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How to find work at home of

Sitting with the little and often ill child on hands, involuntarily you arrive at idea that work at office at the working grandmothers does not threaten yet. There is a work on the home computer in later evening, early morning or in time, free from “violence“ of the child.

the Worldwide network offers

three types of public works now. The first is a so-called Internet - surfing. The second - the keyboarder and databases. And the third - the participant of polls for a certain payment.

the Public Internet - surfing is a viewing a web - pages in search of sponsors, registration, clicks and reading mail. The websites which are in detail narrating about the Internet - surfing, about specifics of this work (rabotaweb. com, chat. ru/index. htm) give references to firms which pay for registration and in the same place the black list of the companies - defaulters is given. In general, it is enough such websites, and you are convinced of it, having gathered in Yandex “The Internet - surfing“.

Reefs of such work that you can not earn reward from the sponsor, but besides you can get to “pyramid“ where you for a certain payment will be trained, and will suggest to train in turn for a payment of others.

Personal experience: tried without results in 2000 - 2001 and threw. At the same time in those days sent to the acquaintance gifts in the form of disks with software and to kip of glossy advertizing.

the Database operator and the keyboarder. However among the vacancies offering such work in a network unfortunately there are enough swindlers. The scheme is as follows: is published vacancy “the keyboarder or databases“ with kontaky in the form of e - mail on boards of the known websites, the www type. job. ru, www. rabota. ru etc. Responds the robot (answering machine) to your request and you are offered to send into the account of this firm the sum from 300 to 1000 rubles for “confirmation of serious intentions“, and payment of post services as have to send you a disk with the scanned text. And they recommend to make it quickly as there are a lot of persons interested.

Positive experience. At one of forums of mothers the reference to the website where distant work by the database operator with the conclusion of the contract was offered was given. Familiar mummy already half a year successfully cooperates with firm and in time earns rewards for the work.

Work as the participant of polls is offered to

generally on the website www. haltura. ru. However this paid work (the sum of payments fluctuates in the amount of 200 to 1000 rubles) is most often offered to Muscovites with continuous registration, and the set in groups of polls is limited to quantity. Participants of opinion poll are offered to answer questions on use of certain goods (products, cosmetics etc.), to services (to communication, bank etc.) on viewing and an assessment of telecasts on the place, there are opinion polls of mothers of children of different age.

But keep in mind

that survey is conducted without participation of children, the average time of duration of polls - about two hours, plus time which you will spend for the road, minus transportation costs and expenses on the nurse which will look for the child at this time.

Personally I regretted that I agreed to become the participant of poll in one Internet cafe near the house. To the child 3. 5 years were heavy in the stuffy room though poll continued at most 20 minutes and to us handed its favourite marshmallow.

Unfortunately, to firms - employers in our country it is still far to the top European ten (newsru. com/finance/19may2006/10best. html). An opportunity to work periodically at home or at least work on the free schedule would be ideal option for many mothers. But all in our hands. Perhaps, your current employer will make to you a concession if specifics of your work allow. But it is possible to remind relatives and acquaintances that you want to work at home and perhaps, somebody needs your service.

Besides, it is possible to subscribe to newsletter of vacancies on www. superjob. ru and www. joblist. ru, and will daily come to your mailbox fresh vacancies. And, at last, use the checked information sources, sign the contract and exclude a possibility of a payment of you.

Personal experience: Repeatedly received orders through relatives and acquaintances on scanning, editing documents and preparation of papers.

Be happy

as mother, the wife and just as the woman:-)