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Precious milk of

In - the first, I want to tell that I very strongly love the wife, and this story about how we with her used all forces and patience to keep a possibility of natural feeding by milk.

After difficult delivery the daughter was put to a breast from the first day, and my wife has gentle nipples and were not prepared for feeding, the daughter put hickeys, and it was necessary to suffer from pain. The baby was not left with it in chamber as the wife was very weak, could not even rise, and next day I took vacation and already was with the wife and a pug day and night, sometimes I was replaced by the mother-in-law that I slept a little.

To third day there arrived milk, the breast bulked up to the unknown sizes though invite photographers from Playboy, and very much hurt, all this was followed with the temperature under 39. The midwife showed us how to decant, and at the same time very rigidly massed that, naturally, was followed by a bigger pain, by such example all night long and decanted. Well and, of course, next day there were bruises which were noticed at survey. Showed us what needs to be massed very gently, to softly develop all hardenings.

generally, it seems coped with a problem, but in several days on the left breast hardening with reddening appeared and it could not be removed. Milk from this breast became bad to go, and the baby was nervous during feeding and pulled it as the Jolly-boat a hot-water bottle. Eventually, the nipple all cracked till it bleeds. Ceased to nurse this, and the healing creams did not manage to work, and began to smear with brilliant green that infection did not go. Already later we bought a silicone nipple which prevents from damage, and Avent ISIS milk pump. Now the wife could gather a small bottle of milk and go to bed quietly and when the baby demanded to eat, I fed her.

But here destiny prepared for us new test - seams dispersed, it turned out that the wife has an inflammatory process, temperature rose to 40, and it cannot accept any preparations as a liver very sick. It was necessary to puncture a course of antibiotics and febrifuges. It is natural that for several days we passed to artificial nutrition that at once affected a chair of the baby. Doctors advised us to refuse feeding, but we did not stop fighting and in every way kept a lactation.

To all other all on the same sore breast the strange red horn under a breast appeared and none of doctors could define precisely what is it. Sent us to other hospital to consultation to the surgeon, as a result told that it the lymph node inflamed, it does not need to be touched. As a result it turned out that in general there in vain went as we addressed to maternity hospital on ultrasonography where the wife the same was told.

We called the doctor which, at last, showed only the correct method of massage and decantation of a breast and still gave the recipe of a lotion for removal of hardenings. (To make a glass of boiled water 3 spoons of a sage, to cool, filter; to add 3 tab. But - shpa, 3 tab. of analginum, 3 ampoules of a hydrocortisone, 3 tablespoons of a dimiksid, 3 tab. (ampoule) of any antibiotic; to put in the refrigerator; to wet a rag on all breast, from above cellophane, cotton wool, to tie up a diaper; the first time to put for 6 hours, and then to decant, not to nurse this; further to put on all night long within 3 - 5 days).


In an observation to us also invaluable help was given by one midwife, all the time helped, massed a breast, put a compress. Common efforts succeeded to achieve improvements, at last, to the wife repeatedly imposed a seam, and in several days we were written out, as a result having stayed two weeks after the delivery. But all this did not solve a problem with the left breast. The mother-in-law took to us the expert in bio-energetics working together with the massage therapist and that without any analyses completely defined all problems, and the lymph node inflammation in a breast was connected with pinching of a backbone.

Now the massage therapist works as

with it, and everything slowly returns to normal. The wife is happy that she kept milk, and together with manyunky enjoys such opportunity, it gives love, tenderness and health. The baby sucks both breasts and when the wife needs to have a rest, we decant a milk pump, and I am engaged in a pug, without disturbing the wife, I feed or I go for a walk with it.

you can adopt to yourself our experience. And the main thing concerns your husbands - they have to understand how now it is difficult for you, and as much as possible to help. Believe, it will strengthen your union and will strengthen love in your family.