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How to choose


“Star“ system it is natural

, first of all the attention to quantity of “stars“ is paid. This general rule - than their, stars, is more (“crowns“, “suns“, “keys“, “moon“ and t. e), that the class of hotel is higher. (We speak about hotel, but not about the so-called “house of visitors“ or other category of placement - there absolutely other classification, about it see below).

But always should remember

that the three-stars hotel in Germany is not adequate to hotel with the same quantity of stars, for example, in Egypt or Turkey. Except symbols, the level of hotel is put into words or letters: for example, in Thailand it is accepted to designate hotel ** - Budget (B), *** - Medium (M), **** - Standard (S), **** - First Class (F), *** ** - Deluxe (D).

Now some hotels of very high level appropriate still luxury range or “delyuks“ (for example *** ** Delyuks - level is higher usual *** **).

By itself, you always distinguish hotels of different categories by the form - on beauty and the sizes of the building. But it is obvious that it is only external differences. And the concept “level of hotel“ includes the mass of components:

  1. the general improvement is a volume of rooms (halls, a conference - halls), existence and the number of restaurants, bars, cafe etc., finishing of interiors, existence of elevators (new / old, fast / slow, etc.).
  2. equipment of numbers - (furniture - modern, qualitative etc.) the area of number, convenient furniture, equipment of a bathroom, purity, functionality, lighting etc.
  3. service - a regularity and frequency of cleaning of the room, change of bed linen and towels, the attentive attitude towards guests, pleasant trifles like chocolates on a pillow and so forth

At whom as

“star“ classification of hotels is accepted Now by

  • practically in all countries of Europe, except for Greece, Albania, the CIS countries and some islands.


    In Greece use alphabetic references of categories of hotels. So, the letter A designates **** hotel, In - ***, With - **. Also there is a category D (Delux) - hotels of this category are equated to European *** ** to hotels.


    In the countries of Baltic also practically everywhere use “star“ system (sometimes instead of stars draw crowns). But it is necessary to remember that the quantity of stars in itself, though speaks about much, nevertheless does not give a complete idea of the level of hotel - it is necessary to study detailed cryptograms (symbols), each of which designates certain “option“ of hotel (a sauna, the pool, shop, currency exchange, a tennis court etc.) .

    As for hotels in Russia - according to the experts only about 50 hotels over all country can apply for categories from *** to *** **. As a matter of fact distinctly to imagine what is hotel of category *** **, it is necessary to visit the Moscow hotels “Baltschug Kempinski“, “Metropol“, “Sava“, “Tver Oriental Carpet of Marco Polo“, “Olimpik Penta Renaissance“ - they completely conform to the international standard *** **.

    All others do not conform to strict requirements of classification. Therefore can be referred to other categories of means of placement - to so-called “houses of visitors“ (as a matter of fact, this name is distributed in Italy, Spain and Great Britain, but not in Russia, but it is so possible to call them and at us). Their level corresponds to 1 - 3 stars, but these are not stars of hotels!


    In Great Britain for designation of a class of hotel use stars. At the same time even * it is possible to live in hotel of a class quite comfortably if you do not need to surround yourself with special luxury - all necessary for accommodation in numbers is. For designation of category of “family hotels“ (the tiny hotel belonging to one family) - symbols - “diamonds“, and for apartments (the certain apartment where you can cook food etc.) are used - “keys“.

    In Ireland system of classification of hotels same, as in Great Britain, and the level of accommodation and service at the same level.

    hotels, family hotels and apartments are classified by

    In Scotland by the same parameters, as in Great Britain and Ireland. In Wales an exception - apartments, they are classified not by quantity of “stars“ or “keys“. Here apply plates with the image of dragons and figure from 1 to 5 - on the corresponding figure which specifies category of apartments, there is a tick.

    you will not find hotel of category In France *** ** - there are only **** L (that is the class “luxury“). At the same time the hotel **** is equated by L according to all characteristics to hotels *** ** in other countries, and “2 - 3 “stars“ prefer to stay in hotels of category the tourists who chose active recreation and not applying for refinement of the place of residence - but conditions good even in these hotels.

    In Italy , as well as in France, also *** ** hotels do not happen. But if in France the hotel **** to L is adequate *** ** to hotels in other countries, then in Italy category **** + are the same ****, but such hotel offers “the raised service class“ (the prices that is pleasant, at the same time same, as in category ****).

    In Turkey , despite ardent desire and real efforts to increase comfort of the hotels, still hotel of category *** it is considered “so-so“, **** - accepted, *** ** - good, but no more. Hotels of category ** are not in great demand, and many travel agencies do not even offer and do not sell them to tourists.


    In Spain uses star classification, standard for Europe, - from * to *** **. It is better not to risk and not to live in hotels of categories “1 - 3 “stars“.


    In Malaysia and Indonesia uses “star classification“, but level of service is incomparable above, than in Europe - the hotel of category **** can be safely equated to *** ** to the European hotel.

    In the USA and other countries of America do not use the European qualifiers. Level of service and prestigiousnesses of hotel is defined by entry of hotel into hotel chains. The most expensive and prestigious - “Hilton“, “Marriott“, “Radisson“, “Forte“, “Kempinsky“, “Holiday Inn“, “Intercontinental“, “Ramada“, “Maritim“ etc. The trademark of these firms - reliable confirmation of high level of service.