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Quite often it is necessary to see expectation with advantage of

in policlinic of turn. Test, I will directly tell, not for the faint-hearted. Mothers all are excited, children ache or rush along narrow corridors. Books are already read, toys do not please long ago. This time Is for some reason rare use with advantage. And there is a mass of games for which at most that is necessary - a sheet of paper and a pencil.

In - the first, of course, games in words. I speak: “Water-melon“. Child: “Tooth“. And so on, all know this game. It is very good not only that expands a lexicon, learns to play by rules, to wait for the course, so also develops phonemic hearing. However, to play it with the child is younger, the patience is required, it is only clear to adults that tooth “would“ come to an end on, and banana and a roll begin with it.

Can be played words on one letter. I speak: “Cake“, child: “Stool“. ß: “Dough“, child:“ Notebook“. It is possible to play birds, animals, vegetables, professions, flowers, trees, the cities, the countries. Simply we call, for example, all known fruit. The choice of a subject depends on age of the child. It is possible to allow to repeat already told names - so the kid will quicker remember that except a crow, a sparrow and a pigeon there is a crossbill, a halcyon, a kiwi.

Still can be played literary heroes, fairy tales, with those who are more senior in writers. Kolobok, Buratino, Small Torments, Kurochka Ryaba, grandfather, woman, swineherd, Ellie, Bastinda... continue, let the child strain memory.

“What happens blue?“ I speak: “BLUE paint“, child: “The BLUE sky“, I: “The BLUE sweater“, child:“ BLUE boots“. It is clear, that then it is possible to play in red, yellow, multi-colored. When bothers, undertake for high, heavy, short, kind. It seems what is very primitive? In 4 - 5, and even in 6 years, not always at once it is clear that there are heavy clouds, a genial sunshine, an easy problem. And just wooden it is hard to list, for example, all. Well that happens wooden? Whether you for a long time will be enough?

to play in “Edible - inedible“ it is optional to p to have a ball (though with a ball, of course, is more cheerful). It is possible to agree on “edible“ to clap, and on “inedible“ to put hands on the head. For the three-year-old child also this game will be enough, those who is more senior can diversify:“ Flies - does not fly “, “ Water, the earth, air“. All these games develop attention.

The the child is more senior than

, the more interesting to it to be as the leader. In “The fourth superfluous“ can be played: dog, cat, milk, cow. Aurally this not so simple game, at first it would be quite good to learn to play in it houses with use of pictures. My children very much liked to think out tasks in this game.

A you remember ball game “I know five... names of boys, girls, names of animals, names of the cities“? Very useful game, both develops motility, and speed of reaction. But it is possible to play that - and without ball.

“To you the mistress sent to

hundred rubles. Black and white do not take and is not present, you do not speak. You will eat on a ball?“ We in the childhood often played with friends this game. Now in it children play with parents if parents remember it. And as it is interesting to 6 - 7 summer kids, and the attention, besides, in game develops.

Well, and in the presence of a sheet of paper and 1 - 2 pencils you in general can not notice expectations. Games weight. All very useful. “Crosses - zeroes“, “Sea battle“ to Take the long floor, for example, of T of P And of K T of O P and to think out from these letters new words - cancer, a cat, current, the act, a mouth, a company, a mole.

A “Nonsense“! However, this not for policlinic - too loudly children laugh. Rules are simple. It is necessary to answer the questions “who?“, “where?“, “when?“, “What Did / Does?“ in turn. It is possible to expand the list of questions. The first writes, wraps a leaf that it was not visible that there is written, the second respectively writes below (on not wrapped up part of a leaf!). What turns out - yes full nonsense!“ The boy in Africa flies in the summer “, “ the Uncle Stepa in a bog painted yesterday the house“.

Still “Gallows“ was - remember? Great-grandmother of “Field of wonders“.

my children do not miss neither in a traffic jam, nor on the way to a garden or shop, at the dacha in rainy weather. One game will bother - we undertake another. And there, you look, and the turn approached, the rain came to an end, came back home and it is possible to stand on the head, to stamp legs, to shout in all throat - it will prevent nobody any more.