decide to confirm the diagnosis), unanimously “shouted“ that I have a tumor, and urgent operation is necessary.

“You have a daughter why to you still? You with such bodies will not be able to have children. You what, you want also this child to make the orphan?“

. As a result from operation she dissuaded me, told that I have no cancer as I was told, and it the usual cyst of an ovary (after the delivery I still had no menstrual cycle) and everything that I should make began to grow, so it to stop feeding the daughter and to wait for periods, and after the second to come to reception.

preparation for New Year`s holidays, holidays began Then

, and it became easier for me not. But behind all festive turmoil I also could not think that I the pregnant woman and why still there are no periods. Only the husband for the fifth day of holidays did not sustain and brought the test with words:“ How many it is possible to feel bad that tomorrow morning, maybe, you made the test the pregnant woman“. How many I had pleasures when the test confirmed words of the husband!

Now at me the 29th week of pregnancy, we wait for the daughter again, and the husband will go with me for childbirth again. Between our daughters the difference will be exactly two years. And when I pass by an oncological clinic, I and want to come to those doctors who said to me that I needed to live less than a month that I will nevermore have children and to tell:“ Here she I, is also living - is healthy, and I will give birth not to one more healthy child“. The daughter at me will not go to bed, will not sing a song to “lyala“ yet, will not kiss a stomach and will not check whether on the place of a sisa, it is necessary to a lyala sisyu.

So can never despair, and what you very strongly want, it will be executed surely. Now I am the happiest woman on the earth - I have children!!! I hope that in years 3 in our family will be and synulya.