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In WEB - designers from scratch of

Amount of new vacancies in the section web - the master on the websites of recruiting agencies reaches several ten a week, the level of salaries from $600 to 1500. But also requirements to these experts - serious. Whether it is possible to receive this professions on courses?

Artist or technician?

from other spheres (designers - fashion designers, landscape designers, interior designers and dr) WEB - the designer distinguish technical mentality, ability to work with difficult computer programs and tendency to programming From the colleagues of designers.

After the termination of specialized courses on WEB - design you will be able:

I all this can be mastered for only 30 - 40 class periods! Such is duration of courses in most cases. There is only one “but“. To become web - the expert it is necessary to be the expert in computer. On courses take only those who correspond quite concrete

to requirements.

the Beginner of web - the designer ALREADY has to know:

From the very beginning?

of Web - the designer - the expert who is responsible for structure and “face“ of the Website. Creation of the model, development of navigation, creation and optimization of all graphic elements of the website - from simple buttons to interactive flash - banners belongs to its duties.

gaps in knowledge Are? Anything terrible. In most cases on courses will offer you separate programs which will help to be prepared for the course Web - design in the best way. For a start, for example, it is possible to pass, basic computer preparation (Windows, Word, Excel, the Internet). Study will occupy on average about 40 class periods. Many consider, as so perfectly work in these programs, but on courses will train in all subtleties about which you also did not suspect. Cost is, as a rule, small - from 2500 to 6000 rub. The following step - development of the Adobe Photoshop program allowing to edit photos and pictures, to work with raster graphics, to use various visual effects. Without knowledge of this program in web - design - anywhere. And there is nothing difficult in it. Listeners of different age, even … children perfectly cope with it.

“We have specialized courses for school students and pupils of colleges, - Tatyana Tilikina, the director of NOU NUP “BOKIS“ at MGTU of Bauman tells, - children come with 5 - go a class. At first we train them in a gentlemen`s set - Windows, Word, then the Adobe Photoshop program. They learn to work with images, bring the photos, change a hair color, draw hairdresses, delete excess details, learn to create various graphic effects. It is very interesting, however, subtleties very much that to work to have with tension. On the course web - design there are not everything but only those to whom it really wants to master this profession“.

One more thing which knowledge to future web - the designer is necessary - language of a hypertext marking of HTML. The documents in HTML format (page) uniting the text, drawings, and also containing references to other pages or files - a basis of any website. Some courses, for example “Expert“ at MGTU of BAUMAN - offer this course to listeners as the separate program before studying of web - design. In the majority of cases studying of the HTML language is included directly into the general course web - design.

of the Program - at choice

A listeners who? the Age is unlimited
- from 15 - summer teenagers to people of pre-retirement age. Some courses actively work with school students, taking separate groups of teenagers (“Bokis“ at MGTU of Bauman). Others are more focused on adult audience (“Specialist“ of MGTU of Bauman, “Microinform“). The third train both those, and others (The center of additional professional education and certification).

without having preparation according to the listed programs, design to you it is not necessary to go on web at once - you will just waste time and money - too much will be unclear, and teachers will not begin to explain bases “from scratch“. Schedule of occupations and so very dense. In principle it is possible to have basic training and to master Adobe Photoshop on one courses, and a web - design on others. But it is more expedient, more convenient and more favorable to choose courses where all these programs are provided from the financial point of view. They can be passed separate modules. For example in “Specialist“ of MGTU of Bauman such system. The person himself defines a set of programs depending on the level of the knowledge. In Mikroinform Training center other - the three-level system of preparation including the basic program (HTML, Adobe Photoshop, bases of work with HTML - editors), profound preparation and even Web - programming. Some courses offer individual training in web - to design, thetas - and - thetas with the teacher (Heraclitus training center, FPK ITR MAI). At last, there are programs for type “all inclusive“. For example, in the Center of additional professional education and certification the course makes 500 class periods …

“Our program is designed for beginners - people who are not able to work with the computer at all, - Elena Vorobyova managing educational department of the Center of additional professional education and certification tells. We train them in all - from Word to specialized design programs. Upon termination of we grant not the certificate, but the diploma of the state sample on vocational training, retraining or professional development“.

“Generally to us listeners of two categories come, - Marina Potarenkova, the manager of Mikroinform Training center tells. - In - the first, it is the staff of the large enterprises who needs to improve skills for the solution of any task - for example, control of work of web - the website of the company. The second category of listeners - the people wishing to receive a fashionable and demanded profession for short term. In 90% of cases they expect to find after courses work in the specialty, a little, who goes on web - design “for himself“.

according to teachers practically all courses, men and women in groups approximately equally.

this work is convenient to

For women - she can be engaged successfully and at home, in combination with education of children.

the Schedule of occupations - flexible

the Courses interested in clients offer

the most different forms of study. Try to provide occupations in the majority of the centers at any time...

“Our course on web - design makes 8 lessons - 32 class periods, - Anjelica Fomina, the administrator of the educational Bakuninsky complex tells. The mode of occupations can be any - morning, day, evening groups. There is a form of intensive training - listeners are engaged daily 5 days a week, on 4 class periods, except Saturday and Sunday. For visitors from other cities we will organize the superintensive program on 8 class periods daily. Also individual training in the special schedule is provided.

it is simpler and simpler than

In “Microinform“ - three one or three weeks of the program. For 5 days everyone. In the Center of additional professional education and certification for adults occupations in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening - daily within a month are provided. School students are engaged in the second half of day, 2 times a week on 3 class periods about 2 - x years, as they say, not to the detriment of the school program... And in NOU NUP BOKIS at Bauman`s MGTU seniors study on the contrary, in the first half of day - from10 to 1 o`clock.

- design to web - mastering

the Theory and practice on the courses web - design - are connected by

From web indissolubly. The teacher explains work with some program, right there on computers listeners master it. About 60% of school hours are occupied by performance of practical tasks. All training takes place behind the monitor screen. Therefore at the choice of courses, take an interest how many computers in a class and the person in group. That it was not necessary to stand in a queue. It will be heavy to study, especially to humanists. The volume of knowledge - impressive. Even to master subtleties of language of a hypertext marking of HTML, to learn to work professionally with the graphic Adobe Photoshop CS (8) editor and to receive skills of work with special HTML - editors it is necessary to try - and it only the beginning!

to create web - the websites of the companies with the thought-over structure, convenient navigation and uniform style of registration it is necessary to master methods of difficult imposition and configuration of web - pages, optimization of images in the GIF and JPEG format, to application of cascade stylesheets (CSS), registration of hypertext references, prototyping of the website taking into account ergonomics (web - usability), to creation of animation elements and banners and much, many other.

to Everyone - on forces?
Teachers of courses claim that lagging behind according to the web program - design - unit. In total - people come prepared. In - the second, web - design all this is not web - programming and at big desire can master it even the humanist. It is good if the person has an art education - big plus, but in practice rather just good taste and there is a little imagination.

are cost Independently by disciplines of the marketing plan - advance of the website in the Internet - space (On - Line marketing of the website). Some courses go further away and offer listeners of the program for so-called web - mastering. It already not only decorating of the website, but also serious web - programming (DHTML, PHP, ASP and ASP. NET). It for those whom own forum, electronic shop … does not arrange any more the static website who wants to create the counter of visits,

of the JavaScript and DHTML Technology are allowed with the minimum knowledge and expense of time to create the website which is dynamically changing depending on various factors (for example, date and time, like the browser, etc.) and actively interacting with the user. For web - the designer the knowledge and Macromedia Flash MX will be not superfluous. After the termination of a course listeners will be able to create interactive animation flash - rollers, flash - the quality presentations, simple application programs.

Total work practically on all courses is creation of own full-fledged web - the website. Some come to courses with “house preparations“ and during study lick them into shape. On the termination of courses the certificate is granted, is more rare - the diploma about vocational training. To school students the received certificates often set off as examination in informatics.

Cannot tell

of Prospect of employment to

that in labor market wait for graduates of courses with open arms. There is a lot of vacancies, but also fierce competition. Therefore it is necessary to think of future place of work in advance. Those who learned to do the interesting websites, as a rule, find work on the Internet independently. Rare courses are engaged in employment of the graduates. Therefore, for a start it is possible to make the competent website about himself (as advertizing) or to undertake the interesting project which let and will not bring immediate dividends, but will give the chance to accumulate experience, so valued employers. And labor market is wide: production companies are interested in creation of own websites, all open new and new the Internet - shops, there are many specialized agencies which are engaged in development and support of the websites to order. Some companies recruit trainees, salaries of $200-400, but also requirements to applicants are minimum, and opportunities to acquire experience - big. And with growth of professionalism also salaries grow (from $1000 to $2000).