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Clear water - for mother and the kid!

what dangerous factors we meet every day? How to take out and give birth to the healthy kid? How to save itself and relatives from harmful effects of environment?

we discussed These

and many other questions with the chief researcher of GU of scientific research institute of obstetrics and gynecology of D. O. Otto of the Russian Academy of Medical Science the doctor of medical sciences professor Valery Vasilyevich Abramchenko.

- Valery Vasilyevich, your institute researches 40 years impact of environment on a female organism. What most negative factors of life you can allocate?

- In the big city the number of the harmful substances which are daily poisoning our organism makes the impressive list. On the one hand it is atmospheric pollutants - exhaust gases of cars and a smoke of plants which contain besides acid nitrogen oxides and sulfur, carbon monoxide and the whole set of cancerogenic substances. With another - the toxic substances which are in water.

Tap water, apparently, already cleared by city services, can be a source of serious diseases of mother and child. Chlorine - the necessary bactericide added at industrial cleaning - on the way to our house interacts with traces of organic substances therefore much more dangerous chlororganic chemistry, which impact on an organism of mother and the child just awfully is formed.

- How we can save ourselves from influence of the chlorinated water?

- the House filtration of water - the magnificent method of tertiary treatment available to everyone. For a long time the mankind uses this method - in Ancient Egypt muddy water was passed through a porous clay vessel, after that water became transparent. Now pollutants became imperceptible to an eye, a crock at a filtration will not manage any more, it is necessary to think out new ways, new technologies. On such way the producer of filters for water the AKVAFOR company went. On the basis of the patented materials the filtering systems not having analogs in our country are created here.

- Why AKVAFOR filters are recommended for use in cooking to kids?

- Fibrous materials, sorbents with the increased contact area - here AKVAFORA highlight. Any other filter does not cope so effectively with an objective, elimination of allergens - chlorine and organochlorine derivatives. In all AKVAFOR filters there is an AKVALEN special ion-exchange fiber which is reliably eliminating even trace amounts of heavy metals - copper, cadmium, mercury, lead.

All these metals at continuous consumption in small doses are dangerous by

: lead - causes diseases of nervous system, leads to spontaneous abortions, mercury - reduces concentration of spermatozoa at men and cadmium - a cause of infringement of a menstrual cycle at women and congenital changes of a reproductive system at men can be the cause of intellectual backwardness at children. The analysis showed that at the exit from the AKVAFOR filter at a filtration of water, concentration of these metals in which several times exceeded maximum concentration limit, no traces of these pollutants are revealed!

- Probably important not only to give to drink to the child clear water? After bathing skin of the child happens reddened, the peeling appears. What it is connected with and how to fix this problem?

- This problem is caused just by the fact that the water gathered in a tray contains chlorine and its derivatives. In addition they are serious allergens and during bathing get into gentle skin of the kid. Here and reddening. The peeling is caused by allergic reaction of an organism. And if water possesses high rigidity, then after washing skin of the baby is covered with the film of carbonates of magnesium and calcium which is clogging up pores. Skin breath plays an important role in activity on the first months of life and as a result of shortage of oxygen violations of blood and nervous systems of the kid can develop.

That it did not occur that skin remained gentle, it is necessary to purify also this water for bathing. AKVAFOR makes the big systems allowing to purify hot and cold water for domestic needs. This system is called AKVAFOR the Viking.

- in conclusion wants to be asked what filter you use?

- I chose AKVAFOR for a long time and I am not sorry about it! It never brought me. I wish health to you and your children.