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Usually birthdays we celebrated the seventh birthday of Katyushki

to the daughter in children`s clubs. So it seemed and to us it is simpler, we still have the second small child, and the number of children is almost not limited since in a garden it was accepted to invite all group (15 people). And this year the daughter herself asked to arrange a house holiday. I was long tormented with doubts - whether it will be possible to organize everything at the good level, to interest children? These and other different thoughts haunted me almost about the day of “X“ :).

On preparation is sent away practically by all evenings for 3 weeks. The Internet - the irreplaceable assistant! How many the websites are seen how many information it is digested, separately thanks 7 - to yanka, your councils very much were useful to me!


In two weeks prior to the appointed date we thought up design and printed out invitations. The daughter distributed them at school. I already by that moment managed to talk to parents of children to plan convenient date, t. to a month May - very busy in this to year at ours 7 - a letok in connection with preparation for a holiday of the first participle.

On the eve of birthday we with the father decorated the room with spheres, banners. The effect was tremendous! Children rejoiced and asked not to destroy furniture the whole week. On an entrance door hung up too spheres that it was simpler to guests to find the house :).


Guests all arrived in time. I slowly once again took an interest at parents about a possible allergy to some products. But the Belgian mothers very quietly treat health of the children therefore on my question: Whether “Ice cream is possible for all?“ having rounded eyes, answered with a question too: “And why is not present? It that, special some?“ .

After delivery of gifts, children sat down at a holiday table and were treated with fruit salad, at the same time played guessing of fruit on taste blindly.

the Game “Search of Candles“

began Then

game in search of candles for festive cake. Figure 7 was a subject. Tasks were different, simple more difficult, were followed by riddles, cheerful charades.

For example

  • Children found 7 animals who live only in Africa (toys were “hidden“ in a drawing room, and at one of them the candle packed as candy was hidden in a pocket).
  • we put
  • In a big box 3 different designers: not only Lego, but also 2 others. It was necessary to construct 7 towers (too there were 7 children). Everything was complicated by the fact that designers were different, and it was difficult to find the necessary detail. And at the bottom of a box the candle was hidden too.
  • were Found by 7 baseball caps in a garden, the seventh was put on by my husband (the candle was under it). One boy quickly thought where to look for the last cap :).
When all candles were found

, we solemnly brought festive cake. Ate, and again to play!

the Game “Guess the Word - a Surprise“

This time game consisted in the following. We prepared a surprise, cake - ice cream. I wrote this word on paper and cut it on letters by the principle of puzzles. Children were divided into 2 teams, competed and received for each victory on a letter which finally put everything together and learned what expects them!

As with weather that day to us in this eternally rainy country surprisingly was lucky

, all games were played in a garden. It were sack-race, a mummy, drawing blindly, forfeits and other.

Cake went on “hurrah“! The subject was ordered by the most imenninitsy - The Lion King. In reality it was decorated, however, a little differently, than in the catalog, much more simply, I was even upset when saw it. But taste from it did not change, and children in eager rivalry asked who with a palm tree, to a lump with a floret, an imenninitsa got a piece the king - Lev :). Generally, all were satisfied.

In free flight

In spite of the fact that I had still a heap of different preparations of games and quizes, children thought out to themselves games, and even played the fairy tale “Sleeping Beauty“ where the imenninitsa got a role of the beauty, and boys argued for a role of the prince for a long time.

At this time we with the husband relaxed a little, my tension, at last, fell down, the younger child (3 years) too actively took part in games, but most of all he liked to clean slowly mine “a magic sack with stock“, spryatashis far away from us :).

the Lottery

occurred small hitch Here. For a lottery we inflated spheres of all possible flowers, by the number of children (7), and I suggested everyone to burst a ball of the favourite color... It turned out that favourite color at all identical... blue :).

Generally it became already clear to

when at a table dispute to whom what spoon, the tubule for drinks is pleasant more began. Here the solution was found quickly, so spoons and tubules I bought providently in a large number, and as a result everyone received the desirable.

Curiosity nevertheless won against

, and children polopat spheres regardless of color. And here and parents began to approach.

in conclusion

Each child left home with a suvenirchik (we thought up to attach a small paper heart with the text “thank you that you were on my holiday...“ ) and kindersyurprizy.

of Cleaning after a holiday was not per se, we spread out things in places, and the cloth and ware were disposable that provided us the rest of evening quite free.

the Daughter before going to bed, having embraced me, admitted: “You are the best mummy on light! Thank you with the father for such wonderful holiday! Give the next year also other children we will call, too very much it will be pleasant to them!!!“

At that moment if it is honest, I was not sure at all that I will decide on similar once again. But already in couple of days, on a habit, began to look on the different websites again and to be interested in other scenarios for the next year :).