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Bring that is I do not know that... change of taste during pregnancy of

If the woman complains that she adored coffee earlier, and now from one smell she feels sick, earlier half an hour left to smoke everyone, and now by a smoking-room run runs, the question will be the first answer it: “Darling you, incidentally, is not pregnant?“ And how doctors explain such sharp change of perception of smells and taste?

Exotic culinary addictions of future mothers and sharp change of their tastes were noticed by

for a long time. Who did not hear jokes about the husband who nearly in a pajamas runs to look for at night peaches or pickles for the pregnant wife... The passionate fan of salty cucumbers during this period can turn into the thorough sweet tooth, and the lover of chocolates, ice cream and jam suddenly will want to eat all salty and sharp. On survey conducted by Cow & Gate product company it turned out that more than 60% of pregnant women feel an invincible attraction to mixing of absolutely incompatible products. Among them - a lemon with salt and pepper, the ice cream and chips filled with mustard and a set of other combinations.

“If to speak about smells, then all first trimester I could not transfer kitchen smells, especially sharp, such as smell of fried onions at all. And in general sense of smell so became aggravated!. “

“And I during pregnancy conceived a liking to smell... soap! Usual children`s, I want to eat it directly! And still (the daughter is 10 months old), when I open a new piece of soap, I will surely lick it few times...“

“The beginning of my pregnancy was the share to

of the end of spring - the beginning of summer when all open window leaves. Sense of smell became aggravated so that I could tell without effort what dish is prepared in each apartment - from the first floor on the twelfth“.


“Earlier to me liked spirits with heavy flower aromas. And in the first months of pregnancy I began to hate them and fell in love with light, fresh smells...“

we Will try to understand why and from where there are all these addictions. There is no uniform and harmonous theory in this respect. There are some of most popular points of view.

under the sign of progesterone

the Theory “accusing“ progesterone of all whims of pregnant women - the main (all other theories speak in general about the same, but in other words).


at the beginning of pregnancy in a cerebral cortex forms a so-called dominant of pregnancy which promotes readiness to take out and give birth to the child, and also provides a psychological spirit of the woman.

the Dominant of pregnancy is the center of excitement in a brain arising at an ovum, pregnant after an attachment, in a mucous membrane of a uterus, caused by continuous receipt of signals from a uterus in a brain. At the hormonal level the dominant is supported by the increased production of progesterone.

Hormone progesterone is synthesized by ovaries, a placenta and bark of adrenal glands. From the moment of an attachment of fetal egg to a wall of a uterus the strengthened production of progesterone which promotes pregnancy preservation begins (suppresses activity of smooth muscles of a uterus; influencing the central nervous system, supports the created pregnancy dominant; stimulates preparation of mammary glands and growth of a uterus; suppresses reaction of rejection of fetal egg). Content of progesterone unevenly grows in mother`s blood, increasing twice to 7 - 8 - y to week, and then gradually increases till 37 - 38 weeks.

Decrease in level of progesterone indicates

existence of pathology of pregnancy and demands replacement therapy; increase in level of hormone indicates existence of a renal failure (violation of its removal). Production of progesterone completely stops only at far come changes in a placenta, for example at the stood pregnancy.

to active increased level of progesterone can attribute to

the most basic changes during pregnancy, and it starts the cascade of biochemical changes in an organism. It starts so-called “search engine“ for stay in a body of mother of necessary resources of the endocrine and vegetative nervous 1 system for ensuring development of normal pregnancy. In other words, this hormone defines what is normal and what in deficiency, and builds “program“ to liquidate all deficiencies. As a result the organism of mother is given command to satisfy deficiency, causing the necessary requirement. For example, at shortage of calcium there is a desire to eat chalk, at deficiency of ascorbic and folic acid - green vegetables, at shortage of vitamins of group B - desire to drink beer. At the same time the searcher watches that the woman did not eat anything that will be harmful to her or the child. For this purpose in zheludochno - an intestinal path there are such changes which facilitate process of rejection of food improper at present and prolong process of processing suitable.

Possible failures

However not always the situation is so simply. When in an organism of the woman there are hidden violations of exchange processes, the team of “searcher“ can be paradoxical, i.e. such which instead of elimination of deficiency promotes its strengthening. As a result the vicious circle turns out. For example, in an organism there is not enough iron, and the woman against serious anemia (decrease in amount of hemoglobin) has a specific metal taste in a mouth, but at the same time it has a disgust for meat though consumption of meat could would like partly to help to solve a problem of the broken iron exchange. In such cases the only exit is vitaminno - mineral complexes. Though sometimes and on them there can be averting olfactory reactions. Why there is a similar phenomenon - so far a riddle which still the science should solve.

before we told

about addictions which in general do not threaten mother`s life, however in early terms of pregnancy some women have a desire to eat inedible products: chalk, clay, sand, lime, earth. Some are very much attracted by vapors of gasoline, acetone and other volatiles. The similar phenomena, fortunately, are rare. Whether it is necessary to satisfy such addictions? Of course, you should not meet such desires. Also they are called besides by “team“ of same “searcher“. If such desires have steady character, it is important to visit surely the doctor since they are caused by neurochemical changes in an organism. Possibly, vapors of so harmful substances influence in some way work of a brain: the organism so reacts to the changed balance of processes of excitement and braking. But future mother cannot meet it desires at all, harmful couples can have the spoiling effect on the formed fruit. The doctor in similar cases corrects a situation purpose of the preparations improving exchange processes in a brain (glycine, glutaminovy acid, vitamins).

So, hormonal reorganization of an organism strongly influences flavoring preferences (desire of one and disgust from another). According to the world famous doctor of medicine of Michele Glisman, “these excentric hormones which rush on an organism in the first three months of pregnancy, cause whims of taste“.

Protective reaction

Samuel M. Flaksman and Paul Sherman declared that nausea, vomiting and the changed flavoring addictions during pregnancy carry out salutary function: it is the natural mechanism of protection of mother and a fruit from the disease state caused by food and also protection of a fruit against harmful substances which can negatively influence formation of its bodies and fabrics. Their conclusions help to explain why many pregnant women begin to have disgust for meat, some vegetables and drinks containing caffeine at the beginning and give preference to products with ill-defined taste. According to Sherman, by means of disgust for food also protection against the toxins produced by microorganisms and others teratogenny (causing defects of development of a fruit) is formed by the substances.

At the same time in the first three months of pregnancy of a cage of an embryo are differentiated by

and begin to form structures. The teratogenny substances which are contained in some plants can adversely influence these developing structures and systems of bodies - hands, legs, eyes and the central nervous system - during a critical stage of formation of new life; their components can have negative effect and on the course of pregnancy: for example, parsley can cause reduction of a uterus, provoke interruption threat. Not incidentally the pregnant woman`s organism often refuses spices.

intuition Whims

Knows that tastes and desires of the pregnant woman change. The nature supplied future mother with so-called “food intuition of the pregnant woman“. Modern dietology, medicine and biology have no full information on absolutely healthy nutrition of the pregnant woman. Only the basic principle is known: food has to be various, the most useful and containing the minimum quantity of the processed and artificial products. In the first trimester of pregnancy there is an active reorganization of an organism and its adaptation to a new state. Now the requirements through mother are stated by the child, demanding minerals, vitamins and nutrients, useful to it. Both mother, and her family should reckon with it, providing passionately desirable products. However here, as, reasonable approach is pertinent anywhere. It is important to listen to the desires, but satisfy them in reasonable quantities.

So whatever was behind so strange addictions of pregnant women, to them should listen and sometimes really to think of what deficiency our “whims“ try to liquidate. Scientists recognize that some cases of flavoring preferences cannot be explained. And anyway - do not force themselves to eat what is considered “good“ for you if you do not want it.

What to do if there is a strong wish for something harmful and does not pull on useful at all? When flavoring and olfactory addictions frighten by
  1. , dement or do not allow to lead normal everyday life, see a doctor.
  2. If you something very much want
  3. , then bon appetit! But you remember reasonable doses and rationality of requirements. For example, if sand is hungry you, then, of course, you should not do it.
  4. Be picky
  5. at desire to try new. Then it is unlikely you get poisoned with something or “will get“ an allergy. For a start try to find out structure of so attractively smelling product.
  6. is always important to be remembered that whims or whims - your personal record, they should not become a reason for offense, tears or even a depression. Your relatives are not guilty that they did not guess what you wanted for lunch today: try to speak about your addictions, discuss them - and it will be more understanding. the Pregnant woman sometimes it is difficult for li to please
  7. therefore try to treat yourself with humour: it will help best of all!