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MASQUE BABY AQUA. Means from mosquitoes for the smallest

At last warm weather is established and, naturally, any mother wants that her child spent in the fresh air much time. Giving, walks in the countryside - all this would be fine if not mosquitoes, a midge and other blood-sicking insects who can cause in kids with even weak immunity the strongest allergic reaction not to mention raschesa - the kid it is difficult to persuade not to scratch when scratches.

can Save the kid from mosquitoes by means of repellent means. Repellents (from armor. repello - I push away, I drive away) - the substances which are frightening off insects. They are applied mainly to protection against attack of blood-sicking insects, prevention of transmissivny diseases (encephalitis, leyshmanioz, etc.) . Repellents vegetable and origins (a citrus, a carnation, a fir) applied since ancient times.

Mosquitoes find

and identify the victim by means of olfactory bodies for carbonic acid which contains in allocations of skin and the exhaled air. Evaporating from the processed surface, the repellent neutralizes the emitted carbonic acid and masks the person - does it invisible to mosquitoes.

Every year consumption of children`s repellent means in Russia increases - it is connected with emergence of culture of consumption of children`s repellent means. By results of researches, about a quarter of buyers of repellent means of Russia at the same time with adult repellents, buy specialized children`s means. Therefore in the market more and more means for protection of children from mosquitoes appear. It was possible to meet on shelves of shops means of Masquitall for children with 3 two years ago - x years and the Baby Dat for children with 2 - x years.

this year in Russia repellent means from mosquitoes of Masque baby aqua for the smallest - for children of one year appeared. Naturally, for us - parents the main requirement - safety. Emergence of means for children of 1 year became possible only after carrying out serious scientific researches. The compounding of Masque baby aqua is developed by the German company IR Pharma, on the basis of the innovative substance IR3535 applied by the European producers of means from mosquitoes and registered in Russia in 2005.


as a result of the tests which are carried out Scientifically - Research Institute of Dezinfektologiya of Russia, it was confirmed that means of Masque baby aqua provide protection against blood-sicking insects during 2 - x hours and at the same time is toxicological safe for children aged from 1 year. All means from mosquitoes are subject to obligatory registration in Mizdrava of the Russian Federation and of Masque baby aqua not an exception. Moreover, means of Masque baby aqua are registered as medicines. Therefore, increased requirements are imposed to it: cylinders hermetically of a zavaltsovana, at the enterprise quartz treatment of production rooms is entered, employees work in gloves, masks and white dressing gowns. Are on sale means of Masque baby aqua only in drugstores and children`s shops.

Clear water - the best basis for the means intended for children. For this reason in new means of protection of kids from mosquitoes of Masque baby aqua used drinking water, natural oils, extracts of a camomile and a calendula. Means of Masque baby aqua not only protect from mosquitoes, but also look after gentle skin of the child, softening it and interfering with moisture loss.


the Series of Masque baby aqua it is presented by three means - gel, cream and lotion spray. How to choose what means will suit you more? Lotion is very convenient when you need to process big surfaces. If yours the baby sleeps in a carriage in a shadow of trees, process lotion of Masque baby aqua a carriage and a cover - lotion does not leave spots on fabric, and at the same time you will strengthen protection of the kid. Your kid builds a Kulichiki on the bank of the lake? Then it is better for you to use cream - it is effective even on moist skin. And someone will like gentle, transparent gel with easy texture in a convenient bottle with the batcher.

Preventive measures it is always better than

, than fight against consequences. Let of Masque baby aqua protect your kid from mosquitoes, and you will need only to enjoy excellent weather, good mood and to derive pleasure from communication with the child in the fresh air!