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Do not do of food of a cult or what is frustration of food behavior?

“How to restore a figure after the delivery?“ “I before pregnancy had extra kilos, really after their pregnancy will be even more?“ At least one of these questions strutter to each future mother. Often women think that symmetry loss - the inevitable price which should be paid for the birth of the kid. And if several children are planned? What to do? To reconcile? To refuse childbirth and feeding? For very many women it is the real problems. There is also other extreme - total loss of the control of quantity eaten and according to control over a body weight. When the relation to food changes and oversteps the reasonable limits, it is necessary to speak about the painful states demanding treatment. How to distinguish them?

From where the “unhealthy“ relation to food undertakes?

the General name of these diseases - frustration of food behavior. Women suffer from them, unfortunately, almost only. On 10 women, “ill food“, only one man is necessary.

of the Uniform reason of similar frustration does not exist - they are considered as multifactorial, that is each of them has several reasons. The known risk factors can be subdivided into genetic, social predispositions and features of temperament.

Genetic predisposition more likely exists for nervous anorexia. So, if relatives of young mother suffered from this frustration or they observed other psychopathological states, for example tendency to depressions, then and at the woman the probability of emergence of these frustration is high.

of Feature of temperament and the personality , promoting development of frustration of food behavior, include introversion, perfectionism and self-criticism. At the patients with anorexia limiting meal, but who are not engaged in cleaning procedures, most likely, uneasiness which keeps them from life-threatening behavior prevails; at having bulimia such personal lines as impulsiveness, novelty search are expressed. Women with attacks of a gluttony and the subsequent cleaning procedures can have other types of impulsive behavior, such as abuses, sexual promiscuity, kleptomania, autochlenovreditelstvo.

the Social conditions promoting development of frustration of food behavior are connected by

with idealization of a slim figure, widespread in modern society, with insufficient body weight. Most of young women adhere to a restrictive diet that increases risk of development of frustration of food behavior. Women compare the appearance with each other, and also with the standard ideal of beauty and seek to resemble it. These tendencies are especially expressed at teenagers and young women as endocrine changes during puberty increase the content of fatty tissue in the woman`s organism for 50%, and the mentality of teenagers at the same time overcomes such problems as formation of the personality, separation from parents and puberty. Incidence of violations of food behavior at young women for the last several decades increased parallel to strengthening of attention of masses - media to symmetry as to a symbol of success of the woman.

Other risk factors developments of violations of food behavior are the family conflict, loss of the significant person (for example, someone from parents), a physical disease, the sexual conflict and a trauma. The marriage and pregnancy can also become the starting moments. Maintenance of symmetry is demanded also by some professions - so occurs, for example, at ballerinas and models.

the Trigger

it is important to p to distinguish primary risk factors starting pathological process from those which support already available frustration of behavior. Frustration of food behavior periodically cease to depend on the factor which started them. The supporting factors include development of pathological eating habits and any starvation.

of the Patient with anorexia is begun with maintenance of a diet. They are often inspired with the initial loss of weight, receiving compliments of the appearance and self-discipline. Over time the thoughts and behavior connected with food become a dominant and the subjective purpose: only they are able to remove alarm. Patients resort to them even more often and more and more intensively plunge into these thoughts and a manner of behavior for maintenance of the mood as alcoholics increase an alcohol dose for removal of a stress and transfer other ways of a discharge to alcohol intake.

Check the body weight index (BWI). Calculation of IMT is carried out by
very simply: growth in meters is squared, then the existing body weight in kilograms is divided into the received number. Normal this indicator makes from 20 to 25. Lower index, as well as higher, has to become a reason for alarm.

Who is included into risk group?

of Research was shown that from frustration of food behavior the people having a certain warehouse of character suffer more often. Aspiration to be in everything only the best, introversion (a heart-searching, aspiration to solve everything problems independently, charge of of the reasons of all troubles), uneasiness, the increased insistence to itself, tendency to self-criticism - here the description of the person with high chances “to ache with food“. But character - there is more to come. The role is played also by external circumstances: lack of the cordial, confidential relations with someone from relatives, impossibility to share the fears, tolerance to consolations, aspiration to constantly compare itself to others (most often these others - heroines of series or model)... Loneliness based on dense discontent with. But there is more to come reasons.

Very often problems with food, fluctuations of body weight are a symptom of other group of diseases - frustration of mood. It is especially actual for young mothers: so much and at once falls upon their head. Moreover and the hormonal background of pregnancy is capable to cast into depressive “hole“. And already “this world is not lovely“, “something inside as though broke“, “there are no forces also to watch themselves“. Without noticing that, young mother slides in a depression, sometimes hearing “words of support“: “All were young mothers, it is difficult, but get it together...“ “Hands“, as a rule, do not help because it is already not just dissoluteness, the fatigue or neglect themselves in favor of the child are an illness.

Day after day, sometimes month after month which take place in affairs and cares the mood becomes worse, life - is more and more pale, weight... weight - is more or less. At women often (not always, but it is frequent) fluctuations of body weight give “the first call“ that it is time to see a doctor.

Good appetite or illness?

the First of these frustration - a gluttony (quite so it is classified by doctors). The person has a constant aspiration is, there is almost continuous chewing. It is simply impossible to stop! Body weight grows, and the woman, noticing it, is very dissatisfied with the appearance. But can do nothing. Also eats, eats, eats... Eats in the afternoon, wakes up at night and runs to the refrigerator.

If you “found“ yourself at night at an open door of the refrigerator and your IMT is higher than norm, ask for the help the expert!

“I am very busy with

- I have a small child, and in general it is normal - is when there is a wish!“ You thought or told something similar? Then think that high body weight involves high risk to become the patient on for the rest of the life. Also think once again - whether it is worth postponing?

Treatment of a gluttony , depending on its reason, has at the heart of medicine, reducing appetite. If it became clear that it “jamming of problems“, then the psychotherapy is necessary.“ “ Problems are not solved by jamming, and by means of the psychotherapist it is possible to find answers which are necessary.
Bulimia treat as well as a gluttony, the actions directed to correction of the broken metabolism are only added. For this purpose apply including various medicines. Bulimia - manifestation of the heavy and expressed psychological problems. Therefore often recommend to patients hospitalization in specialized clinics (or just clinics of neurosises) for more intensive psychotherapy course and medicinal treatment. More fixed supervision as patients with bulimia have a depression more often is required and have suicide thoughts or intentions.
Treatment of anorexia long and very difficult. Fight against this violation usually requires hospitalization. The treatment basis (except the indispensable strengthened food) is made by reception of psychotropic drugs and psychotherapy. Main goal of treatment - overcoming of pathological aspiration to grow thin. And for this purpose, except appetite increase, it is necessary to learn to accept own body it what it was created by the nature. To learn to love and accept itself - this task is set also in case of other food frustration. Naturally, any drugs of such effect not to achieve is a problem of psychotherapy. Fortunately, anorexia after the delivery meets extremely seldom. Just been born kid literally rescues young mother, being very essential basis to continue to live. So, also is.

Dangerous “repentances“

the Second frustration - bulimia . This state heavier. Feeling what eats superfluous, dissatisfied with the body and frightened of prospect of obesity, the woman begins to be engaged in “self-help“. Periodic hunger strikes, wearisome physical activities, reception of laxatives and diuretics, stimulators and provoking of vomiting - the full set capable only to worsen a situation. Because the woman all the same continues to eat. To all other, she begins to reproach herself with weak will and to think out all new justifications to what occurs.

remains to

Despite titanic efforts, body weight stable - the woman does not grow thin. It should not causing several times vomiting (which becomes reflex over time - arises itself after each meal) - and body weight creeps up. In horror the woman takes more pill for it, goes on even more rigid diet. And again “breaks“ - the painful requirement is prevails.

If you found in yourself similar manifestations, ask for the help the doctor.

the Diet with a lethal outcome

the Third frustration - anorexia . The woman decided that she so cannot proceed any more. She is too ugly (in her opinion) because she eats too much. What can be undertaken? Correctly, it is necessary just to cease to eat. What it also does. Literally. Food only lettuce leaves, certain amount of grapes, simply water days, weeks, months, years... Body weight catastrophically falls, monthly stop. How you think, the woman of 165 cm in height having the weight of 29 kg is beautiful? And she considers herself thick... Also continues to refuse food. This frustration the heaviest and is more often than others leads to death. Starvation can cause bradycardia (an urezheniye of serdtsebiyeniye), hypotension (lowering of arterial pressure), chronic locks, osteoporosis (depression of a bone tissue), violations of a menstrual cycle. Cleaning procedures (constant enemas) lead to violations of all types of a metabolism, stomatologic problems, a hypertrophy (increase) of parotid salivary glands and dispeptichesky violations (an eructation, heartburn, nausea, vomiting). Giponatriyemiya (decrease in amount of sodium in blood) can lead to development of heart attack.

Briefly is a death for hunger.

you Seek for maintenance of such weight at which your IMT will be 22 - 23. And if your efforts do not bring result, do not neglect the help of the expert.

From where to wait for the help?

the Modern medicine investigates the problems connected with body weight much. In the developed countries there are whole institutes and specialized clinics studying problems of bulimia and anorexia.

the First postulate which is remembered by all doctors of the world: each person is individual. Each personality is the whole world with the past, present and future. In spite of the fact that not really there is a lot of reasons of change of body weight, in each case it is required to understand what became the frustration trigger. Without understanding of this reason it is possible to make a lot of superfluous and not to make only necessary. And it is wrong.

the Second postulate following from the first: treatment has to be picked up individually. From a complex of the means which are available in an arsenal it is necessary to find those which will suit the specific woman, with her concrete trouble. It is important.

Third postulate: the doctor has to pass process of treatment and return to normal life together with the patient. The way to health can be difficult. It is simpler to endure take-off and falling when someone who will support you is near.

three main points which there has to pass any person who found problems with weight Are. In - the first, it is the therapist (it is necessary to find out how problems with weight were reflected in arterial pressure, work of heart and kostno - muscular system), in - the second, the endocrinologist (fatty tissue not just the layer is a gormonprodutsiruyushchy body). The vast majority of women with an excess weight have endocrine violations regardless of the reasons of fluctuation of body weight. The correct inspection, treatment of endocrinological diseases will help to solve also problems with weight.

Third expert psychiatrist / psychotherapist . Than it can help? Why the psychologist cannot just help? And why not just the psychiatrist if the woman understood that a basis of its problems - her head?

the Psychologist (in our country it is almost always the expert without medical education) is capable to support

, but most often is not capable to distinguish the medical reasons of frustration. The psychiatrist is guided by medicinal treatment more (owing to the organization of our psychiatric service) and seldom has an opportunity to find enough time just for conversation. The psychiatrist - the psychotherapist can make what is required from both experts, and has an opportunity to go in actually for psychotherapy (that is, among other things, to spend enough time with the patient).

I will tell

In more detail about what the psychotherapy can offer just given rise woman in fight against those problems which were discussed in this article.


Of course, first of all, needs understanding of the reason of the developed frustration. As the reason the psychotherapist means not the diagnosis, but that chain of circumstances, from - behind which the woman became the patient. The picture which the psychotherapist considers to full clarity of details can look, for example, so.

the Young woman was brought up by exacting mother and got used to obey in all her. What became with such woman further? Let`s put, she married. There is no mother now nearby, to obey there is nobody. The woman in confusion: from - for constant surveillance she did not learn to make own decisions, did not learn to be mistaken and forgive herself for mistakes, - and it is so important for any person. It is close to panic, but the husband can subconsciously feel her need for approval and submission. He will make everything that it is necessary for it. But here they give birth to the child. The husband cannot make the correct decisions any more - he does not know that he means “to be mother“, he is a father! In completion of all troubles, mothers became two: the mother-in-law and mother of our heroine have the equal rights now and with identical eagerness seek to predominate in the course of care of the kid. What else is necessary that former harbingers of panic of young mother turned into a depression? Now she can cry at the nights in kitchen, jamming own feeling full nesostoyatelnostand sweet cake... Night, then one more, then week...

effectively to help such woman, it is insufficiently simple to cure a depression (by means of antidepressants to make it rather just within few months), - it is necessary still to help it to return itself. And drugs of it not to achieve. Then the psychotherapy comes to the rescue. The psychotherapist with the personality, with a set of skills, ability and desire to help acts as the tool by means of which any person can change the life as will consider necessary. You made the decision to change? Then forward! You should not put off happiness which is possible already today. Even if for this purpose it is necessary to work. To us, women not to get used, the truth? If you live in the large city, maybe, even near the specialized center, the fourth doctor - the nutritionist will join this crew . This expert will help to make the correct diet, to make so that kilograms decreased or increased (depending on a type of frustration of food behavior) without prejudice to your health.

As it treat?

What modern arsenal of medicine in fight against excess or insufficient weight which along with psychotherapy is used for achievement of positive result at frustration of food behavior?


For women with excess body weight the most effective and safe for health such way of weight loss when transferable physical activity is combined with restriction of caloric content of food is recognized. It is therapy of “change of a way of life“. If weight - the only problem, then such therapy - for you. Besides, there are preparations which proved safety in fight against weight, but conceding by efficiency to change of a way of life. The final choice of a way of disposal of extra kilos - for you.

to Women with insufficient body weight it is necessary

more difficultly. First of all they need disposal of persuasive aspiration to grow thin. It is not possible to make it only by means of preparations: here not to do without psychotherapy. But at desire of the woman the success is achievable though the way to it is rather difficult and covered not with roses at all.

the biggest arsenal of the possible help the modern medicine and psychotherapy offer

to those who have a depression which consequence is frustration of food behavior. I will not begin to describe in detail medicinal treatment, I will tell only that now there is a class of preparations (selective inhibitors of the return capture of serotonin - SIOZS) which have no side effect at all. That to accept them, it is not necessary to go to hospital. In this class there are also preparations which are applied in therapy of excess weight: they reduce appetite. The former fears connected with treatment by psychotropic drugs remained in the past. And to write it - a great relief for me because people who were afraid of the different accompanying troubles connected with treatment of a depression earlier now can be treated, without changing habits and without dropping out of usual life.