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Egypt, Sunrise Palma De Mirette 4 hotel *, on May 12 - on June 2, 2006

I Had a rest one with the son (2,2 g) . As I did not find the company, one risked to fly with the child. I am not sorry about anything, both as both went to heat, to the sea, to the sun and sand have a rest. But hotel... hm...

I Will begin

with what in hotels was full of empty seats, especially in next, through the road, “Miritt“. As the owner one in “Palma Miritt 4 *“ and “Miritt 3 *“, vacationers in 3 *, generally used services of our hotel (food, the beach, animation, sport. action). Perhaps, I am a big critic, but in 3 weeks I saw several “seasons“ in life of hotel, and at the end of May (the end of a season, many already choose Turkey, there already the sea warm) my opinion on this place strongly worsened.

hotel well-groomed, pure, beautiful, the benevolent relation and a smile had. And now about minuses which majority was described in my complaint to the manager of Palma De Miritt hotel. By the way, as then it became clear, similar letters are quite often received by the staff of hotel. And they with pleasure read them and try to correct something as far as possible.

Brought to

my baggage in number. I gave to the porter one pound. He was strongly surprised and told me that less than a dollar is not given. My answer that I have no small change, on it did not work in any way, but I did not want to give it 10 dollars for the fact that it carried by my suitcase of 10 steps and, totally, meters 20. The porter did not leave and muttered that he will wait when I give him still money. I got one more pound (at that time I did not know a course, and couple of pounds remained from last trip of my parents) and reported that any more he will receive nothing from me. Having scolded in the language, the porter left. Here our rest began with this unpleasant moment.


  1. was Cleaned normally, towels changed every day. And here the bed linen in 12 days to me was changed 1 time! Perhaps they changed it partially (a pillowcase, a bed-sheet, etc.) . But when my son incidentally dug strawberry a sheet, these spots “shone“ 5 days. Then I addressed the guide with vosprosy about frequency to change of linen. And the guide, and on a reception were struck with my words as the bed linen has to be changed every day! Naturally, after my indignation the linen was changed daily. Off. I left tip, but not every day.
  2. the Conditioner hoots worse than the plane in all numbers.
  3. is not present
  4. of the Rope or drying for linen at all in any number. It is good that I took a rope with myself. I lived as the queen, with beautifully hung out linen, unlike others which dried linen on backs of chairs or sides of a balcony.
  5. number dark, besides night lamps do not have bright lamps.
  6. by
  7. of Souls on height it is not regulated so the child was always with the wet head after “light steam“.
  8. the plate Hangs “not to disturb“ or not - - hauzkiper does not kolysht cleaners (perhaps, it in all Egypt so since the mentality brightly differs from ours).
  9. One socket did not work with
  10. , from the panel the cover came unstuck constantly. All this was corrected after my complaints.
  11. In number it was full of mosquitoes, and the fumigant injector did not help. On 4 - y day, after my indignation on a reception, sprinkled a little Raid - mosquitoes practically disappeared. And really it was impossible to prepare number in advance? At the son was both hands, and legs, and a face are bitten, ears in general swelled up from numerous stings. P. S. Balcony we did not open a door in the evening.

Beach. The sea

  1. From where fuel oil undertook - I do not know. But vacationers very often walked smack in it either bathing, or passing across the coast. Cleaned off it from a body either gasoline, or cream some special (it fights which distributed towels gave a scourge).
  2. By the way, I will tell about polotenechny mafia too. At the end of May it strongly became aggravated as earlier we did not notice it (to see, began to untwist vacationers on money). At many towels from plank beds began to vanish. We “split“ one seven Arabs (to see, work from a bichboyama together as greet with each other by hands and long communicate). And, the whole clan had a rest there: grandfather, grandmother, children, grandsons. Someone from men slowly goes on the beach, imperceptibly takes towels from others plank beds and goes further. Then the vacationer comes after a lunch or still from where - nibud and finds loss. On the first time he is forgiven and give a card. And if it once again repeats, then if you please lay out 50 paund or 250 rubles for loss. At me one Russian girl in tears asked bichboya to return her the card instead of the lost towel, but it had to lay out nevertheless money as politely refused to it (and she this day already left).
  3. O - about - was jellyfishes much. They were even caught nets, there were several days that it was even impossible to bathe. The scourge fight dug a huge hole and dug in in hundreds of these jellyfishes. To me tried to forbid to make a photo supposedly you will badly speak about hotel, but I assured them that made it for herself, for the relatives.
  4. according to the Czechs having a rest there - the beach small. For me - it is normal, all had enough place. The beach was fenced from other hotels. Sand on the beach, sand in the sea. For children very well in this plan. Nearby there was a korralovy calling, but there especially and fishes - that were not. We once swam on a catamaran ($10 an hour, but it is possible to bargain). So for an hour saw only a few pieces. And it in well-known - that the Red Sea. For fishes it is necessary to go to Charm.
  5. by
  6. On the beach the Russian girls - animators carry out gymnastics, belly dance, water gymnastics. Also nearby play volleyball and water polo (in the pool). Pools are for children (depth of 60 cm) and for adults.

Bars, restaurants

  1. of Bars about the beach that is very convenient. On the All Inclusive system the majority of local drinks is free. In 12. 30 it is already possible and to have dinner (till this time only rolls, tea, juice. Juice like Zuko, Yupi (i.e. powder) was always. And from packages appeared closer by 12 o`clock. Probably because in 12 h who are driving off handed over bracelets and any more drinks could not drink it free of charge. And juice was drunk in large quantities, especially by children. Mango and a guava were in great demand. By the way, in some hotels there was no juice in packages in general (for example, in Ali - the Woman and the Jasmine).
  2. of Bars in hotel. Took there once freshly squeezed juice. Oh, horror. It was squeezed out automatically and broken the resistance hands. And all hands of the bartender were in orange. More we did not order juice there (10 paund - 50 rub) . In the city this juice cost 25 rubles. But insistently I advise all to ask to squeeze out juice at your presence. Otherwise it will be squeezed out of rotten fruit or with a fly in addition.
  3. Restaurant. Though many called it the dining room. For breakfast there were always 2 porridges: rice and from germinated wheat. So 3 weeks my son ate one rice porridge. Ate always and did not refuse. With pleasure chewed different flakes. I ate either fried eggs, or pancakes.

    For lunch the choice from vegetables, one type of soup, meat, chicken, sometimes a liver, potato, macaroni, eggplants and still different snack was li>. Majority of dishes very sharp. I several times asked to cook neither peppered, nor spicy soup, but edible cutlets for children. It seems, my requests helped. Once to me even personally fried a liver without spices (more precisely, to my child). The dinner was quite good too.

    the Dietary table had

    no special success since. potato, carrots and siliculose haricot already were, as a rule, without pepper. From fruit gave water-melons, melons, bananas and oranges. Once in 3 weeks there were a strawberry and apples.

    Wants to add that many children had a diarrhea and temperature. It bypassed us too. And, at the same time, a difference in 2 - 3 days. Why - it is unclear. And those children who arrived for one or two weeks later us were not influenced by similar problems.

    Still I will note the moment of “earning money by hotel“. In the first two weeks of my stay in restaurant there was a titan with hot water. People approached, poured to themselves in a cup of water and took a bag of tea. Then in hotel the wild innovation appeared. Cleaned a tank with water, threw several bags in a teapot - “drink, dear visitors, chifir“. I had to go behind hot water to the bar, the bartender brought in a cup boiled water from kitchen. There is an idiocy. It is good that though sometimes the cooler with hot - cold water was exposed.

    Children`s club

    It was there, but in it there is nothing to do. There are no paints, pencils 3 - 4 cm long as all are already used up, paper ended, and within a week it did not appear, the toys all broken padded stools fragmentary, the balls which are blown off or full of holes, animated cartoons only in foreign languages. The animator complained too that save on everything. Hills plastic on the street were. Once, probably, beautiful. But now one is burst so that on it do not ride any more, and go. There is swing.

    Disco. Oh, as my son waited every day for this children`s disco. But to the management to spit that in the schedule it has to be every day. It was often just cancelled. Every 2 - 3 day the hotel earned thus. On the beach went and suggested to have supper tasty for 13 Euros. It was gathered the person 10 - 15. To them put separately little tables, invited the dancer. Belly dance was not all that well, and suits were every time different, but it is obligatory with a huge hole either on a back, or on a stomach, or sideways... faugh... in a disgusting way. The disco this day was cancelled for children (and at restaurant actively invited children). Children ate with run, run in a toilet to be in time on dances, and then explained to them that today “the kina will not be“. Other vacationers were politely seen off on other side of the pool that they did not prevent guests to watch the VIP “representation“. Where respect??? In a disgusting way.

    By the way, once even Germans shouted by a heart-rending voice as they were deceived. Invited all in “Miritt 3 *“ on opening of a huge dance floor. Promised that there will be live music, belly dance, fakirs and food, drinks in the bar it is free. When began to bring accounts from bar, shouts and abuse everything were heard. But the management forced all the same all to pay the orders. Here so earns this hotel. Ksati, besides that day children were left without happiness to dance with the favourite animator.


    . And it was? Show and a disco were indoors and at such level modest level... to a kha, kha. And the Arabs playing a drum and on something like a domra approached vacationers who held money in hand. If there is no money, then they fast defiled by. Well, it is not important that you paid All. From you will try to tear off as much as possible money still.

    Perhaps something already I also forgot, but if to whom it is necessary - ask.

    I Will finish

    with one more negative moment. In day of departure it is necessary to release number at 12 o`clock. The lunch is included, but number has to be free. Acquaintances suggested to remain with them before departure, there and the child has a sleep in the afternoon. But I needed pure towels, there was no wish to rush about to and fro. I decided to prolong number to the bus, to 17. 30. In 11. 30 I asked to clean on a reception to me urgently the room since. I will prolong it and paid $25, and till a lunch I need pure towels (a lunch in 13 h) . Promised me that everything will be executed.

    B 12. 50 we came to number - a hauzkiper there and was not. He cleaned for some reason the next room. He answered my question “why it is not cleaned“ that “you leave today“, and it is not going to clean. And it for $25 such relation? I with anger call on respshn and I say that I will come after a lunch for compensation. I hang up the plate “not to disturb“, and we with the son go to a shower. In five minutes hammered on the door several times. And repeating over and again was so strong that and there was a wish naked to jump out and knock on the head stupid or how many they were Arabs there...

    I put the son to have a nap after dinner and went to understand what I paid for. Naturally, even they did not return part of money, told that you want do, write anywhere. Yes, and they dodged the fact that at me the plate hung “not to disturb“ therefore they also did not clean in time. Here lie - that...

    is shorter than

    , we have a rest with the son well only because the main thing for us it was warm, the sun, sand and the sea. And I escaped from the Moscow allergy.