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Why the child cries

In your family a joyful event - the long-awaited successor was born! The happy father meets the smiling mother holding the parcel which is tied up by a blue or pink tape in hand at doors of maternity hospital... And here at last all family of the house. There were behind months of painful expectation, burden of childbirth...

But already next day new problems appear. The young family member behaves is unpredictable. Parents continuously ask a question: how to define why the child cries? It is hungry, or it is hurt by a tummy? Perhaps, to it hot or cold? And suddenly it is sick?

What to do how to calm the baby? Really anyway it needs to give a breast at once?

Of course, no! At any mother intuition for own child is gradually developed thanks to what she can practically define at once that it is necessary for the kid at present. The most sensitive and careful fathers can come to full mutual understanding with the child too. But usually mother will be seen off with the kid by much more time, besides, she nurses it thanks to what between them absolutely special contact is come.


However, in order that such contact was come, needs some time. Usually it occurs no later than three-months age. Therefore the third month of life of the kid seems to many parents much easier than the first two.

In the first days and weeks mother and the newborn get used to each other. Careful mother learns to understand and react to the signals given by the kid. Every new day it is required to it less time for recognition and the correct interpretation of these signals. And the kid, seeing that he is understood, becomes quieter and cries less.

It is unconditional, each child is individual. And still there is a number of the general principles by which it is possible to determine what he wants at present. At first, while mother just learns to understand the child, the knowledge of these subtleties is especially actual.

The easiest to guess when the kid cries with hunger. To be convinced of it, to touch by rather bent little finger a corner of his mouth - if the newborn turns the head at once and opens a mouth - means, it is hungry and he needs to be fed.

If to the child cold or hot - he lingeringly complains. In this case it is necessary to feel not fingers, and wrists of the kid - if they are cold, to cover more warmly if hot and sweaty - the baby has to be undressed. Children transfer an overheat much heavier, than overcooling, and it it is always worth meaning, dressing the baby.

the Most big problem of the first months almost in all families tummy pains become p>

. Very few people manage to avoid this misfortune. The reason of these pains literally exhausting both the kid, and his parents in imperfection zheludochno - intestinal system of the newborn which only begins to accustom with the new role.

From belly-ache the kid stridently shouts. At the same time he jerks legs, and literally cannot stop shout. All person it becomes red, almost to blue. Others can almost not mix this shout with something.

Seldom for a short time any means can relieve the child of gripes. The maternal breast sometimes helps, but if the attack happened soon after feeding, you should not count on this means especially.


to Some children can be helped by an exhaust tubule. It is possible to get it in a drugstore. For carrying out procedure of the kid it is necessary to lay on a flank, the thin end of a tubule greased with vaseline, to enter into back pass approximately on centimeter, and to lower another in a glass with water. If the pain reason in the gases which accumulated in intestines, then soon you see vials of air. Sometimes the tubule stimulates a chair that too gives relief to the baby.

However an exhaust tubule should not be abused

. If attacks of pain happen often, it is possible to try massage of a stomach which also stimulates removal of gases from intestines. Massage is made by soft pressing on a stomach around a navel. Mentally draw a horseshoe which ends are directed down on a tummy. The movements of your hand have to follow this trajectory in the direction of an hour hand.

as good prevention of gas generation the air otrygivaniye serves

in process and right after feeding. In a break when you change a breast, and after the end of feeding take the kid several minutes vertically on your shoulder. It allows to prevent not only formation of gases, but also vomiting of milk which is suffered by many children. But to be fair it is necessary to tell, as this measure not always allows to avoid belly-aches.

If massage and a tubule do not help

, perhaps, the pain reason not with gases. Try to put the kid a tummy on the warm hot-water bottle wrapped in a diaper. However track that the hot-water bottle was not too hot.


to Many kids is helped by also warm tea from fennel or dill water.

But here you tried all ways, and your precious kid continues to be filled in with shout. Then you need only to hope for time which, as we know, treats and to try to alleviate to the baby suffering. Take it on hands, shake, dance with it. To some children the waltzing movements give relief, others like something like march. Try different poses - take the baby vertically, horizontally, a tummy down. Well situation at which the head of the kid is based upon a bend of your elbow helps, and your hand supports him under a tummy, at the same time working as a hot-water bottle.

After two-month age your peanut has a new reason for shout. Now your child often cries because that he was tired, and cannot independently fall asleep. He is not able to remove the collected psychological stress without the aid of mother or the father yet. For calm it needs either a maternal breast, or smooth rocking on hands, or a song...

be not afraid to spoil the child, shake it, sing to it a lullaby. At quiet mother the child grows quiet and balanced too. In few months he will learn to fall asleep independently, and a motion sickness will not be required any more. But for this purpose it has to be firmly convinced that when to it it is bad, disturbing, uneasily, mother will always come to the rescue.

at the age of about three months the new misfortune appears. The hungry kid suddenly ceases to suck, and is filled in with loud shout. Mother cannot often understand in what the reason of so unexpected behavior. It is the most probable that during this period growth of teeth which will be cut through still at a distant day begins, and are not visible yet, but have already an effect. This assumption is confirmed by the fact that at three-months age at children the salivation causing so-called “salivary rash“ - red heat-spots around a mouth amplifies.

Than to help the child if feeding hurts it?

Try to feed with

in the darkened room, try that around it was silent, and nobody disturbed you. Sometimes it is necessary to feed standing and rocking - the smooth rhythmical movements calm the baby. If it continues to refuse to take a breast, resemble, dance with it until he a little calms down, and then apply to a breast again.

do not panic. The first that comes to mother to mind in such situation, - that it spoiled milk, became bitter, and the kid finally refuses a breast. It is impossible to give in to such moods at all. Attentive mother will notice that not each feeding but only some during the day, usually at the same time is followed by shout. During night feedings it happens seldom. Usually crisis lasts two - three weeks, and then completely takes place.

I Hope that these councils will help you to overcome all difficulties together with the kid and to learn to understand each other.