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The summer in the city of

Came long-awaited summer, and together with it there was a painful question again: how to spend summer in the city with the child if there is no opportunity to leave for all season on the nature or to send children to the grandmother to the village?

All my friends and acquaintances having children monotonously and in monosyllables answered with

this question and without special enthusiasm stated the ideas which essence was reduced to the fact that it is necessary to walk more. Walks in parks, driving on attractions, a swing - roundabouts, campaigns in a dolphinarium, a zoo - here the cultural program - a minimum.

However, there is no wish to roll all summer a carriage on paths of park, and is more senior to send children to walk to the yard and every day you will not go to a zoo.

wants to be carried out Summer actively, cheerfully, interestingly and with advantage, especially in the city. First of all, it is necessary to stop thinking forever about what in the city is boring, dusty in the summer stuffy though it partly and so, but let`s find in all things and the phenomena only good. And that can be better than summer.

Preferring not to despond and work with

, I decided to find alternative options of rest with children in the summer in the city. My purpose was to find such place where children could receive as much as possible opportunities for development, creativity and, of course, entertainments.

Such place in Moscow is! It is the family center “Oho - the City“. Exactly here I could find what looked for, and even moreover.

easy and quickly reached

Ya from the North of Moscow to the Danilovsky shaft (the metro station“ Tula“), in the summer of cars in the city less it is also possible to move rather freely, by the way, it is one more advantage of summer in the city. Having left the car on the parking, we come in “Oho - the City“ (we are I and my kids, 2 and 5 years) and at once we are included in the most present fairy tale - around us paint of all flowers of a rainbow, children`s laughter, toys, it is a lot of everything that eyes run up.

we appear

On the first floor near a playground “Cheerful port“ where together with clowns children run on the deck of the ship, jump on big balloons, play sea pirates and stage contests. My senior in a trice becomes a pirate and departures on the Treasure island to look for a magic treasure.

Near “Cheerful port“ - Creative little tables.

For example, the princesses sitting at a little table “Shkatulochka“ do jewelry of various beads - cool ringlets, earrings, bracelets, a necklace, even handbags turn out. Together with the teacher my daughter made a wonderful bracelet of pink beads.

Enormous popularity at children the little table of “The fairy tale of the paper lock“ enjoys

. Probably, because usually even does not come to mind what tremendous things can be made of simple paper. It is possible to create hand-made articles on already ready samples. But, the main thing, it is possible to dream and think out everything.

So far my children with enthusiasm went about

the own business, I sat down for a little table in “Cafe“ nearby and regaled on the most tasty oxygen cocktail, and all mine were in the public eye - in “Cheerful port“ there are a survey window and small windows through which parents see everything that happens on the platform. Very conveniently.

having Much played enough, we went to have dinner to the second floor in family cafe “House of the Orange Cow“ and settled down in the green hall: around us the calfs drawn on walls flew, and under a ceiling white glass cloudlets floated. On the big screen showed animated cartoons from which sound is hidden in wireless earphones. Children put on them at once and went to play to the small platform right there in cafe.

was easy to be Ordered in cafe of a dish for children and simply - in the menu they are marked out by birdies. And I very much liked okroshka from the new summer menu. At cafe the School of little Confectioners “Tyap - the Mistake“ is open. Under the leadership of the confectioner children and parents do by the hands cakes, bake gingerbreads and mold marzipan toys. We have dinner nourishingly and tasty for 1000 rubles, and my kids received as a gift on a ball of tasty ice cream what they very much were delighted to.

Then we went to the third floor where the creative, developing and sports studios for children from 1 year to 8 years in which studies are continued also during the summer period are located. Careful administrators told about various occupations which we can visit and, frankly speaking, we did not know that to choose - there was a wish to be engaged in all everywhere and at once. As a result my five-year-old son went to the Planet of little designers in the Campus, and I left the two-year-old daughter on care of three tutors - teachers of Club of early development “Oho - Years“ - the children`s psychologist, the folklore teacher and the choreographer. Three hours of the most fascinating occupations with which my daughter was delighted, and after much persuasion and beliefs that we surely here will return the daughter managed to be taken away.

the son with pride showed to

After return from the Planet of design own work - the plane from a tree and declared that it still should come to occupations to a game workshop where he will be able to make the paper helicopter.

So far my children created

and developed, I studied the range Oho - Shop are two floors of children`s toys, clothes, footwear, cosmetics, carriages, books and goods for children`s creativity.

By the way, it is necessary not to forget to bring in Oho - the City one my pregnant friend - in Club of future parents “MOTHERS - studio“ she will be able to practice yoga of which she dreams since became pregnant and courses of preparation for childbirth will help it to feel confident and learn everything that future mother has to know.

All children who come in Oho - the City to occupations receive the invitation to a cup of tea in cafe. After classes we with pleasure went to the first floor to “Cafe“ and to tea ordered the most tasty desserts which confectioners of cafe prepare. And here in “Cafe“ the conjurer appeared: children watched wonderful transformations, and I sent sweet cakes to their open mouths.

Remarkable summer day in Oho - the City ended with

. With new knowledge and bright impressions we go home to sleep.

On Saturday we will get up a bit earlier, in the morning in Oho - the City a performance...