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12 ways to shoot film of

Always repeat same. You call friends on a visit to boast of a bronze tan and the holiday imprinted on a brand new chamber by the sea. But in 10 minutes of viewing the audience is bored to death. Yes, operator you not the best. Let`s study! It is easy!

1. Script

it can be written in a notebook, and it is possible also in own head. It is consecutive and squeezed state everything about what you want to make the movie. It will help to stop and not to remove in time superfluous because there is “a lot of“ and “well“ - not same.

we Will assume

, you decided to shoot the movie “Happy Birthday, Darling!“.

It is possible, your scenario will be such.

Prologue. Morning. Room panorama. The hand overhanging from edge of a bed, the sleeping man - the hero of your novel (movie). The alarm clock rings. The hero opens eyes and says:“ Again this chamber instead of coffee... “

Tie. He drinks coffee, has a shave, feeds a favourite cat. He corrects a tie, gives a hand behind a portfolio … And here you speak: “It seems, I lost car keys“. (His face close up.) The general plan - he rushes about in search of keys. You tinkle before a lens keys and speak: “Happy birthday, darling!“ (Contented face of the hero, close up.) Against the closed door credits appear. (The name of the movie, as well as other suitable inscriptions, it is possible to write and remove in all screen in advance.)

Lyrical digression. you Make the photos reflecting the significant moments of his life on a video film: the golenky peanut, the preschool child, the first grader with a bouquet, the student …

action Development. Holiday table. Call to a door. First guests, vanity, congratulations. A cat on a table on the quiet stealing a small fish. Dances and games. And that there was no monotony in shooting, conduct interview with guests.

Culmination. Bring festive cake. All rise from places, congratulate. He blows out the candles. (Again applause.) His happy face close up. Gifts. The general photo - for memory.

Outcome. Gentle music. In a shot only you (it is simple to remove himself: mount the camera on a support and sit down opposite). You congratulate darling, tell the most gentle words.

Epilogue. And again room panorama. Night. Darling and a cat, having embraced, sleep. It is quite probable that during work you will depart from the plan - the scenario, but it - your basis, that core on which all plot will be strung.

2. You seize the moment.

Now you turn into the video operator and begin hunting behind interesting shots. The fluctuating curtains always on the place, and here it is necessary to hunt for a cat or the husband. It is interesting, especially on vacation: to watch for the hero at the juiciest moment when he languished on the sun. On holiday there are unexpected situations more often. Ideally, having taken a chamber in hand, you always have to be in combat readiness.

3. You hold a chamber exactly.

The less chamber, the more exactly it is necessary to hold it. The slightest trembling of hands (for fatigue, for example) - and the shot scenes will dance. Put elbows on a support (a chair back, etc.) . If there is no such opportunity, stand exactly, you hold a chamber “rigidly“, move smoothly. And it is even better to do so: removed - switched off - passed to other place - included.

you hold

of the Inscription and date which you expose on the chamber no more than 15 seconds (otherwise they will give all shivering errors).

4. Are on guard!

during shooting both eyes have to be open (one looks in an eyepiece, another observes that around occurs). It is necessary not to get into an unpleasant situation as it happened on the wedding cartridge of my friend. Present, magnificent cervine horns hang on a wall. There is a groom. Someone calls to him, it stops directly under horns. The operator gives a close up... Whether it is necessary to say that this sketch became the juiciest on the wedding cartridge …

5. Avoid monotony.

At a table guests can long have fun, and the beautiful table (pass with a chamber along a table) and only seconds on 20 - 30 (apart from toasts) - process of food is enough to show in the video movie some seconds. Then it will look easily and cheerfully. Long it is undesirable to keep in a shot one picture (for example, 10 minutes of the dances removed from one point will look boringly). Photograph dancing from different points: from far away, in crowd, from above, from below, walk around. 10 minutes will pass the same quickly.

6. Finish a plot with a static shot.

Before stopping shooting, for 2 seconds point the camera at inactive object (the smoldering coals in a brazier). It is a sign that here - the new plot here will begin.

7. Remember the last shot scene.

Beginning to remove the following episode, remember what was previous. And at the same time also listen what heroes speak about. Otherwise it can turn out so... The beach, solar patches of light on a face of the husband … He gives a hand and speaks: “Ah, I without it cannot live“... Happy look of his wife … And suddenly darling does a fastidious face: “It seems, she with a musty smell, is time to throw out“. Actually the second phrase belonged to sausage … Just it was removed after a small pause.

8. Combine different plans.

we Will assume

, the voice of the girlfriend speaks voice-over: “And what it found in this guy?“ And the chamber shows this guy in growth - it is the general plan. Then comes nearer and shows it on a belt - it is the average plan. Then the chamber takes the person in all screen (or a pocket of which the wallet sticks out) is a close up. (The winking hero`s eye - a superclose up.) Plans should be alternated because quite so we got used to look at the world. At first we take a view of everything around, and then we consider something in more detail, then we translate a view of surrounding scenery.

the Licking lips dog, a shish kebab on a skewer, a forest glade, the wood … You keep the present film story, but not registration of the facts.

9. Perebivochny shots.

the Movie is under construction so that the viewer was not in tension all the time, could have a rest. Such respite is created by “thrashing“ (flowers on a country bed, traces on sand …). They help to make smooth transition from one scene to another.

Try to choose “thrashing“ which have something in common with a movie subject. Use the special effects put as a chamber.

10. Remove correctly.

Once the lady, having seen the husband “removed“ on the beach, long laughed loudly:“ What? Really this hairy and lean - my love? To divorce, perhaps …“ Alas, the chamber will passionlessly record everything that will get into the shot. That the person turned out not worse, than in life, it is necessary to choose a shooting point correctly. If the person costs on a hill, and you remove from below, he will look as a monument on a pedestal. Thin and high it will be longer. If you with a chamber on a hill, and the person below, it turns out the pudge.

If to remove slightly from below (on cards), then the hero will have long legs. If from above from - for the heads - that a magnificent breast. Be not fond of a close up! Only kids always look charmingly … Some tactful operators adhere to the principle: than the person is more senior - the chamber is farther … (Adults - up to a breast, elderly - up to a waist, and are not closer!)

11. Consider lighting and time of day. Full persons it is better for h2 to remove

when light on them falls sideways as at frontal (in a forehead) lighting any person looks much krugly, than is actually. And here the thin person, on the contrary, does not love lateral light as it sharply marks out all defects.

12. Prepare for surprises.

Many consider

a duty to play a trick on the operator. What here can be made? To promise to remove so that will not seem a little. For some reason after that all “are under construction“ and do what you told.

Small cunnings

of Feet - reception. For performance it is necessary 100 - percentage stability of a chamber. Your girlfriend is going to leave. It, sitting in a chair, speaks:“ I disappear“. And really disappears. It becomes so: removed the first part, turned off the camera and, without getting moving forward it, you include after leaving of the girlfriend. Someone`s sudden emergence or transformation is done the same.

Dance on a palm. becomes Hera on a knee and gives a hand at the level of a breast palm up. Fades as a statue. The heroine departs from it meters on 10 - 15 and fades. Your task: having sat down and looking in a chamber, to combine heroes so that the girl was standing on his palm. Then turn on a chamber and, removing, ask it to turn round and round, as in a waltz, right on the spot.

Dangerous trick. your son goes by bicycle. You abruptly incline a chamber and remove. In record there is the most dangerous descent from the abrupt mountain. Only you watch that the house or a tree did not get into the shot, under such corner it will look unreal.

of the Inscription and signature. Print (or write a felt-tip pen) credits, comments, etc. in advance, and during shootings take a close-up of the text - when what it is necessary.

Round-the-world travel can be feigned. On a wall (or the big white screen) you project slides (Niagara Falls, subtropics, Antarctica - that is pleasant more). On their background you carry out shooting. Only do not forget that the clothes have to correspond to a “slide“ season.