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Little pioneers of

of the House the inquisitive kid to whom there is a business absolutely to everything grows up! The summer provides to such child a set of temptations. To keep the nervous system, but at the same time not to cross the road of children`s inquisitiveness, you learn to reveal and prevent potential troubles.

of your child can be compared to a kitten by the name of Gav. That too everywhere was trapped by troubles, and he bravely walked them towards.


Most likely, to your kid it was already executed 2, but there are hardly 11. It it will not become tenacious to hold a mother`s hand any more, having seen something unusual, but also at school does not master integrals yet. The peak of children`s inquisitiveness and disobedience falls on this long period. To psychologists such patients get more often than others only because parents cannot find with them a common language. How many time can be spoken: do not go, do not try, do not touch! Only the science proved long ago: “not“ the children`s hearing passes an important particle. So mother`s warning “Do not do!“ turns into opposite and leads to the most various consequences. And when holiday comes and the child is not held down by either a framework of a kindergarten, or homeworks at school, to parents just right to clutch at the head...

Child onboard: potential dangers on travel

the Building of the station, the airport

In station vanity inquisitiveness in no time can take away the child from - under supervision: it is enough to one to hear as someone calls to his namesake by name, and it will go to a voice, another will want to look through what turnstiles and where the crew in a beautiful flight form just proceeded, the third easily will go to meet the boy with an interesting toy...

How to be? If to you needed to leave, and you travel without other adults on whom you could rely, address personnel of the airport or the station. Agree with girls from help service and ask the child to sit together with them until you finish the urgent matters. By the way, it will be interesting to any child to look where the aunt which just “on radio“ declared flights works.

Remote parts of the plane, car, ship and the equipment

One business - to play

in the train made of stools and pillows. Absolutely another - to run about and polazat on the real structure or to study how the inside of the plane or the deck is arranged. And as it is interesting to understand that lies in the cart at stewardesses! What is stop - the crane? And what will be if to pull at one of ropes on the deck or to pull for that handle on a cabin door? Why pristyazhny belts, life jackets, fire extinguishers are necessary? You can safely continue the list of questions which will come to mind to your young subjugator of the Universe...

How to be? the first this travel for the child is independent because, or not, some days before a trip in detail tell that it waits for you. Try to find the illustrated book about planes, trains, the ships (as a last resort, even the technical reference book will approach!) or watch the thematic movie. Tell why stop - the crane is necessary and why it is necessary to be fastened during take off and landing. Having risen aboard, surely show those details which you discussed. Pay attention of the child in advance, anticipate his questions, then, perhaps, during travel you will even manage to sleep.

the Toilet

Strangely enough, this object causes huge interest! The child compares, than this piece differs from habitual which he sees houses. Imagination banalities - the button thanks to which the hatch in “outer space“, directly hatch, a toilet bowl of an unusual form, the crane with the intricate feeder of water opens excite. Among stories about children`s injuries on travel stories about how in the hatch of a toilet bowl handles get stuck or legs are high on the list, there toys, footwear, hairpins usually fly. One more potentially dangerous object - a door with the difficult lock which many children just cannot open from within.

How to be? to Visit a toilet together with the child. If for any reasons the child appeared one there, do not allow to lock a door from within at all (and you stand outside and you will keep watch). And prior to the beginning of a trip explain to the child that a public toilet - start up also the interesting place, but all - serves for definite purposes and it is forbidden to forget about hygiene strictly. Tell an instructive story about the bad microbes living under a toilet bowl rim on a cover, handles and other designs. Do not frighten, but accustom to be careful.

of the Adventure in the resort:“ All inclusive“

the Buffet

When tables remind

fantastic plots about “sumptuous feast“, eyes run up even at adults. And even the quietest children it is captivated look at spits where the food, and on huge coppers and frying pans with local foods, and, certainly, on the three-storyed cakes and desserts covered with clouds of cream and chocolate is fried. Let you does not surprise that the child continually runs “behind water“ or “behind a piece a hlebushka“ and vanishes for 10 - 15 minutes. Certainly, everything that happens in restaurant, causes in it genuine interest.

How to be? One business if the kid only attentively observes how cooks cook food, - can be, the excellent chef of restaurant will grow up from it? And absolutely another if the buffet pulls down your principles of baby food at all, and passes every evening under the sign of diarrhea pills. You have three exits. Imperative: to go to tables of distribution only together, to watch what is eaten by the child, or to impose to him food independently. Declarative: since small years to accustom him to healthy nutrition, to feed with natural products without any “McDonald`s“, then there is a probability that unusual food, having even tried on a buffet, the child is will not be. And the last exit, cardinal - not to go with children to hotels where there is a buffet.

the Animation, children`s club

of Entertainment intended only for children conceal in themselves one small trick. They cannot be universal for all age, and in group pass - club or animators invite everyone to a competition. For the child it can become boring if entertainment is thought up for children is younger. And, on the contrary, it can be frightened or overexcited if it is designed for more adult children. That is, having sent the child to communicate to other children, keep in mind that he can think up some prank with boredom or return in tears.

How to be? think over entertainment program for the child In advance. Consult with personnel, learn what actions will take place in next few days and what suits the kid on age. If forecasts are unfavourable, play together this day better or go to excursion.

If you travel with the child on the car, in advance think of its safety. The car - the remarkable place for the young researcher: it is possible to press the different buttons, to open a window or to show gymnastic tricks on a back seat. To avoid similar experiments, the child has to travel only in a qualitative and reliable automobile chair.
the Disco, competitions for adults


to Parents for certain knows to

how their children adore the adult companies and talk. The intelligence of the child is more developed, the more pulls it on communication with seniors. In turmoil of hotel life ideal time for this purpose - discos, show and competitions for adult guests, other evening entertainments. The inquisitive child will not be ashamed to step on the stage if call persons interested. Many animators in these cases do not banish children, and accept them in a competition. But, alas, in such entertainments subjects of sex and relations between the sexes, including homosexualities most often rise. The child can be exposed in an unpleasant or ridiculous look, and then to you definitely not avoid inquiries:“ Why the uncle changed clothes in the aunt? Why he told it? What does it mean?“ However, even not participation, and just viewing of such shows will raise many serious questions.

How to be? Exit one: after nine - a release. Alternative option - evening walk and an admiring stars. Any distracting maneuvers, if only not to get on adult shows with little and very bright child. Even if you already discussed with it from where children, obscene jokes of animation - not the so best fairy tale for the night undertake.

the Local flora and fauna

Let say that the biggest danger to the person is constituted by the person, but collision with dumb animals not always promises kind. How many stars the hotel had, for tarantulas, skorpionchik, snakes it not an obstacle. Birds with bright plumage, exotic animal, unfamiliar and very beautiful plants conceal in themselves threat for the kid.

How to be? Teach the child to communicate with the world of wildlife at distance. Explain that to touch plants, it is impossible to pick flowers whatever beautiful they were: tell that for flowers it is sick and offensive when with them act this way. Think up similar stories about animals, insects, birds to show to the child: it is necessary to handle the nature on formal terms, then it will be kind. Explain that nobody wants to do it harm, to hurt, but also it has to concern brothers smaller even if it is snakes or tarantulas, with due respect. With children of school age together study local flora and fauna and the example show how it is necessary to behave.

the Lodge in the village: at the dacha

bed Vitamins C

Start up non-staff situations your mother or the mother-in-law go on about environmentally friendly apples and cucumbers as much as necessary, but it is impossible to allow that the child ate directly from a bed. Dirty hands together with acid rains already put a cross on this subject.

How to be? Accustom the child to wash fruit, berries and vegetables. It is necessary to begin still houses, then the kid himself will explain to the grandmother why it bears a cucumber to a sink, but not in a mouth at once. Whenever possible equip a wash basin in a garden that the child did not need to run to the house every time when he wants to eat a vitaminka. And strictly forbid grandmothers to set the child other example.

Garden wreckers

any homestead economy does not do Without them. But bright colourings of the Colorado beetle attract children not less, than fires of “Disneyland“, - and there are a wish to catch, touch, hide in a box from - under matches.

How to be? the same Recommendations, as for unfamiliar flora and fauna in foreign hotel, - be respectful to wildlife. Do not frighten the child by the words “poisonous“, “harmful“ - it will only stir interest in forbidden. Tell better what good is in these “wreckers“ and why they do not need to be offended and destroyed.

Grandfather`s tools

In a grandfather`s shed hid tools, and it is much more interestingly than children`s toys! The little researcher will want to try as the real lawn-mower is arranged for what the secateurs are necessary and how to work with an “adult“ shovel.

How to be? Locks rescue, but only in case the child is not 5 - 6 years old. More senior children cope with this barrier, pins, branches, mother`s hairpins are used. It is better if the grandfather himself shows to the child curious contents of a shed, will explain how to use it, will allow to take tools and - it is obligatory! - will explain safety measures. It is possible to begin explanations from 4 - 5 years.

Someone else`s property

Whether it be others fence, a neighbour`s cow or someone`s thrown mattock or a rake - others private property attracts as a magnet. Who in the childhood did not climb behind sosedkiny apples and did not get it hot for it?

How to be? the Child till 4 years should be controlled. He decided to borrow others not from the evil and the Criminal code did not study yet - just saw that he lies “anybody`s“, and took to play. If you are sure that neighbors will not begin to object, it is possible to feed foreign nanny-goat or to dig others shovel. It is more difficult to control more senior child. Explain to him why to take others it is impossible, and at the same time find out which of neighbors children especially do not favor and to whom often make attacks, and talk about it both to the neighbor, and to children. Having found out the reason of such dislike, you extinguish the conflict on a root.

Water world: what you should not forget on the beach and in water about

of Walk by naked child

How many doctors speak about hygiene, many parents nevertheless release children “to be aired“ on the beach stark naked. And even if you do not encourage it in the child, having seen other golenky children, your child will want to run about without clothes too.

How to be? begin to Cultivate bashfulness in girls since 1,5 - 2, with boys are engaged since 2 - 2,5. At this age they do not care for appearance yet and with pleasure houses without clothes run. Children of 2 - 3 years can explain how it is accepted to behave at people, to play a secular reception, to tell about etiquette and to concern a clothes subject. In 1,5 - 2 speak about hygiene, thinking out fairy tales about microbes which can lodge on skin and force it to scratch and be shelled.

Water, sand, seaweed

and even from coastal dirt so interesting not only to build castles Of sand, but also to bake pies, to cook a squash and then to try “cooking“. Children of 2 - 4 years with pleasure taste both water, and the earth, and seaweed, and even sea inhabitants.

How to be? to Watch the child in both eyes. By 6 years these experiences will come to naught for now you can quietly sunbathe, only if came to the beach together with other adults.

Water entertainments

the Speech not about abrupt toboggans, “bananas“, water bikes, and about an ordinary air mattress, a ball, a rubber ring... For the child it is a well of impressions. And if to jump on a mattress? If on an inflatable toy to make a hat for a bug of this cap? And if on a ball to swim for a while and pokuvyrkatsya?

How to be? the Main thing governed - not to leave the child in water of one. And also it is possible to make secure and get one circle for swimming and the second just the same - for cutting and other mockeries. Also do not forget to watch sharp-sightedly that the second circle was used only on the land and under your vigilant supervision.

Picnic on an edge: precautionary measures on forest walk


is still popular

With kids of 5 - 8 years hide-and-seek especially as in the wood is where to mask. Adults well know, than this entertainment threatens, - children can be lost.

How to be? should not Cancel or forbid game, it is better quiet and without intimidation explain why it is necessary to follow safety rules, being in the wood and playing at hide-and-seek. Strictly outline borders for game: we hide from that edge to those bushes... At the same time to you, the adult, it is better not to take part in game as the leader, and to observe from outside where children hid and to watch that they observed borders of the game field. Warn children that as soon as someone from them violates the rule, game will be right there finished - from - all will suffer for one person. And it is better to offer them not a traditional hide-and-seek, and “a hide-and-seek - maskings“ - a competition on the best masknaryad: allow to sprinkle yourself with leaves, branches, to roll on a grass, to be smeared with dirt to become imperceptible against the wood. It is better to offer clean clothes, than to worry for bezopasnostkid.