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Hurrah! Victoria! A year later

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Well, here also passed year after all these events, historical for us, - so quickly and imperceptibly as the high-speed express! And we already everything got into the new role, life went, rather quiet, the course further, and I, at last having found minute of free time, decided to glance on the website - to remember the concerning moments endured by us such. Already definitely and surely I can sum up the results of the first year of life of our Victoria. About past tense clever people only establish the facts, and superstitious and silly - are afraid to speak not to predict something...

us year passed

U perfectly! And it not only because we were born at home, and and thanks to the fact that during this time we very seriously made friends with the greatest invention of the nature - an aromatherapy! It already thousands of years, and it still and today gives to people beauty and health. And when we once again overcome ordinary problems (like initial signs of ORZ, an uneasy dream, overexcitation, food poisoning etc.) by means of the most ancient invention of mankind - an aromalampa, we with relief take breath and we admire - as far as it is easy and simply.

It appears p aromatic oils, at their correct application, the organism cannot do much harm because they do not treat, and just on natural, to us to unknown laws, will organize internal protective forces of an organism, include immune system, adjust a hormonal background.

the First oil with which we made friends at birthday of Victoria - lavender oil without which simply we do not represent our real life. And how many times, alarmed, with the concealed fear, having noticed reduction of a lactation, Natalya rescued a situation fennel oil. Also fed after that all family... However, the problem approaches now - how further to disaccustom already rather adult daughter to breast milk? But so far it still suffers though feeding already turned into new role - became for Victoria a type of paradise pleasure.

A recently, after Easter, having come from guests from the godmother Irina (by the way, that nurse Irina about whom I already mentioned above), we came up against a situation that one of Easter eggs which I fed up Vika was insufficiently fresh. As a result - at 1:00 in the night at the daughter strong attacks of vomiting with frequency of 15 - 20 minutes began. Natalya refused flatly to cause ambulance and to wash out a stomach to the child. Diluted a fennel droplet, previously having dripped on a floor - honey spoons, in a big mug of water and gave 2 teaspoons of solution. In addition parted a droplet of extract of an artichoke and also gave to the child a tea spoon of this solution. The result - in half an hour the child quietly snuffled in a bed, and in the morning nobody even noticed traces of the night epic.

it would cost

A of what, there are no wonderful natural Swiss aromatic oils near at hand! By the way, as for our godmother Irina, so it is the separate, deserving special attention history which not without pride it is possible to call: “Ur, Mikhail!!!“ .

Irina as the professional medic, quite conservatively treated all our history which witness it became. And at the first moment when she saw all this own eyes, it was with the naked eye possible to notice its state of shock and as it appeared later, the conflict of concepts and principles. It in addition amplified the fact that her husband Valentin treats those people who also do not want to listen about any there house childbirth and in general about similar things.

But life sorted things out. Through a small period after our childbirth by all also it became so clear - Irina expects a baby. And before it and her husband there was a question - as well as where? The maternity hospital promised nothing good - the matter is that Irina has a severe short-sightedness: - 6 dioptries. And in the prenatal record directly on the face huge red letters removed a sentence - “Caesarian“. You see to rescue eyes, it is necessary to cut a stomach? And in ZhK told how cut off: “You will pout - you will not see the child...“ .

As well as what to choose? Before Irina and Valentin there was a traditional question: on the one hand - maternity hospital with its sentence, but qualified personnel and the equipment for rescue of lives, and with another - a situation with us which witnesses they became. Its favorable outcome was obvious and did not demand any proofs. It is very hard to accept responsibility on the shoulders, and they made only the decision, optimum for them, though it was hard!


Of course, I admit honestly, did not do without our “help“... We also palmed off the book, and organized a meeting with the midwife - the midwife who to them helped to make the correct decision. And why correct? Yes because all are live and healthy. And now Irina with Valentin are very grateful to all those who helped them with this hard business - to give rise to houses and to avoid Caesarian.

I it is, first of all, a merit of the midwife Valentina with an extensive experience and endurance. It assumed the main blow. It was hard childbirth. More than 30 hours there was a fight for the child. The narrow basin did not allow to pass to a head. Valentin quietly and courageously worked with the woman in labor - did massages, prayed, calmed psychologically and morally.

the Most part of this childbirth to us and is unknown to

- it remained secret. But only it became clear to all that after this difficult childbirth Irina and Valentin became absolutely other people. And now they happy eyes look at the happiness in the form of the peanut Mikhail whom they worship, and rejoice that everything passed quite so, but not differently. In total behind, all are living - are healthy and as it is fine when there is such opportunity to decide the destiny independently!

Having looked at

on it, Evgenia, our girlfriend, went to give birth to the third child to Zaporizhia to Valentin. Her daughter Elizabeth who safely was born in January of the house perfectly feels, and Evgenia with Valery cannot rejoice the daughter. And itself Valentin - the midwife - is not in debt. In January gave birth 6 - go to the child, the daughter and wishes the same to all!!!

generally “process went“...


to sum up, I will tell one - I do not urge to ignore medicine with its extensive experience. It to us is also God-given. It is just necessary to learn to estimate correctly to each person the forces, it is correct to choose and never to be afraid of anything!

Good luck are also happy