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Camp of the children`s mode

Improving, language, ecological, computer, adventure, theatrical... For two - three short weeks in modern children`s camp of the ordinary school student promise to turn nearly into the child prodigy, at the same time having strengthened his health. How not to spoil to the child vacation, the correspondent of “SP“ Ksenia Tatarnikova

in principle, according to the experts of the tourist market interrogated by SP found out, ideal option - to send the child in already familiar to it on the previous visits camp. Not the fact that the new place even if ideal from the point of view of the adult, it is pleasant to the little person. If there is no such opportunity, it is necessary to find out in advance carefully all details with organizers of a trip. Most often the tour operator acts as such organizer. He sells children`s rest by “package“: with the program of actions, an avia - a bus or railway crossing, an insurance and the visa (if it is necessary). The operator himself selects leaders and attendants, wholesale redeems places from children`s camps, boarding houses or hotels, thinks out, than to occupy children.

it is important to p to get to tour operator, long ago (it is not less than several years) and successfully specializing in children`s rest. Then the program most likely will be already “rolled“, without unpleasant surprises, teachers - skilled and credible, but also, on the Internet it will be possible to read responses of parents whose children already visited this or that camp. At the first meeting the manager has to offer you at choice not less than three - four camps in the interesting direction. Experts advise to set as much as possible specific questions in travel agency. How long the camp works? How far it is located from the highway or the railroad? What there beach: sand or pebble? What for the program waits for children, is what is the time given to various actions? What is included in the package price and what is paid in addition? Who will be responsible for children? How wide experience at the accompanying teachers / psychologists / leaders? How medical care and protection of camp are organized? How rooms where will place children look? How departure and arrival of group will be organized?

Krom of answers to all these questions to you have to provide to

full information on round in writing: the program painted on days including time and the place of departures / departures, the list of necessary documents, detailed data on an arrangement of camp, the menu for every day. It is possible to check all these data and to learn about camp more on the Internet, on the websites www. dety. info, forums www. camps. su and www. camps. ru. In good boarding house or hotel of children lodge in comfortable numbers at most on chetyreshest the person. The camp has to be located in the spacious green territory, near the lake, a pond or the sea, far from industrial zones. Important points to which by all means it is necessary to pay attention - who provides protection of camp and medical supervision how (by phone or the Internet) the child will be able to contact the parent in case of need. Have to protect camp round the clock, the territory has to be well fenced and lit in the evening, existence of surveillance cameras is desirable. In camp there have to be constantly a doctor and the nurse.

Theoretically, all these questions it is possible to find out and without addressing to travel agency. If to redeem the permit directly from camp, it will be possible to save 10 - 15% of round cost. But, according to experts, it is not the most optimal variant.“ Some Russian and Crimean camp really sell permits directly, - the deputy director of tourist help service “Red Phone“ Marina Sonina explains. - But, in my opinion, it is not really good idea. In - the first to go to agree to camp it is necessary to the parent, to carry the child - too. In - the second, from purely psychological point of view it from the very beginning will create to the child of a problem: all children go to camp by bus or train and manage to get acquainted in way, and yours after arrival will be a stranger. Besides, the travel agency through the representative always keeps in an operative communication with camp and keeps parents informed what there occurs. The management of camp - I know works from own experience - calls parents only as a last resort“.

Should remembering

that it is the most favorable to go to travel agency the big company: let`s tell, the person ten - fifteen children and the adult accompanying them from among people familiar to you. He in that case goes to camp free of charge (will reach, it will be convinced that he everything is all right, and will return), and do to little tourists a discount. However, if the parent sends the child alone, all the same will not refuse to him: the group with the attendant will be created by travel agency, but it is not necessary to count on a discount. The majority of camps is focused on children and teenagers of 7 - 16 years, and the permit for the child of any age costs equally.

Buying children`s tour, parents, as a rule, pay flight / moving, a transfer by bus to camp, placement and food, participation in all-camp actions, use of sports grounds, the equipment, the pool (if is), one - two excursions. The insurance, the visa, lessons of riding, driving of the car and other entertainments, popular with children, usually happen for an additional fee. Average tariff in the Russian camps - 200 - 300 rub for school hours.

Paper business
  • the following documents will be necessary for p For a trip to the Russian camp to the child:
  • the birth certificate of the child or his passport and their photocopies
  • the passport of one of parents or the trustee (and his photocopy)
  • the medical certificate (a form 079 - At) with the indication of preventive inoculations
  • the certificate of an epidokruzheniye (undertakes in policlinic at the place of residence not earlier than before three days before departure to camp)
  • the insurance medical policy and its photocopy
Month of camps
  1. Solve
  2. where you want to send the child: to Moscow area, the Crimea, to the Caucasus or abroad. depending on it demand from managers of travel agencies of selection of various options.
  3. Check
  4. offered by travel agency of camp according to reviews on the Internet. At an opportunity it makes sense to arrive independently to camp - to look, how described is true.
  5. Try to persuade the friends or colleagues to send the children to the same camp. In this case you receive a discount for each of the bought vacation packages
  6. At desire you can settle on rest near own child. Tour operators, as a rule, offer adults convenient options of boarding houses and sanatoria near children`s camps
  7. Upon return of the child from camp find out all his impressions of rest. Place your personal experience on one of the websites: thereby you will help with the choice to other parents.

the Maximum programme

is more important than a technical aspect of life of camp only its program. By and large, programs happen two types: improving and profile. Improving rest can be razvlekatelnoplyazhny (such options are famous camp of Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece) or sportivnopriklyuchenchesky - with cycle campaigns, pedestrian tourism, sports competitions at the sea and in mountains (the program of the Crimea, Krasnodar Krai, Slovakia, Hungary). Often add language training to an improving component: there is a lot of such programs in Moscow area and in Turkey.

Profile camp teach children to concrete skills and professions: to acting skills, biology, technical and to the humanities. For example, in voyenno - field camp “Morskiye Kotiki“ near Tuapse a baby is expected by life in tents, healthy army discipline, firing from different types of the military weapon, march - throws, watches, immersion with an aqualung, parachute jumps, evenings to the guitar at a fire and sea bathings. That time it in Moscow region “Kompyyuteriya“ is studied by graphic programs and a web - design and try to program.

Author`s programs of summer camps - traditionally the strongest. The collective of entuziastovpedagog, scientists, psychologists specially under such program redeems children`s sanatorium, hotel, and even a camp site in Moscow area, the Crimea, Krasnodar Krai or in foreign countries. A task - through game to impart to each child skills of socialization, to help to overcome complexes, to learn to behave in non-staff situations, to develop intelligence, to give knowledge on exact and to the humanities, languages. Such programs, though work not the first year, are usually not so untwisted as tour operator “packages“, and cost a little cheaper.

But at author`s programs the best responses on “gossip hotline“, in these camp everyone also comes back to the next summer tretiyvtory the child.“ The summer - the pressed time when children can be in time a lot of things and to much to learn on the future, - the author of one of such programs, “Says his majesty the sea“ on the Azov coast, Elena Manukyan. - A striking example - 7 - 8 - summer kids. Many of them, it appears, are not able to look after themselves, do not know how it is correct to put on, wash, brush the hair. We in a game form teach them to it, there are special games “Thanks, I Am“ and “Big Washing““.

However as practice shows, the most part of parents chooses camp, being guided not by specialized programs, and by its location. But whatever of three main directions (Moscow area, the Caucasus or the Crimea) you chose, every time should be estimated that specifically to you is offered “on the place“.

Under a wing

Situated near Moscow camp is often abused for unjustified high cost, but appreciated a convenient arrangement, lack of problems with acclimatization at children and good food. The prices of children`s permits this year begin from 12 thousand rubles for 18 day shift that is quite comparable to rest in kakomnibud “dalnezarubezhny“ camp in Turkey, Bulgaria or Slovakia. High cost in some measure is compensated by abundance of qualitative programs. One of the most interesting options of this summer, according to most of experts, - intelligence - the City of Masters camp located in 85 km from Moscow on Kiyevskoye Highway. The program includes hour of daily occupations by English with the native speaker and hour - with the Russian teacher. Besides, two more hours with children go in for informatics and one or two school objects of the choice.

Parallel part of the program - entertaining. To services of temporary residents the closed and opened pools, a sunbed, three football fields and three volleyball courts, a gym, the basketball platform, a shooting gallery, the computer hall, a dancing hall, a cinema hall, library and pavilions for work of circles. Upon termination of change to the pupils who successfully completed a language course the certificate of prestigious international language school Language Link (the member of the British examination chambers Trinity College London and London Chamber of Commerce and Industry) is issued. Two weeks of stay of the offspring in “The city of masters“ will cost parents 14 340 rub

In Rest + English camp on the basis of sanatorium “Pinery“ in 95 km from Moscow (Vladimir region) besides a hedgehog of day three time of English with teachers from Great Britain, Canada, the USA and Australia children is waited by lechebnoozdorovitelny procedures (massage, physical therapy, water procedures, inhalation, etc.) . In the territory there are several sports grounds and a gym, a tennis court and horse section. Learn to ride for an additional fee. Schedule of changes very flexible: it is possible to arrive for one week, it is possible on two or three. The cost of the permit to week - from 8 thousand rubles. At desire of parents will lodge in nearby sanatorium that they could spend part of time with the children.

To the children`s recreation camp “Protva“ in 85 km from Moscow on Kaluzhskoye Highway each change there comes the real team from the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Rescuers teach teenagers to act in emergency situations, and then check skills in game. Still there is “Presstsentr“ where children issue own newspaper and comprehend journalism elements. In Theatre + TV club teenagers test as actors, screenwriters, sound producers, make-up artists and prepare own performance. At local “Factory of stars“ and in studio of modern dance each change prepare new party of young singers and dancers. It will be possible to spend in Protva 20 days for 11 400 rub (excursions are not included in the permit).

the Caucasian orientation

Children`s vacation in the Russian Caucasus will leave even more expensively, than in Moscow area. The prices for change begin from 13 thousand rubles. Not justified, according to experts of children`s rest, high cost is explained by the fact that the number of camps in this region in recent years was considerably reduced, and land value all the time grows.“ Placement in the Caucasian camps, as a rule, not the most convenient: on six people in number, the shower and a toilet on the floor, are a little outstanding children`s programs, - the manager on children`s rest of the Solveks - Trevel company Galina Skvortsova claims. - One of pluses - five times food. And, of course, lack of need to make out to the child the international passport and the visa“.

One more local burning question - ecology. The purest the sea and beaches - near Tuapse, between Gelendzhik and Sochi. In Dzhugbe, Novomikhailovsky, Nebuge and Olginke big melkogalechny (it is rare - sandy) beaches, are a lot of greens and flowers and there is almost no exhausting heat. From entertainments and excursions - an aquapark on the coast in Nebuge, a complex of children`s attractions, picturesque port and museum of local lore of Tuapse, falls, relic rhododendrons and a box in Mamedovo gorge. by

In Anapa it is better for p to choose camp in the country - on Pionersky Avenue or in the resort settlement of Vityazevo in 11 km from Anapa. There both air, and the sea, and sandy beaches is purer.

From the Gelendzhik resorts to children most of all will be suited the Kabardian and the Blue bay. There are sandy and melkogalechny beaches, and a seabed flat and sandy - even kids will be able to bathe.

In the Kabardian, in 700 m from the sea coast, located children`s boarding house “Kirovets“ (14,5 thousand rubles for 21 - a day shift). Children live in very comfortable four-storeyed case similar to the sea liner, on chetyreshest the person in the room, with a shower and a toilet in each number. The program of camp - it is sports - entertaining. There is own fenced pebble beach, the indoor pool with the warmed-up sea water, sports and dance pavilions, a cinema hall. Daily there take place competitions and sports meets, every evening - a disco.

Absolutely other vacation are prepared for children by authors of the Its Majesty Sea program. Ozdorovitelno - educational camp “Fires of Moscow“ is on the Azov coast, near the national reserve “Spit Obitochnaya“. Children learn to listen to noise of the night sea, singing of birds here, distinguish constellations, participate in expedition to the reserve “Spit Obitochnaya“ and the biospheric reserve “Askania-Nova“. In the evening - songs at a fire, theatrical performances, discos.“ Our purpose - to teach children to communicate and feel sure, successful people, - the author of the program Elena Manukyan tells. - In camp trainings on unity and ability to be “team“, the master - classes of origami, an ikebana, the Japanese hokku are provided“. 18 - the day permit in “Fires of Moscow“ costs 14,1 thousand rubles

Independent rest

the Crimea is pleasant the democratic prices of camp nurseries (from 10 thousand rubles for 18 - a day shift), their proximity to the sea, sandy beaches and traditionally strong is informative - entertainment programs. However, placement conditions in boarding houses in comparison with situated near Moscow, and furthermore with what is prepared for children in Turkey and Bulgaria, almost Spartan: six - eight people in the room, a shower and a toilet on the floor. Inconveniences, as well as in Krasnodar Krai, are compensated by five times food.


For crossing rossiysko - the Ukrainian border to children till 14 years needs the birth certificate with an insert about the Russian nationality. And if rethe benok is more senior - the Russian passport of a new sample or the international passport. The ecological factor in the Crimea should be considered too. The dirtiest on the Crimean coast - city beaches of Yalta, Odessa and the Sevastopol bay, the purest - galechno - sandy in the resort town Sandy and in the Pike perch. To send the child it is the best of all to have a rest in camp of the western Yevpatoria or east Feodosiya. Very interesting animation programs for children are in camps and boarding houses in Alushta, Gurzuf, Yevpatoria and the Pike perch.

One of the most outstanding, according to tourist`s experts, novelties of this summer - detsko - junior camp “Mandarin“ on Hugo - the western coast of the Crimea, between Yevpatoria and Sevastopol, in the picturesque town of Alkadar (“Charisma“) in the territory of the former hunting grounds of the prince Yusupov.

Here children will have an opportunity “to try out“ the rock climbing wall, maxi - chess, the star telescope, radio studio, a photolaboratory and many other things. In “Tangerine“ even thought up to establish a web - a chamber that each parent could see the child and what happens in camp, in real time. 21 - the day shift costs 15,6 thousand rubles

Crimean camp with an old story and deserved reputation - “The Black Sea Atlanta“ in the settlement Sandy (13,5 thousand rubles in 20 days), “The pathfinder`s ring“ on the Southern coast of the Crimea (23 days - from 14 thousand rubles), “Atlantic - city“ near Sevastopol (21 days - 12 thousand rubles) .

According to the permit “Atlantic - city“ children live alternately at once in two camps with the different program. The first ten days are devoted to equestrian sport, a paintball and tourism, the second - to sea tour and diving. To the child who lodged in “The pathfinder`s ring“ on the basis of children`s Konno - a sports center “Pit“, it is necessary to become the expert of riding, mountaineering and the mountain bicycle, to learn to drive the car, to be guided by districts, to use tourist`s equipment, and at the same time in plenty to have a good swim in the sea and to visit excursions.

Before making a final decision and to pay money, surely once again discuss and weigh everything together with the son or the daughter. As if you dreamed to go to vacation to this remarkable camp, not you should have a rest there, and to the child. And the last word at the choice has to belong to it.