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Again you make sour?

It nearly sank Into oblivion - together with circles and turns, this Soviet kvass esthetics. Whether but to it was not to resist: kvass endured not one revival about the history, and how many at it was “esthetics“ - not to count!

you Remember

how it was? Tanks at intersections in hot summer day, the aunties in white dressing gowns collecting a ridiculous bribe. Bidonchiki with which inhabitants of the neighboring houses were brought up behind vivifying drink … At us was yellow, with big red peas. Once, having gathered a full can kvass, we with mother handed over it in a left-luggage office in the next department store. And then from turn in cash desk with surprise observed how the old woman guarding things glanced in our bidonchik and … drank!

it is difficult to p to call such memoirs nostalgia - kvass was, perhaps, the best in all that picture …

I today it comes back. And not only on counters of shops: it as immutable “trenut Russian cuisine, we surely order at all national Russian restaurants - whether in Brooklyn “Samovar“, whether to Moscow “Dacha“ or in “Fish“ in the “Russian“ resort of Morzhim in Goa. (For some reason the Russian visitors choose from the extensive menu of drinks by all means cold kvass with mint. Drain one glass a move, then order another - and sip it long, thoughtfully looking in infinite distances of the Arabian Sea …)

“Kvass as air was it potreben“

They say that kvass, the unique refreshing drink which is “vybrazhivat“ on mix of rye and barley malt, sugar and water were invented by Greeks. It is trusted, however, hardly - this drink and to ourselves, and the whole world is represented so Russian. Here and the chronicler Nestor in 989 documentary testified: when the prince Vladimir christened Russia, during a great holiday distributed to the people “food, honey and kvass“. And as far as kvass was rasprostanen in Russia in times imperial, history well-known at all. Both noblemen, and peasants, and monks, and soldiers, and even the tsar drank it. Kvasovarni at that time met almost continually.

, certainly. Medvyana kvass was considered as the most high-native, and the best honey from all country went to St. Petersburg for kvass prestolny. The same well-known kvass (which insisted on a kalatch instead of yeast) was done also in some monasteries where bred the bees; the name “monastic“ was assigned to it. In houses landowner and country usually prepared kvass zhitny - from barley and rye malt. And kvass berry, infused on various zemlyanik, brusnik, cranberries and bird cherries, was considered cheap, and in estates it was kept for visitors more simply. Well there lived people!


It is interesting that pre-revolutionary kvass, in any case some of its version, was not nonalcoholic. Its fortress could reach 7 - 8%. And also did not smell of alcohol in “intoxicated“ kvass - all business was exclusive in fermentation.

to Start

from scratch

As in general kvass appeared? Perhaps, business was so: one creative, but not really economic peasant stored grain in a cellar. For example, in a pot. Once there was in the house, say, a small flood and a little water got to a pot. Grain sprouted and began to turn sour. The peasant, having seen it, very much was upset, but decided everything - to try to make flour. Dried up the sprouted grain and ground. Malt turned out. The peasant understood that not to see to him some bread, filled in mix with boiled water and left this mash (whether he in a temper thought up such not nice word?) to wander.“ Let`s look what will leave“, - he told. Also there was a kvass.

Today very few people will venture such feat as kvass preparation “from scratch“, - all - classical process, from soaking of grain to readiness of drink, will take away not less than seventy days. Matters is expedited considerably by yeast, and not only baking, but also special kvass. Rye and barley malt, extract of hop and water are their part; as well as pothouses, they well influence health. The main plus of kvass yeast is in what unlike grain they will never give to test smell kvass.


of the Classic and experiment


If you are alien innovations, then here to you classical option. To slice rye bread (800 g) small, to dry up in an oven to a condition of crackers, to put in a big pan and to fill in with abrupt boiled water (4 - 7 l). To close a cover and to leave for 3 - 4 hours; from time to time to stir slowly. To filter the turned-out mash through a gauze, to cool to 25 - 30 With, to add sugar (1 - 2 glass; previously to kindle regarding water and to boil within 30 minutes) and barmy ferment (to mix 5 - 10 g of yeast about 3/4 glasses of warm boiled water, 1 h l. sugar and 1 tablespoon of flour and to leave on 1 - 2 hour in the warm place). To leave at the room temperature for fermentation for 12 hours (not to close densely!) . To pour on bottles, to the very top without adding. Bottles properly to cork and put in the refrigerator for maturing. In couple of days it is possible to try. Keep in mind that fresh need to drink house kvass - approximately in five days it will lose considerable part of the taste.



  • Petrovsky kvass
  • Beet kvass
  • Kvass cranberry
  • Kvass from whey

begin to Experiment at a stage of introduction of sugar and yeast. Add mint, caraway seeds or cinnamon, raisin and a lemon, as in Poland and Lithuania, or blackcurrant leaves, as in the Russian North. If put honey and grated horse-radish - the kvass known under the name “Petrovsky“ will turn out. It is good to make mint and blackcurrant leaves in advance and to stand hours five. (By the way, kvass best of all is suitable for summer okroshka traditional, without any imaginations.)

Prepare for

kvass and from white bread - it will have lighter shade and less expressed aroma. Instead of sugar often add honey or jam, or fruit to this kvass - berries, and “improve“ aroma by means of herbs, vanillin or cinnamon.

Berry kvass which was not recognized in days of old by people of the highest estate are very popular

today. From fruits (that near at hand: strawberries, cowberry, a dogrose or a mountain ash, cherry, a cranberry, currant, apples and pears) something prepares like a fruit drink. To fill in with boiled water, to insist several hours, to filter. To add sugar, lemon acid or honey (or that there to you still will want), and then to pour kvass yeast or ferment. Further - according to the recipe described above. Shipuchest and spumescence, the integral qualities of good kvass, are provided. Demand a doliv after a foam sediment!

By the way
B 1975 at the international competition in Yugoslavia drinks estimated
in ten parameters, and kvass got exactly twice more points, than the cook - Coca. And it is unsurprising: let`s not undertake to claim that it is more tasty (all - tastes differ), but advantage in it is incomparable more. It is considered that it affects a stomach as kefir, curdled milk or koumiss: calms digestive processes, destroys harmful microbes, improves a metabolism and strengthens warmly - vascular system. It is unlikely the cook - Coca will be able to brag of the fact that are its part lactic acid, minerals and amino acids, some of them are recognized as irreplaceable. It is known also that the Russian peasants always took kvass with themselves, for example, for a haymaking - it seemed to them that it restores forces. As it became clear - not just it seemed. Today scientists recommend kvass to all athletes for removal of fatigue, increase in volume of muscles, and also working capacity increase.