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Money for evening of

Despite the declared free of charge secondary education of costs of training of the offspring from year to year grows. And expenditure for a graduation school party - serious final entry in this accounting report. To say goodbye how much is to school, the correspondent of “SP“ Elena Malik

In the night of June 24 found out the capital will not sleep. 75 thousand graduates from one and a half thousand Moscow schools in an environment of teachers, parents and militiamen will begin to note a graduation party - as usual, till the morning.

However, from traditions now only this sleepless night mainly also remained, and scope of celebrations increases every year.

all weight of preparation of a holiday was undertaken Earlier by the parental committee which was independently decorating the assembly hall with balls and posters. After solemn speeches and issue of certificates graduates moved to the dining room where had a snack on the “house“ food cooked by the same parents. The disco under patronage of “tinder fungus“ or “physicist“ passed in the sports or assembly hall, and the most favourite way to avoid misunderstanding during a holiday was - to lock yesterday`s school students for all festive night at school. Today there is practically no school left with such old-fashioned approach in Moscow.


the Most improbable opportunities of carrying out a holiday are offered by show business. A question only in the budget.

“From the companies providing services in the organization final, generally of course are ordered by celebrations, democratic at the prices, - says IP Elena Nazarova, event - the manager of the AG Loyalty company. - In spite of the fact that schools at us happen also elite, and more simply, prosperity at parents of pupils all the same different, and they should look for a compromise“.

But even the fact that professionals in the organization of parties call “democratic“ costs

to fathers and mothers a pretty penny.

in 2004, according to the Internet - to survey conducted by capital Department of Education, the majority of families of graduates - 35% - gave for this holiday 3 - 5 thousand rubles (18% had fun on 5 - 8 thousand rubles, and 24% - on 8 - 10 thousand rubles). Now 3 - 5 thousand rubles suit only for masking of poverty under modesty.“ In this case it is necessary to refuse practically from in total school photo not in the form of the folder, and on one leaf, as a gift to teachers - only organizers and flowers and that them it is necessary to order directly in state farm and to display, - Olga Tugunova, the chairman of parental committee of a gymnasium No. 1567 says. - It is necessary to walk on foot, and to dance at school to music which is picked up by homebrew DJs“.

according to the teachers and parents interrogated by SP, the limit below which the “average“ Moscow school could not fall this year is equal to 8 - 10 thousand rubles. The graduate of usual regional school No. 799 Sergey Klimenko told SP that “at school collected 10 thousand rubles from the person: 3 thousand rubles are costed by the ticket for a graduation party on Poklonnaya Gora, the rest - bouquets, gifts, buses“.

of Agency of entertainments can in general final organize all “turnkey“. According to Tatyana Bozhko, the manager of Green Moon firm, the minimum sum for the organization of evening (with compering of the beginning actor and in combination the DJ, decoration of the assembly hall and a light meal on a schoolyard or in the dining room) will cost 120 thousand rubles

“If more refined entertainments are necessary, we can offer fiery show, - says Bozhko. - For 20 - minute speech of two actors working with fire should be paid 24 thousand rubles“ .

However, also those who will not go on final of - for unreasonable expenses are. According to Department of Education, in 2004 such school students there were about 7%.

the Extra duty
of Costs of a dress significantly depend on a sex of the graduate
to the boy`s Parents much more simply. 3 - 4 thousand rubles - a suit, 2 thousand rubles - boots, 400 - 500 rub - a shirt, 150 - 300 rub - a hairstyle. The suit if it was not, for certain is useful in the future. to Bring together
on final the schoolgirl - almost the same as the bride on a wedding. It is good still if the dress is “reusable“. Then it will cost at least 4 - 5 thousand rubles. Plus shoes - 1800 - 2500 rub, tights - from 150 rub. The hairdress and laying will cost not cheaper than in 500 rub. Total, only for appearance it is necessary to lay out not less than 9 - 10 thousand rubles. the Militia me protects

for employees of militia will become on June 23 very intense - on the occasion of graduation parties increased security measures will be undertaken. In addition 4 thousand police officers
For control over mass festivities will come to work the special operational staff into which representatives of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of the capital and area, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Moscow, the Department of Internal Affairs on an air and water transport enter will be created. Just in case will bring divisions of OMON into combat readiness, in a staff constantly there will be cynologists with sluzhebno - search dogs.
At schools will take up watch operatives, and the groups of graduates moving on the city will also be followed by law enforcement officers. Besides, streets will be taken under protection by additional patrols of internal troops.
In the water area of the Moskva River will be on duty the patrols on boats having onboard a specific for rescue on waters. On all city festive platforms will install metaldetectors, and schools will organize personal inspection of entering.

Prepare for summer in the fall

How many will cost the last school holiday - parents begin to estimate at the beginning of academic year. Interesting options of carrying out summer evening at the similar price disappear after New year.

“For carriers, actors, clubs graduation parties - almost same work involving all hands, as on New Year`s Eve: time of “ches“. The prices fly up twice“, - Elena Nazarova comments.

What actions will take place

in school and what - beyond its limits that teachers will receive as a gift - usually make these and similar decisions parental committee and council of school. And to pupils the maintenance of entertaining part is assigned: who within the available budget will carry out a disco or to play in it.

School balls, of course, are far more conservative than corporate parties. The parental public tries to go on the blazed way of predecessors, honoring traditions of the school. Everywhere the official part remains obligatory for final: delivery of certificates in the assembly hall and uncountable appeals not to forget teachers and school. The least noisy part and money demands least of all: bouquets, decoration of the hall. Most often the room is decorated balls. For 3 thousand rubles of a garland of spheres which sell tens of Moscow firms it is possible to hang up on a scene and windows of the hall. For 8 - 9 thousand rubles spheres will construct in the form of columns, the part of balls will soar under a ceiling, and with flowers it is possible to decorate also curtains. If the most sophisticated scenery seem insufficient means against a semi-official organ and a formalism, it is possible to carry out also an official part according to the game scenario. (On average for $200) practically all agencies on the organization of holidays are ready to write it. The Akvareliparad firm, for example, remembered the delivery of certificates assimilated to an Oscar ceremony and also a celebration based on the movie “Mummy“ - statement “The mummy comes back behind the school-leaving certificate“. However, assure of agencies, boards from parents and teachers seldom make so courageous decisions. And children, according to one of managers of Happy Time agency, have more to liking “an interactive happening in which they play major roles, and they do not watch peripetias of others statement“. Therefore services just of the animator - the inventor or the compere with well put speech are in the most great demand. The invitation to this role professional, but the unknown person will cost nobody 6 thousand rubles (for two - three hours), and for more or less famous showman it is necessary to lay out from $3000. For example, Sergey Sivokha from “O. S. P. of studio“ requests $3500 in an evening. If it is about very popular TV host, the price level fluctuates around $8000.

I is ordered! Even if and not in a mass order.

After a ceremony, be it conservative or game, graduates anyway can be fed. Here price options too set.

All not from food

the Main dilemma: where to organize a holiday table - at school or in cafe - restaurant?

the Decision in favor of school is made by

sometimes not from at all - for scarcity of means. According to the chairman of parental committee of a gymnasium No. 1567 Tatyana Tugunova, “in restaurants and cafe graduates still are in the life, and an opportunity to sit in a narrow school circle is represented last time“. Therefore in a gymnasium decided to allocate 15 thousand rubles of the native dining room: there promise that one hundred graduates with parents and teachers will receive the present restaurant menu, and “but“ there will be only one - plastic ware.

the “House“ option, besides warm-heartedness, is, of course, and the cheapest. Intermediate option between it and a campaign in “institution“ - services of the exit restaurants ready to feed graduates at the rate of 1200 - 1500 rub on the person. As a rule, the companies will undertake this business if the sum of the initial order is not less than 30 - 40 thousand rubles. A half of cost should be given as advance payment at registration of the order, and to bring the rest for two - three weeks till a holiday. For example, in the company “the Buffet reception. Ru“ where the correspondent of SP phoned under the guise of the activist from parental committee, promised not just to feed, and to make it on a schoolyard: to establish there tents, plastic furniture, to provide glasswares and waiters, and after the termination of a banquet also to clean garbage.

the menu will include two - three types of salads, cutting meat and fish, a hot dish, pastries and soft drinks. The minimum order value - 30 thousand rubles, that is approximately on 15 - 20 people.

and parents have to decide by

On other festive drink of the teacher.“ Recently the Department of Education recommends not to diversify only a table with alcoholic drinks, and the final decision leaves to the discretion of administration of school“, - told a press - the secretary of Department of Education of Moscow Alexander Gavrilov. One schools find it possible to allow children to drink on a glass of champagne, in others adhere to the strict Prohibition.

Evening in cafe and restaurant is already from $70-80 from the person (only for food). There are also much more expensive options. One of elite Moscow schools, for example, will note final in “Club on Brest“. The parental committee rented premises of club at the beginning of a year, and at only one table the company of graduates laid out $120 from the person. And still children will be addressed by popular youth group.

“according to applications“ can differ with

of the Price of concerts very strongly, depending on “raskruchennost“ of actors. The disco with rent of the equipment in an institution will cost up to 15 thousand rubles, 5 - 6 thousand more - for work of the little-known DJ. And 40 - minute performance of Zveri group, according to agency of entertainments Pasadena - art, this year will cost not less than $25 thousand

However, popzvezd in the final also offsprings not of the richest surnames can see the brightest.

Special effects wholesale

Approximately the third part of all schools of the capital prefers to buy

tickets for mass actions and not to suffer with statement of own show.

to get on “big“ balls, it is necessary to show not only the ticket (the prices within 2500 - 4500 rub) but also the reference from school. Increased security measures are that: final - for graduates.

In the Moscow palace of youth 2000 people, in “Luzhniki“ - 3800 will celebrate farewell to school. In Sokolniki and a concert hall of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour about 1000 heroes of the occasion, in the big hall of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the House of music - for 1200 are planned to place. The biggest flow of graduates expects the Kremlin palace: 5800 people. At midnight on Vasilevsky Descent there will be a salute, and then in Gostiny dvor - a disco.

of Everything, according to the government of Moscow, nearly 27 thousand young people will take part only in organized actions in the city.

the Obligatory satellite of the cultural program for the graduate - an opportunity to take a walk on the street. Organizers of evening approach this question with all gravity too.

Buses, limousines and the ships

to the Crowd of yesterday`s children not to remain sitting on one place in any way - regardless of whether fed her in a schoolyard or at magnificent restaurant.

One of widespread ways to prove to be and to look at others - to go to the Red Square, Poklonnaya Gora, Vorobyovy Gory etc.

And, certainly, late and, of course, not to the subway. In the period of graduation parties the price the sentry of lease of the bus flies up from 550 rub to 1200 rub for an hour, and two hours are allotted only on loading and unloading of passengers. Minimum price for evening travel by bus will make 5 thousand rubles

In the Absolute Crown company which is engaged in hire the VIP - cars, reported that graduates of rich schools, as a rule, prefer to buses limousines: in them it is possible to be treated on the way with drinks from pass - bar and to sing under a karaoke. Only in Moscow huge 22 - a local white limousine “Cadillac“ with the open area which cost of hire makes $200 an hour (the minimum time of the order - four hours), on a present graduation party it is already leased.

One of the most popular ways to meet the first dawn of adulthood - river walk. As explained SP in the “Uniform Network of River Cruises“ company, it is necessary to order the river tram in November - December. Those who made the order till New Year`s holidays paid in an hour of motor vessel walk 9 thousand rubles (the minimum term of rent - five hours), it is possible to find river parokhodik only for 12,5 - 14 thousand rubles in hour Krom of views of Moscow today, at this price it is possible to receive a karaoke - bar and a disco without leader. For an additional fee by motor ships any set of not contradicting UK of entertainments - from concerts with doubles of stars to shish kebabs on the deck is allowed. The feast will be organized for additional money: the most modest dinner will cost 1300 rub from invited. For a meal with a shish kebab - 2 thousand rubles from the person.

it became fashionable to p to arrange to

On the nature graduation parties in canteens of Moscow region boarding houses in recent years. It is convenient. On the one hand, children on air and at liberty, with another - though they are also not locked, and to fight among fields - the woods there is practically nobody.

according to Lyudmila Kabankova, the manager of travel agency “Farm 96“, school students, as a rule, go to boarding houses in a radius of 100 km from Moscow:“ Ershovo“, “Pushchino“, “Podlipka“, “Kollontayevo“ etc.

Buses with children and teachers leave in Moscow area after an official part, approximately in 22. 00. In boarding house the banquet room is already covered: in the menu - cold appetizers, cutting, salads; later waiters give hot dishes; for a dessert - ice cream, cake, tea - coffee. Then - business in the DJ and the animator - the inventor (naturally, they are not found in boarding house, and bring from Moscow). At six o`clock in the morning buses start in a way back. Such pleasure manages from 1800 to 2500 rub from the person (depending on the sizes of group).

In travel agencies was told that some schools planned also farther departures: for example, this year graduates of school No. 453 will go to receive school-leaving certificates on Mamayev Kurgan in Volgograd. In the program - an official part in the museum of the Battle of Stalingrad, a dinner and a disco at restaurant of Turist hotel on the bank of Volga, excursion to Volgo - Donskoy the channel and to Old Zarephath. All travel will take four days and will cost 6 thousand rubles from the person.