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To a question of the choice of the Choosing school

school as I consider, two moments are important to divide: your child goes the first time to the first class or already studies at school, and you plan to change educational institution. If more precisely, then elementary school differs in fact from averages a little - the senior classes. And, respectively, requirements to school and criteria of its choice will also differ.


Ya it is deeply convinced (you can with me and not agree) that at the choice of school for future first grader it is necessary to choose not only educational institution in general, but the most important - the FIRST TEACHER. Look what occurs. To the first class there are absolutely still kids - not too independent who still need to be sponsored and in every possible way to look after them.

In this sense elementary school has many common features with kindergarten: children already school students, but in fact still absolutely kids. They just should adapt, get used to school, to learn to be independent, to learn to study, to fall in love to study. And only after all this, in my opinion, children will be able comprehensively to absorb new knowledge.

the Teacher is similar to the tutor in kindergarten here: almost all life of the younger school student becomes isolated on one teacher who for the pets is both the class teacher, and the teacher of the majority of objects, and the tutor, and even first the nurse. And in rather big degree depends on this only person as further school life will proceed at your child.

Of course, a lot of things depend also on school in general, and on many particulars: what program, what contingent of pupils, are how strong administration and all teacher`s structure what is conducted out-of-school work (sports and cultural) etc., etc. But if to your child does not carry with the first teacher (I apologize to all teachers and I will be expressed more softly and more correctly - if they are not able to find a common language), then very many pluses of this school will come to naught. Result: at the choice of school for the pupil of elementary grades it is necessary to choose first of all the strong teacher, it will solve at one stroke many problems.

In high and high school the situation is absolutely in a different way. Your children now skilled school students, with the abilities and hobbies. It is already focused on study as already shortly it is necessary to decide on choice of profession. And even if you are not going to move, think: whether accept you that school to which your child goes, in respect of further receipt where - or.

A is farther not to me than you to learn what to pay attention to. The program, a profile, specialization, a foreign language (languages), a gymnasium or usual, with what profound studying of objects etc. By the way, pay attention: the English school or school with studying of language according to the program of the English school are different things.

Surely learn

about prospects in respect of further receipt. By the way, at many HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS it is accepted to look after this or that school. It means that this HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION at the sponsored school will hold different events. It can be the Olympic Games, open classrooms, courses on preparation for receipt etc.

there are, of course, such situations when to choose there is nothing. For example, in the village - when one school on many kilometers around. Then what I wrote, not for you. But if the choice is, then here to you my council. At first collect the fullest information. And then choose school according to your wishes, abilities and outlooks on life. And you should not neglect opinion of the child. Or, at least, to take it into consideration...