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Sanatorium for the child. Spring - the Crimea - Yevpatoria: Entertainments of

of Entertainment

as the cultural program to go with the child in Yevpatoria especially is no place

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  • . We were in a dolphinarium twice. Very much it was pleasant to Ksena therefore - twice. By the way, in the spring the ticket in a dolphinarium costs twice cheaper, than in the summer. The child till 5 years - it is free. Were in Gold Key theater. But, there not really it was pleasant to me. Children play. For children`s theater very not bad, but in general, of course, nonprofessionally. Rode in the central park the embankment: pony, machines. In the same place - a set of attractions, sufficient for the three-year-old, a Ferris wheel. Of course, rode by the sea motor ships. However, unfortunately, with the small child it is hardly worth counting on other excursions, too far and tiresomely.

    As a hobby we with the husband found

    very decent restaurant. As in dream, it is better than others Moscow both on kitchen, and on service, but is much cheaper. Small constant tip quickly made us exclusive clients. We had dinner there every day while we lived on the apartment. Came later. As a rule, sat in absolutely empty hall. In the evening - live music. Fountainlet with the pool and small fishes in a huge aquarium. Tell, in the summer at this restaurant turn on an entrance, but promised us that we will be passed always.

    That else in Yevpatoria very much was pleasant - purity. Everything is well-groomed. It is green. It is fresh. In difference, from madly dirty Anapa in which we were same summer in August. In Anapa, by the way, more expensively much more at the worst service. After a successful trip to Yevpatoria, we went to Anapa to meet my parents who did not want to go to have a rest to Ukraine. We left with them Ksenya at the sea for three weeks. All our two weeks in Anapa I thought only of quicker to leave. Thank God, still tickets managed to buy in advance.

    the Invitation

    this year we are going to Yevpatoria, most likely, again in sanatorium again. In what it is concrete, I did not solve yet. Let`s go in the spring, perhaps, even even earlier, than last year. At relative low cost it is good there. The hardest neurodermatitis at us passed in one or one and a half months completely, contrary to all fears of doctors. This charge was enough to the late fall. It is necessary to notice that it was our first long remission without drugs in three years. Since April of last year we forgot what is hormonal ointments and antihistamines. It is necessary to add, however, as to the Crimea, and after we were observed at the immunologist and took courses of immunostimulators.

    it became gradually worse than

    In Moscow, but all the same the state is still better, than last year. However, the main thing, the hope appeared: perhaps, the second trip will help us even more. I will be glad if somebody decides to join us. I will surely answer if you have questions. Health to you and good luck!