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The child in an automobile chair of

Now in many families is the car, and parents with children daily make automobile trips not only in own car, but also with friends, and in a taxi. Therefore the problem of protection of the child in dorozhno - transport incident more than ever is particularly acute. Purchase of an automobile seat - the most important decision which needs to be made for safety of your kid.

For a start we will talk about the theory. In all Western European countries use of special devices for transportation of children by growth to 150 cm is legislatively fixed rule since 1983 which non-compliance involves administrative penalties, the increased insurance payments and others financially - legal consequences. At last and in Russia new Traffic regulations according to which it is offered to transport children growth to 135 cm in the special holding devices are costituted. And it is not a whim of traffic police, but an urgent need, it is no secret, that discipline of drivers on our roads, to put it mildly, leaves much to be desired. Non-compliance with new traffic regulations by the driver will cause penalties. Think: how expensively you appreciate life and health of your kid?

Finally ask yourself a question if you are able to afford purchase even of cheap domestic car with the maximum cost of 3,000 dollars whether then you in addition can spend 100 - 150 dollars for purchase of a children`s seat? Whether there is health and life of your child of this money? You will tell - I am a great driver and I will never have an accident. Really, the probability of hit in serious accident is rather small, but even the slightest risk remains risk, and if accident everything is happens, then it is already impossible to correct consequences. Then it is necessary only to regret for those security measures which could facilitate consequences or even to rescue the child.

besides, delusion concerning accident consequences - one of the most widespread. Can be traumatized by the kid even at simple sharp braking at rather low speed if the child is not in an automobile seat. At the same time the dangerous delusion is widespread that on hands the adult (mother / father / grandmother) in transit in the car will have a baby in safety. It absolutely not so.

even at a small speed from 30 - 40 km/h with a force of both passengers of inertia are rejected by

At emergency brake application forward on a windshield or a front seat of the car. At the same time the adult, trying to hold the child, instinctively continues to press him to itself therefore the loading force forcing a backbone of the child to be extended increases even more that aggravates a possible trauma sheyno - chest department of a backbone. Then the child hits against a windshield or a front seat then the kid with all the weight is beaten by the adult, thereby practically without leaving to the child of chances of happy end.

Unfortunately, we have no opportunity to receive detailed and exact statistics on this problem, but we would like to share with you statistics and results of researches of the foreign organizations, such as Association and the Ministry of the motor transport of Great Britain, Laboratory on research of transport, Association of engineers of motor transport of the State of Pennsylvania.

So, you decided to get an automobile chair for the kid, but now before you there is a problem: how correctly to choose the seat suitable you?


In - the first , be convinced that the seat meets the standard of safety of ECE R44. 03. Very often you will hear from sellers and producers about this standard, but what it means? ECE R44. 03 - it is the standard of safety, the detailed collection of rules to which there have to correspond the design and all technical characteristics of automobile seats completely to meet the requirements of operation. Before start in sale all developed designs of seats have to pass tests which will show compliance to the standard. Standards of safety for seats are regularly revised as cars and everything that is connected with them, very quickly change.

of ECE R44. 03 - it is the last edition which came into force on September 12, 1995 which establishes the following obligatory requirements:

all seats of this standard have to provide to

in case of successful passing of all tests the producer addresses to Agency on certification of means of motor transport which very carefully studies results, production drawings and the monitoring system of quality used on production and only after that issue of the certificate for sale is possible.

In - the second, the basic at the choice of a chair is a weight of the child - it, but not age, define the choice of a seat. The age of the kid is specified only for reference, and no more than that.

All automobile seats are divided

into groups, depending on the child`s weight.

Group the child`s Weight Approximate age
0+ From the birth to 13 kg From the birth till 12 - 15 months
0+ and 1 From the birth to 18 kg From the birth till 4 years
1 From 9 to 18 kg From 9 months to 4 years
1, 2 and 3 From 9 to 36 kg From 9 months to 11 years
2 and 3 From 15 to 36 kg From 4 to 11 years

In spite of the fact that many models cover more than one group, it is quite possible that you buy several chairs. Since a chair for the newborn and finishing with a chair for the senior children. Small caution - the seats combining several groups is very economical purchase, but it is necessary to know that at the same time they always though slightly - slightly, but concede on safety level to seats which are intended for one group. Why - you learn below.

B - the third , it is never impossible to buy second-hand seats. Moreover, we recommend to replace a seat if you had an accident. This results from the fact that: