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The child aged from 3 till 6 months of

When to the kid is 3 months, most of parents feels sense of relief: a certain day regimen is adjusted, on some movements of the child it is possible to guess what he wants, usually at this age children well sleep at night for 6 - 8 hours. At the same time, occurs intensive nervously - mental development of children: acoustical and visual perception is differentiated, motor activity improves, the child begins to babble and murmur actively.

On the fourth month the child already raises the head from situation on a back. Lying on a stomach, he rises, leaning on elbows and forearms. With assistance of an armpit well leans on legs. The movements of muscles are considerably improved. The child tries to turn from a back sideways, to change position of a body, trying to reach a toy. If the kid during wakefulness long is engaged in toys, feels them, holds the subject enclosed in a hand, then it can be considered as a good indicator of its development. Seeking to get the toy which drew attention or a subject, the kid turns sideways, from a back on a stomach, tries to creep up to a toy, that is uses the new movements.

3 - 4 - x monthly the child long examines the hands, lying on a back, with pleasure studies them, thrusting into a mouth.

B 5 - ti monthly age e the kid opens for himself a new subject for sucking - the legs. Having taken off a sock and having thrust a leg into a mouth, he laughs from pleasure.

By six months many children can independently sit, and with support - all kids. And now they look at the world as well as adults, looking around and studying all objects and people which are coming into the view.

In high gear mental development goes. The kid by five months recognizes mother, the father, the little sister or the brother and all relatives who look after him more or less regularly. The kid reacts to tone of the speech. Without understanding words, catches the main sense of the address to him on intonation. Long melodiously babbles. With pleasure listens to melodious music, it is pleasant to it if mother reads it children`s verses. The relation to surrounding tries to express various shades of babble.

Approximately in 5 - 6 months many children begin to creep. At this time it is useful to fence off the safe place in the room and to give to the kid free rain of action. He with pleasure will creep in each corner, will feel each subject (it is necessary to think of safety of the kid in advance - to clean everything that can break, fall to it, secure electric sockets, not give it small objects and toys which can break).

B 5 - 6 monthly age in life of the kid new objects of use appear: a mug and a spoon by means of which the kid is given a feeding up. From the same age the kid can impart skills of neatness - to wash and change clothes after feeding, to wipe a mouth a napkin if it was soiled.

By six months many children begin to say separate syllables (“a pas - a pas“, “oh - oh“, “ma - ma“, “yes“, “give“ etc.), repeating them after adults. Therefore all who look after the child need to talk constantly to him, at the same time accurately to pronounce words.

the Age of 5 - 6 months is an age of formation of emotional communication. The more love and tenderness you present to the kid, the big return waits for you in the future. Be not afraid to say to the kid about how you love him, caress him, communicate with him - and the happy children`s smile will be an award to you.